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  1. I win when it comes to multitasking while 'scaping: 5760x1080 desktop while scaping below: http://i.imgur.com/1ngWY.jpg Getting 99 magic tomorrow instead of today.
  2. You would think with the money he gained from RWT, he could get a less blurry camera.
  3. Seems not You sir, are correct. It seems to also have a negative impact on magic. I wonder if they plan on changing the helm into a scrimshaw pocket thing when PoP comes out.
  4. Kind of a milestone: Next screencap will be 99 mage in a few hours. 700k off now.
  5. The basic concept is: 1. Buy an item for above the average price to see what people are selling for. 2. Sell that item below market to see what people are buying for 3. Buy the item for a few more than the other buyers 4. Sell the item for the same or 1 gp less than the other sellers I used that for barrows, god wars, and various potions and made about 200m from 18m a year or two ago. As far as item, I would wait until prices stabilize. My SGS was 30m street one day, three days later it was down to 15m. You can try and find reliable friends chats for margins or find them yourself. Keep in mind, if margins are announced in a friends chat, its a good possibility more than one person there is going to screw with the prices to gain an advantage.
  6. While some directors and shows would push the limits, I believe the opportunity for TV shows to feature "sexless" nudity would be a step towards a more open culture. Everyone in America is so afraid of the word "[bleep]" or a breast it is just annoying. In the UK there are several nude drawing show on TV which are actually interesting. The art really shows the human body in it's true form. I mean, you can't even have educational medical shows which cover more personal topics. You can't really watch UK shows from America without getting a ton of porn ads. Basically, if someone doesn't want to see a boob, they can just change the channel. It is what many families do with violence or language or anything else they don't want to see. I actually wouldn't mind in the future if there was an option on cable boxes to totally filter out whatever you want, basically a more advanced version of what already exists. They can send the censor data alongside the media data and then based on your box settings, apply a censor where it is needed.
  7. RSBDavid


    Today I finalized some scheduling for my recruiter and next Wednesday I go up to Louisville MEPS and swear in.
  8. I found the quest to be very enjoyable with the voice acting. I am uploading a video on how I killed the boss with Dharok's and will edit it in here. As far as the reward, I feel it was not up to par with a GM quest. 275k combat experience is do-able in about 40 minutes with the right gear and location. I would've much preferred a general experience lamp in any skill. They said it was going to be a generous reward, but by the time someone does this quest, they probably will have 99 combats. Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o9UI2MWSxc
  9. It is illegal to show porn to minors, but you can show blood and gore to the masses. That is why we don't see nips on TV. This is the idea that he's arguing against in the first place though. Nudity != Porn, before I get another warning point, I will end the sex vs nudity topic here.
  10. 4 more to go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1FPtnSlyHM QBD with Dharoks at 2x speed
  11. When you can show someone being decapitated on TV, but an areola causes WW3 with the ratings administration and a huge fine. Nipplphobiacs. When people with 40 thousand dollar vehicles lack the capacity to drive more than 15 miles an hour in a 45 zone when it is raining two counties over
  12. First i've heard this, source please Jagex said it on their forums several times.
  13. Lol GF using Obsidian armour where ever you needed that LP boost as you will take 3x the damage. It will come in handy for kilns and jad slayer tasks.
  14. Knowing Jagex, after he gets 5B you will be able to buy a 5B XP celebration emote from SGS for 95 runecoins.
  15. Guess who did this in 1:25? Working on 80 smithing and I will finally be a thzarr member Edit: 4,000th post! Edit: Video of Har Aken http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z3ALkS2cZo
  16. I would rather see them remove it altogether and allow it to be an optional parental control feature in the future.
  17. Because you can't powertrain runecrafting. Right. I would LOVE to know how to get 200k runecrafting XP per hour. I'd pretty much donate my ingame liver for that. Buying spins. Or pendant + runespan + runespan task + 50% aura
  18. My thoughts exactly. Did a double take when I realised how low that pile was Yeah, it was a 2.9m split with 5/6 people. We were going to just LS, but it was more profitable with coin. Here is the video of the drop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvd6GgO4wWY
  19. Went with a Youtuber named ScapeSkillRS to and a group of other people to Corp and got this on our first kill:
  20. It's probably going to be 10/20 hours degradation time + 3x barrows repair cost. Actually, with the way they make it sound, it might be shorter, but offer amazing stats. I am sure we will find out more shortly before the release.
  21. Thieving. You only need 4 more levels. It is 250k+ xp per hour at Pyramid Plunder. Runecraft is about 60-80k per hour at Runespan.
  22. Exactly. I do not trust sending money to a stranger (no offense) without some sort of third-party involved. I would really like to grab that RuneFest JMod shirt :)
  23. New Obby Armour Stats: New BTS Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EkJNKDEHyeE Ranged: Melee: Magic: Looks like this is going to be level80/85 gear due to the LP boost. Ahrims is a +5000 for me and this is +7000.
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