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    Yesterday I got a call from my recruiter and it looks like on Wednesday (Leaving Tuesday Morning and being bused) I will go to MEPS and swear into the Air Force. The two career fields I am aiming at are Cyber Transport Systems(3D1X2) or Cyber Defense Operations(1B4X1). I will probably ship out April or May.
  2. The people who got the rerolls are fine and don't effect much at all. It is the idiots who do instant voyages which are causing a problem. At the Scythe, voyages take around 7 hours. With two ships. a normal person can do 6 per 24 hours at that rate, three ships bring that up to 9. Someone who abuses the instant voyages are able to do all of those within an hour. That combined with rerolls is game-breaking. The process of performing the instant voyages have been sent to Jagex already and hopefully they will fix it and rollback some of the abusers before they can make a few bill. Saw a screenshot earlier where this guy had 3 Tetsu Helms and some guy on the forums said he had 19 plates already and was sending a scroll mission to get the last piece of the Tetsu body or something.
  3. Its telling you that when that option is selected and built, there is nothing. If you look at the "Occult artefact" header, on the left hand side it will tell you that is built. It is a poor design on Jagex's part and it took me awhile to notice it myself.
  4. In contrary, the 6 hour timer has little to no effect on major bots. Most botting clients simply reload the game applet and restart the script it was running or pause and resume after logged in. It took the two major bot clients less than four days to add a workaround when the 6 hour timer was added.
  5. Can't wait for the KK! We won't have to worry about finding a world with him.
  6. Welcome to RuneScape! People who abused it should be have their progress rolled back to where everyone else is at. It wouldn't be too hard to do either and show Jagex actually cares. So that'd make banking effects for later use on much harder voyages a bannable offence :s That is not the same as finding an exploit and using it to get ahead of everyone, then telling everyone or Jagex about it so Jagex will fix it, when armor worth 500m+ per set is up for grabs for the first few who manage to grab it.
  7. Welcome to RuneScape! People who abused it should be have their progress rolled back to where everyone else is at. It wouldn't be too hard to do either and show Jagex actually cares.
  8. "Hey, lets ignore this huge list of issues which are just as easy to fix and choose the one people used for a couple of days with portable deposit boxes". I guess I will wait for the XP to be adjusted before I try these out.
  9. They only way I would train a music skill is if at level 99 you get a .
  10. Nothing is impossible with (computer) science! It just requires money and time. They could do things like: Scramble item, NPC, and game object ID values every client compilation Send "ghost" objects and false data IDs which when interacted with, would flag an account. Punkbuster like application to monitor processes and the JVM contents. Frequent client updates to change the obfuscation flow More.
  11. While regex can have issues with advanced HTML tags, for what blake is doing, it will be fine and doesn't require any external libraries to do so. If he was writing a generic crawler for any type of page, regex would be bad, but since he is only scraping Walmart pages and they all have the same simple format, he will be fine.
  12. I would look into things such as "C# or VB.NET Web Crawler" and "Regular expressions". The crawler will show you how to actually visit and download webpages and the regular expressions would help you find data between tags.
  13. This intrigued me. So friends chat, or possibly a new grouping system with that spare tab, will be used to control the instanced boss. I really look forward to this and using my newly obtained Overloads.
  14. Just got access to the Scythe region and got this dude: I love how he is nearly the same stats as my other similar classed crew. Should make future runs easier. Also got this map:
  15. First under-the-table job was washing dishes at a restaurant when I was 15 or so. My first legitimate job was working at McDonald's. I started off as a crew. I was all production (making food, handling the fries, and running the grill and fryers) and I usually worked nights/closing until the store hit 24 hours. After around a month I was promoted to crew trainer due to my 100% attendance. Two months later I was promoted to swing manager (I could manage any shift, but I usually worked nights). Another few months and I am at 2nd assistant manager. I quit about 2 months later after getting criticized for pointing out a financial lapse caused by careless managers and favoritism. For example, crew were allowed one or two paid breaks of 15 minutes based on how long his or her shift was. I found records of people taking over 1 hours paid breaks without any logged consequences. These same employees were also friends with the other managers, including the first-assistant manager (who was above me) outside of work. Managers were also giving friends employee discounts or free food when they shouldn't have. This one manager failed to record 2 weeks of waste for the shift he or she ran. The first-assistant manager told me this is normal and said he or she would get me fired for harassment if I said anything. I proceeded to agree, but I then forwarded all of my information on the money issues and the behavior of the managers to the franchise contact person, who sent it to her boss. I then walked out of the office, left my keys and nametag at the desk, and walked off. I get a call two hours later apologizing and offering me a store manager position at another nearby franchise owned by the same person, but declined as 10.00 an hour was not worth it. Turns out the store management have all been fired and replaced. But yeah, I had fun for awhile there.
