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  1. Collecting various elemental runes as they will most likely go up as pretty much every normal spell book spell no longer needs deaths, bloods, and chaos runes. I am also stockpiling super sets and barrows armour.
  2. Wow, can anyone confirm this? I simply can't use that much data per hour on runescape. I used about 1000 bytes/second during peak usage according to Jagex's inbound and outbound data rates. This is about 130-135 hours of in-game time to use 500 megabits of data.
  3. I think they fixed that. Boxing will still be doable though.
  4. Thanks for the compliments. I am sort of OCD when it comes to coding/design. Got 75 thieving today. Working on doing all skill to 80 plus without spending much money. 80 Farming is going to kill my money stack.
  5. Spelled wrong 0/10 FML just realized. Maybe I can fix it in 28 days.
  6. Just got a new display name. I think I will keep it for awhile,
  7. If you don't have the quest cape you could potentially start stocking up on them though.
  8. Since this is about the ToG update and not affairs without other players' accounts, can we avoid talking about it here? Thanks. I look forward to checking out the ToG update after I get one more crafting level so I can try and boost to create the bowl.
  9. Current Display Name: Wil Wheton Hello everyone, GreenXen here. It is the beginning of November, it is cloudy as balls, birds are no longer chirping, and it is time to start a blog. This blog will include my Runescape highlights from now going forward so I can see where I end up over time. I hate long and drawn out walls of text so below is the stuff you came for. I will try and post frequent updates on here or in video form. Just to have a starting basis, I have decided to include starting stats and a starting bank/money value for this blog. My stats as of 11/3/2012: Bank: My starting bank is only about a 2.5m bank after spending 90% of it during bonus experience weekend. Just for records, here is a screenshot of the only tab with value: So basically, my main goal is to achieve a max cape. I plan on doing all "buyables" last. I am working on a spreadsheet which tells me my estimated hours count until 99 all. Before I can really start working on maxing out, I first need to obtain a few more levels for making the money needed (Over 500m). Long Term Goal: Max Cape Short Term Goals: All skills 80+ Currently working on: Most Recent Achievement: [spoiler=Entry 1 - 11/6/2012]Today is the day I create my blog. I feel like I can accomplish my goals easier when I have something to track my progress. The first week or two of this month will be dedicated to making money via barrows. To rebound from bonus experience weekend, I am going to do another 100 chests. With a new brother to add and one to ditch, I believe I should be able to do all 100 chests in about 8 hours and 20 minutes of game play at the rate of 12 chests per hour. This time I am going to use google docs to log each chest instead of each trip. This will help give me a better look at how much I make per chest as well as allow me to optimize the way I do barrows. The last two or so weeks of November will just be skilling weeks. I want to push the 80 base and I only have 7 stats left to get up. Farming and Agility will be last. Honestly, I am thinking about saving farming until I can just afford to do magic trees from 74 to 90 and doing it with a 90 base set. [spoiler=Entry 2 - 11/7/2012] Today I mainly spent most of it doing real life stuff. My cousin is getting married this weekend and I was asked to run the sound system for that because of my past soundboard operations. After I got back from moving around plenty of furniture, I went and did some penguins and got 75 thieving. I then did about 20 barrows chests. I think I have about 470 chests I want to do for barrows until I will feel financially stable enough to actually get some levels in for my sub-80 stats. Construction, Farming, and Crafting are going to drain me back to zilch. I am working on a video series called "Building back up". It is basically for people who were hacked or cleaned from gambling and just need tips on going from a small bank back to 100+ million GP without depending on overloads, turmoil, or a maxed account. Here is the introduction episode and you can view the rest from there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19rkTH1aupM&feature=share&list=PLoj_TralXLUw2ibiLcdYlta0Q2-aKrnUD Feel free to add me to skype, the username is GreenXen. I don't have a sleep schedule so you will see me on Runescape or Skype at anytime during the day. I am also usually in "Serpent Eye" friend chat. Poem of the day: There once was a player named Dragonkng198. He was a noob. Cool People Blogs: AHappyBooblet Solemnis Random Irish Exhibitionist Salleh (Will add you if I missed you later CBF at 3AM)
  10. Just don't click on those "Free iPad" or "Meet singles in your area" ads and you might thrive. As a representative and proud member of the internet, I bid you a warm welcome.
