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  1. Just hit a small milestone I guess. 99 HP x2 It is amazing how fast you get constitution experience after you hit 99.
  2. Not more than its big, shiny, and a bts video on it will be here next week.
  3. The equipment needs to be updated. I might stop by if family permits it.
  4. Probably more Christmasy to trade with other people you've never met before than to boost with a friend for 3 minutes. I would rather boost with friends for 3 minutes instead of with random people, which is what ended up happening. The most social part was when they all said "GoG me plz".
  5. It is easy to max in under 100 days played if you manage to *somehow* get over 1B on your newb account to do the faster and expensive methods of training on certain skills as well as gear to do combat skills.
  6. The game would be amazing if: They fixed collision - Get stuck on blocks and die They fixed hitboxes - My leg is not my head and should not be treated as such when it comes to bullets. They booted 300+ latency players - Australians in US-East = bad Balanced the Miner's shotgun. Has same range as sniper Balanced Commando RPG - Has more range and area than sniper Crashing when a large number of chunks are updated - try collapsing a tower and you will crash Fix Jumping - Not smooth Added different types of zombies and balanced damage in zombie mode - Zombies require 5+ melee hits to infect and zombies die in 3-5 bullets More gun options per class Add flying vehicles like the video which caused me to get the game demonstrated Optimize chunk loading and unloading But yeah, logged 12 hours of time in game in the past two days.
  7. Jagex definitely aren't that stupid. I know right? Especially considering how they accidently banned 25,000 players right after the framework for botwatch was added.
  8. They could just change it to 500 or 5000 minigames overall. This would open up places like Soul Wars, Pest Control, Conquest, Barrows, etc
  9. The even was interesting until the part where you have to rely on other people, while having a delay as well. I should be able to trade "the gift of giving" without being controlled over who I do it with or the frequency. I guess sitting at the same place for 20 minutes is christmasy to Jagex.
  10. Does your IP address change, or is it the same every time you connect to the internet? If it is the first case, then you could be getting an IP a gold farmer had and you are getting flagged.
  11. They have also expressly stated 1 will be a gathering skills and 1 will be a production/finishing skill. A pet skill, aside from already being content of summoning would fall into the category of support skills (like agility, dg, thief etc. do) Personally I think the most likely candidates are Archeology and Engineering. Archeology would fit in nicely with good lore stuff as a gathering skill via digging up ancient sites and could easily lead to all sorts of trinkets that could use the pocket slot (which they said one skill would focus on) Engineering equally could be a finishing skill drawing on crafting, smithing, fletching, magic, runecrafting and construction to make various more mechanical type things akin to the Gnome and Dwarf tech already in-game WoW style engineering would be amazing in RS I would love to have my Flying Machine from wow. Maybe Engineering could be learned from Gnomes and you can unlock access to a PoAS (Player owned Air Strip) and the ability to build tree houses?
  12. It won't be safe if you post your idea on a forum frequented by Jagex staff when your RSN is visible. Account sharing is no longer a reportable offense. :? Each account should only be used by one person. Players may not sell, share, transfer or lend their account to anyone else. It may not be reportable, but it is can still get you banned.
  13. It won't be safe if you post your idea on a forum frequented by Jagex staff when your RSN is visible.
  14. So I got this today on one of the first kills... First one in like 6 years.
  15. I wish everyone good luck. I might show up an hour or two into it as I want to get a few more pop missions in. With proper use of abilities and gear, you can pretty much camp each boss indefinitely.
  16. I think the degradation on new crystal shields is broken. I've used mine for probably two in-game days and it hasn't changed state.
  17. "If you’re already a member, joining the Premier Club won’t cost you any membership days. Your existing membership will be paused, and when your Premier Club membership ends, your original membership will resume." This basically says after the Premier period is over, everything goes back to normal.
  18. That moment when you forget what you changed your host file to say when you login
  19. The only time I ever get this glitch is when I play on WIndows, I have yet to see it when playing via Linux. Perhaps there is some I/O blocking with their map loading subroutine which is triggered based on some hard disk configuration? When the last time I had a 50% loading glitch occur, my hard disk was spinning, but the usage from JagexLauncher/Java was 0. I will watch my system more closely next time I get it to see if there is anything I can forward on to Jagex.
  20. I was hoping he would answer my question, oh well. Thanks for the recap Kimberly!
  21. There are many services such as SoundCloud you could use to host them. I would contact Jagex via Email ([email protected]), YouTube (Runescape), or Twittter (@RuneScape) and see if you can get permission to do so.
  22. If RuneScape is blocked by your university IT staff, then it is probably for a good reason. I would contact your IT team via email and ask to see if they could unblock the ports and the game. Bypassing it will probably break your usage agreement and cause more trouble than good. Runescape uses ports 43594 and 43595 for the game and it uses port 8010 for the file server (updates).
  23. Got muted extremely early this morning (EST time). This guy and his friend who did not speak nor understand English crashed me at Bandos. I asked nicely for them to hop as there are many free worlds. One of the two people simply responded "que?" over and over when I said something and the other person never spoke. After about 5 minutes, I get fed up and basically told the guy to "SMD" but the full version and not the chat speak abbreviation. Fifteen minutes later, I try to type and I am muted. The other person had to have been a player moderator. I appealed the mute of course. Basically, I said something along the lines of the following, only more condensed: "Whilst I know you will not unmute me or even get to this appeal before the mute runs out, I would still like to make a point even if you automate this appeal. This is 2012, not every person plays a game for recreational purposes anymore. You should be able to determine that alone by the amount of hours any given player has on his or her account. Video games, especially MMORPGs, are more competitive and not family-friendly like they were designed for back in 2002. Look at gaming in Korea and again, the hours the top-page players have logged. When it comes to high level PvM in RuneScape, your staff who play and are able to even access it should know it gets competitive. When things get competitive, people get more aggressive, things tend to heat up, and players have less patience when it comes to other people or groups interfering. People tend to use harsher language to indicate and to vent their frustrations. You have a chat filter to block any offensive content anyone might say. If someone could still get muted for saying something which could easily get picked up by the filter, what is the point of the filter in the first place? Also, instead of being muted across all chat channels, players should be muted in the channel in which they committed the violation. I should still be able to communicate with my clan or friends if I committed an offence towards a player via public chat, if I am temporarily muted of course. You are killing any social chance for how ever many days that player is muted. Your player mod team should also be focusing resources on the gambling and website spam rather than someone dropping a bad word towards another player. I hope you actually read this and not just use your appeal bot to deny it"
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