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  1. The ring of power only affects the value of rare drops. Charms are dead common so I don't see why they would be affected. :-k
  2. Sharane

    Sad face

    Prayer is raised burying bones yet its particular purpose is of combat. This isn't news. :P
  3. Sharane


    I like the challenge given to us from this skill even if I won't ever be a fan of getting the charms. Exploiting this skill at higher levels is going to be so much fun. Beavermania! \
  4. Could somebody check if low to medium level monsters drop any themselves? So far only higher ones were mentioned and for the very low levels of summoning it seems kind of biased to me. :-s
  5. I think I've trained on shadow warriors from level 76 combat (RSC) to about 92-94 without a dragon left half dropping, so I know your pain. #-o
  6. Okay, they have real problems to live... Knowing their OWN situation they have to realise they're doing damage to people whom are most likely not even associated with their problems to begin with. Why should the account theft victims, credit card fraud victims, legitimate players and even Jagex itself take the blame and suffer? I know my background so I can tell what they're going through. For their supporters, assume this analogy: A parasite thrives by feeding on other organisms. You have contracted a virus which you can either treat and immunify against or let it grow, spread and kill you. I think the choice is clear. :-k
  7. ... You haven't played the Warcraft games before have you? :-k
  8. Three looks like a kalphite to me. :P
  9. I've seen this happen... Only I was third party: (Z=Me,N=Culprit) N: Lol, noob. N: I've got three level 90+ accounts. N: All banned though. Z: Wait a second, you're bragging about having THREE banned accounts? People around bursted laughing and N stopped. :P
  10. I gave my party hat to my friend. It's now or never she gets it since I wouldn't get another chance to pass it onto her. :-w
  11. From my experience with them, they're a good challenge for members albeit most of their abilities seem overpowered... The bigger problem is in free worlds where particular abilities like teleblocking are disabled for players. Wouldn't a freeplay PKer NOT be able to teleblock in the first place? :-k
  12. I'll sound vain, but everything in moderation. I wouldn't have met a lot of good friends which are out of the game too now if it weren't for Runescape, and I certainly have become much less gullible when it comes to dealing with other people. Thankfully my intensive RS playing days were a long time ago where my schooling wasn't as important so whenever I would get in the game later on is to meet new people and share my experiences as a veteran. :) The same argument is for everything.
  13. I look at the bright side of this: Level 3 clue rewards will soar in price due to further difficulty in solving the clues than before. Imagine having a "wear a dragon chainbody, bob the cat shirt and bronze mace and giggle in front of the greater demons in the ruins of the wilderness" clue.
  14. It's a simple trick to learn really: Don't discriminate anyone for anything. You might be surprised.
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