  11. Time to post something useful! TL;DR: Accounts are never 100% safe, working customer service sucks, and I like 3.14. Ok, so working as a customer service agent and supervisor for a major cellular telecommunications company in the technical support department and general customer service as well as having experience as a white-hat contracter, I learned a lot about ticket systems, customer personal information handling, and attitudes of both representatives and supervisors towards that data. This is something I have personally dealt with. [spoiler=Story Time!] One relevant example I can provide to this subject is the heavily modified (but real at the core) story of Mary Sue and her phone account recovery. Most details (names, locations, jobs, etc) have been changed to protect the customer this happened to as well as me for posting it (without breaking NDA). Mary Sue was a successful business woman from New York City. She was an accountant in one part of a fortune 500 company. She had a husband and 3 kids. She was very good at managing her cell phone account on a regular basis. One day, Mary Sue received a temporary job assignment to Japan to start a foreign sector of the company. She would be over there for 6 months. She accepted the job and was eventually promoted to lead financial accountant for the corporation after an outstanding performance. When she returned, she found out her husband cheated on her, another woman named ShaNayNay was living with her husband in the house, and her husband sent the kids to private school for 6 more months in Sweden. After a very unhappy 2 months of going through divorce processes and getting her kids back, Mary Sue remembered about her cell phones so she decided to attempt to access her account only to find out it was under someone else's name. Mary Sue was feeling very unhappy. When recovering the account Mary Sue provided the wonderful supervisor she spent an hour reaching, the aforementioned story, with her name, address, and secret question answer (which was the name of the dog). The kind supervisor followed procedure and restored the account under her name and disabled the active phones which would take effect on midnight EST the next day. The supervisor also provided the customer with a free phone voucher since she had been with us for 10 years. One day later, the supervisor received an internal notice that a customer named Mary Sue had called in saying someone disabled her phones (when phones are disabled, the person can still reach customer service) and his name tag was on the log for who disabled the phones. It turned out that the person whom called in was in-fact Bob, someone who had doxed Mary Sue and obtained her dogs name from her facebook profile and knowing Mary Sue loved dogs, Bob figured that was her password. Bob also had a slightly feminine voice so with proper voice control, he pulled off a perfect female voice. Mary Sue was in fact away, but in the hospital for Chemotherapy for her Lung Cancer in Los Angles for 6 months, which was also on her facebook. How the above story relates to Runescape is basically, as long as someone knows enough information about you or has infected you with malicious software, it is only a matter of time until they can access your Runescape account. Customer service agents and supervisors have protocols they have to follow in certain situations. In the story above, the supervisor was not at fault for giving access to the hijacker as the hijacker provided enough information to pass by as the actual owner. There is practically no way the supervisor could have known that the caller was the hijacker. Now another note; Since the person in the story was away and did not log into the account for 6 months, it made the story provided by the hijacker even more realistic. Most people check access logs for stories like this. How this relates to Runescape is most players start playing before college and take a break during school for 3, 6, and even 12 months or more at a time. Also, people tend to move around, lose interest in playing, and take breaks. The longer you do not access your account, the easier it is for someone to hijack it. I am not saying that if you don't login for 6 months, someone will take your account. I am just saying that it will become easier to hack, even with JAG or any security measures in place. With a game like Runescape, with JAG enabled, I can guarantee that if someone has your email, IP, and time, they can recover your account. The reason I added the criteria of time into play here is because it takes time to research the victim and obtain enough details about them. It takes time to develop a highly plausible story to send Jagex. It takes time to perform multiple attempts. This has happened to me. During the fan sitehack wave about a year ago, the email I used with RuneScape was the same email I registered with a specific fan site, was obtained from the database. The passwords were totally different. All of my in-game passwords are a randomly generated string. After my email was obtained, it was only a matter of time until the hacker obtained the rest of the information from either database entries or logs from the fan site. I blame Jagex for lack of common sense and detective skills. The IP address which last logged into my account was 10,000 miles from where I lived and was on a list of spamming and hacking IPs relating to both Minecraft, Runescape, and other games. I blamed them for making it too easy to recover accounts. I had an alternate account I never logged into since 2006. I legitimately forgot the password. Using a proxy, I submitted my real IP and information which was listed on an archived forum site from then provided a heartwarming story of why I haven't played in 6 years. Only 6 hours after the recovery request was submitted, I received an email saying it was successful. I know people make mistakes and stuff like this happens with Runescape or with other companies all the time. I have been on the other side and personally made that mistake of allowing a stranger access to someone else's account.
  12. I was thinking Archaeology or maybe Astronomy, or even both. For all we know, aliens, who visited and controlled Gielinor, used the pyramids as landing pads for their ships.[/stargatefantasy]
  13. It's a reading rainbowwww. The combat tutorial was alright. Just teaches basics on how abilities work against mobs you can normally one-hit anyway. You use the same combat style against an enemy and it doesn't go into hybriding or anything useful.
  14. or gloves.... I look forward to the Bandos and Zammy event.
  15. They will say "Our engine does not currently support this feature. We will send this to our engine team for further consideration." They should just borrow Stev for a week.
  16. I look forward to the DG experience boost. II think this would help destroy floor leaching (They should add an activity bar for "team" groups). This results in people who know what they are doing (or are more willing to learn) as well as less "<insert clan chat here> sell floors cheap" spammers which occupy 90% of the chat. Edit: Inb4CraftingSupsRise.
  17. SO you auto type to distract the players...?
  18. Farming, Killing the Mole, group GWD, or maybe Barrows are his only decent money making opportunities. Kiln might be possible if he is willing to die before he succeeds.
  19. 83 to 90 summoning 75 to 77 Agility 71 to 76 crafting 94 to 99 range 90 to 92 mage 70 to 73 farming I gained 11.6m experience with an average experience rate of 280k per hour. You can do the math to determined how long I no lifed. Experience Counter:
  20. So you staked a friend a single person and gave back results cleaned him. Cool.
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