  16. And now the join feature will be changed for friends you have known for "x" period of time within the next three game updates.
  17. We used to have a Jagex Section where there was a General Discussion board and a Mechscape/Stellar Dawn board. It was a good idea then, but became dead in a few months.
  18. You can't compare a game with over 60,000-80,000 active players at a time over cloned servers with a dedicated and paid staff, to a game with privately run servers with only a hundred or so max users per server, staffed by a few college students or so who maintain it in their free time. It is like comparing The United States to privately owned farms in South America or somewhere. With Minecraft, most people only use one account, maybe two at most. Each server is also ran independently from the rest with the exception of plugins which handle community banned players and share that data to reduce griefers. What blocks I destroy or objects I build on Server A will not be the same on Server B. Each server also has different staff and rules. If I were to grief, hack, or be abusive on Server A, resulting in being banned, I could still play on Server B. While I do not agree with botting, I do understand why some people may choose to do so. Someone posted earlier about an argument of people botting 200,000,000 cooking experience and taking rocktails out of the game. Yet, there are also hundreds of thousands of rocktails being introduced into the economy by bots as well. Either way, the issue needs to be handled from a design perspective.. Jagex needs to look at why people bot (without gold farming involved) and determine a solution. They need to let the players know what they are doing and keep us in the loop. -Maybe thousands of players going for the completionist cape do not want to allocate the time to play 5,000 games of CW. Maybe Jagex should lower the amount or allow the requirement to include all minigames such as pest control, conquest, soul wars, barrows, trouble brewing, etc. -Maybe thousands of players want to gain those 99's in a reasonable amount of time without spending 12 hours a day grinding the same thing. Perhaps Jagex could introduce rested experience where after logging out in a bank or within a towns borders, players can gain bonus experience in the form of a ring or scrimshaw and bet set to a desired skill. Of course the experience would need to be limited, but it would appeal to those types of people. Jagex needs to be more open. When more players start realizing that the bot detection systems were a complete bust, Jagex is going to have an even larger problem. It seems that Jagex forgot that the RuneScape community is what makes the game. No update can change that. Without players, there is no RuneScape. When half of the current player count is bots, something is seriously wrong with the design of the game. If you look at a popular MMO made by Blizzard, like RuneScape, many people enjoy the end-game content and working for the gear you can get. It takes less time to get to level 85/90 on five characters in that game than it does it get one or two average-paced 99's like Fletching or Cooking. If you look at fishing and figure in a 55k experience per hour average form 1 to 99, doing fly-fishing, that is 237 hours of fishing. In that same period of time, just doing random instances, an average player can get two characters to the max level and decent gear. A more dedicated person can get three or four, based on class (Damage taker and life restoring classes tend to get more instanced dungeons. The other MMO also has a much more generous refer-a-friend system. If I invite someone to come to RuneScape now, I would have to wait several months for him or her to get high enough stats do some some partnered-based content, if he or she even decides to play for that long, even with me helping. In the other game, that same friend can have a character boosted to within a few days time of being max level with or without me playing with him or her. While this game is not the unmentioned MMO and has a totally different system, I believe the grind is part of the reason people bot as well as part of the cause of the downfall of the game. By the time someone gets maxed gear and stats in RS, there is really not much more to do since there is not any heavily group-based activities other than DG.
  19. I found an experience formula here. <?php function experience($L) { $a=0; for($x=1; $x<$L; $x++) { $a += floor($x+300*pow(2, ($x/7))); } return floor($a/4); } for($L=1;$L<100;$L++) { echo 'Level '.$L.': '.experience($L).'<br />'; } ?> After translating it to Java myself, I found it is not 100% accurate, but close. I did some Googling around and found out pretty much every site uses the same formula. I think around level 101 is where it needs to be decreased by 1. Of course, unless the XP table on tip.it is wrong. It says "104,273,166" for 120 where the formula ends up being "104,273,167". As far as your second question, it would be difficult to get all possible training ways. You could just find the popular ones by navigating forums and double checking the methods they post and then leaving a form field in your calculator for a user to input custom rates.
  20. Here were the drops I could stay for. Had to leave early because of issues. First Split was Godsword Shard 2: Second was Hilt: We got a third drop right as Jagex logged me because of a the 6 hour time and it was a BCP I believe.
  21. You can use an Armadyl Pendant, Zamorak Arrow, Saradomin Stole, and use the Bandos Pool from "As a last resort" quest for the respected boss areas.
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