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  1. i got my roomate addicted and he became level 30 in 2 days... lol, he's so jealous of my high level (96) \
  2. well, my roomate started playing and he got up to level 30 in one night (there's nothing else to do at school) and the whole way i either made or bought his armor
  3. like probably 490 or something but here's a better achievement: winning a game with 7 people beat that! \
  4. prayer, because prayer would give me 100 prayer points, think of barrowing with that?
  5. man, even as an american, i think that's one of the best comedies i've seen and BTW, i am so using that pic in my siggy
  6. Best: Guthans helm :-) got me my first millions Randomest: a few nights ago, i was killing chaos druids when i got a shield left half... leesters helped me put it together.
  7. scared lifefess of the desert treasure guys, i don't know what you're talking about!
  8. I haven't... I hate Star Wars. Almost all Sci-Fi. :shock: how can you?! :P seriously, don't hate on star wars
  9. Name:ftrunks123 Color:blue and black Transparent?: (no or yes) yes
  10. one warning, dont use a ring of life in actas hosue, u get teled to fally... heh
  11. so i was barrowing this morning on high detail and i saw this: i was pretty boggled, wow, a talking random head!? anyone else notice this?
  12. grats, sorry i cant make it, english exams. :-(
  13. im level 91 and the best ive ever gotten was 6 mill, im pretty sure..
  14. you know all that money put in by high alching? that's the money they're taking out plus there taking away inflation... those darn p hats have to come down sooner or later...
  15. random?! wow, im a new yorker, so same to you bud. do as many quests as possible, starting with the one with fishing and dwarves,,, yea... i dunno whatsits called...
  16. i think its totally worth it! you know why? because when scammed off your password and you get it back, you still have your house... that and also it's worthless to everyone else, and no one can really acquire your house. The party hats aren't worth as much as houses :D woot! :twisted:
  17. oh yeah, foxtrot, you might want to get to level 99 smithing... i hate merchanting... its kinda lonely and kinda boring... i don't like currency either, money is like a bad tool, i wish it was like sumeria or somewhere where gold wasn't exactly important...
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