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  1. Just in case, I bought additional tertiary ingredients which should land me 90 or 91 summoning from 83. I still have a couple of weeks to farm crimsons at waterfiends though. I REALLY hope summoning finally gets the 2x multiplier instead of the 1.1x BS.
  2. Went to solo Rex for the first time as a level 134. First kill got this: 20th got this: Got 5 more kills then teleported out due to storm outside. Could've got another 15-20 more. I used slayer dart and noobish gear as this was my first time. Next time I will use PPS and better gear.
  3. Yes, I would rather see a necklace or some type of wearable booster given to anyone who logs in on the weekend which will expire at the end of the month. They could give it like 1m or 2m exp or maybe 10 hours of use or something like degradable armour. There is too much going on the weekends. I tend to boss hunt, they have the EoC beta going on, people go outside once in a while on weekends. I would much rather use the bonus at my own time as I believe many players would too. This would reduce the price spikes over time as players have more than 2 days to use their experience.
  4. That is a drop on the rare drop table (25-250 noted).
  5. Hey I could buy that, OR I could buy A BRAND NEW GAME WITH 10-100+ HOURS OF GAMEPLAY. Jagex, seriously, be realistic when making these prices. I hate to be the one that mentions WoW around here, but I remember the uproar when Blizzard started selling FLYING MOUNTABLE HORSES MADE OF STARS for real life money. Everyone thought it was overpriced. It costs $25. And it sure as hell looks better than this piece of scrap. The sparkle pony also has a purpose and not just used for a cosmetic item, even though it looks badass. The sparkle pony scales with your character, meaning as you unlock better flight ranks, your pony evolves into the next tier as well in terms of mount flight speed [spoiler=Sparkle Pony!] But back to RS... WoW also has a more advanced game engine. Wow uses way fewer resources than Runescape, mainly because of the lack of Java overhead. Runescape does have the graphical capability for items like the sparkle pony. They just want to "allow all computers to play" which is fine if the only thing you have is a toaster to play RS on. Maybe the HTML5 client will improve, who knows?
  6. Went KBDing with some of the locals and this was our best drop:
  7. Lurked since 2002, created my account a few years later. These forums were created by one of the first players of RS iirc.
  8. Ironic JMod name ^.^ Got my first one today! Also, the video I recorded got compressed alot, here is the full size ending of Jad. Thanks Fraps.
  9. Very nice! I look forward to playing around with outfits this weekend.
  10. Buff and Debuff UI Timers Welcome to my suggestion of adding buff and debuff timers to the user interface (UI). In this suggestion I will define what a buff/debuff is, explain what and why we should have timers, and then provide a poorly photoshoped example of what Jagex can do as well as provide suggestions. Buff: Any effect applied to the player with the intent of improving stats or gameplay which will expire or degrade overtime. Example: Anti-fire potions, normal/super/extreme potions, overloads, brew defense boost, etc. Debuff: Any effect applied to the player with the intent or side effect of reducing stats or hinder normal gameplay. Examples: Poison, Disease, Overload damage (which can be considered a buff basedon scenario), damage-over-time(DoT) damage from abilities(EoC), being frozen, being stunned, etc. Timer: Used to show remaining time on a buff/debuff The reason I would like to see a timer added onto the UI instead of waiting for the chatbox to provide a warning when something is set to expire is for efficiency and simplicity. It is a known process that people are less impatient when they know when something is going to happen, whether it be waiting in line for something or just waiting for something to happen. I feel on-screen timersfor buffs and debuffs would take away the annoyance of waiting for potions to run out and wasting time. Example: As you can see, I added the potion icon (random potions I had) and the remaining time (randomized) on the bottom left portion of the UI. It is out of the way of most important tasks in game and it is easy to read. An alternate idea is to have a round or square icon which contains the potion or an icon which represents the buff/debuff, and fills the circle as the time counts down with a transparent black layer, sort of like with ability timers in EoC. Another HUD display option would be on the top right below the exp counters. It would have a similar display style (icon followed by value) and would be easy to implement. The last idea is simply have a buff/debuff interface icon which displays a list of the current buffs/debuffs and the remaining time when you hover over it with your cursor. The interface would be togglable via the graphics settings so those who like the current UI can still have it the way it is.
  11. I like the single-way wilderness update and the permaskull effect. Also, does anyone have any decent HD screenshots of the updated dragon+ weapons? I do not have 24/7 access.
  12. I don't think the GE Transactions/Online Friends would be possible, or necessary since both are easily accessible when in the game, but the dailies list may be possible, will look into it :) It's obvious they have some sort of API for both of those, and they wouldn't be too hard to code. The only problem is finding the API. It is simple XML files which are unlocked after authenticating with the server. http://services.rune...ar/authorise.ws and you can see the ge offers and your D&D via the following links http://services.rune...bar/geupdate.ws http://services.rune...r/activities.ws This information can also be found at http://forum.tip.it/...60#entry4457417 The developers would need to basically redirect you to the login page so you can authenicate the use of the app, allow the cookie to be stored, then they could setup a basic timer to grab the GE and D&D data ever "X" minutes from the server and keep it handy.
  13. Email was the same, password wasn't. Many of the people I was fighting were bug abusing or extremely cocky. One person in particular whom I only staked twice waited until he was 1/4th HP before he would even begin attacking me and he would win both times. I observed him doing this to other players too. There were other strange incidents which are simply not probable. Too many people cheat.
  14. Last level up for awhile. I am pretty much taking a break due to my account being recovered and a majority of my wealth stolen once again (after this screenshot was taken). I had a 5m cash stack after selling some junk, but after loosing forty-one 100k stakes, winning one 250k stake, and losing five more 100k stakes in a row today, I am done. There are too many people still abusing stat boosting glitches via dominion and dungoneering potions as well as the dominion marker (all three not patched after a few months of being known) to even attempt staking my way back to where I was. I wish Jagex could hire competent developers and actually fix glitches which are game breaking, but I guess that is too much to ask of them. They should really build worlds where the only section of the map that is handled is the dueling arena and they should also instance the players whom are currently dueling to prevent certain glitches a two-year old could perform. After the match is over, they could wipe the instance to free the memory and keep the lag down. [/pic and rant] Edit: The issue with my account being stolen in the past few months in due in part to the forum database hack that happened a year or so ago which contained the email I had registered to my account and my forum account, the age of my account, and the simplicity of the recovery system. I tested this by using a proxy and doing a recovery for my account and I was successful by only providing the earliest IP I used, a previous email address used, and randomly generated information about previous passwords and a story. All of this information can easily be obtained about any account from 2002+ due to the lack of security awareness back then. Jagex needs to add a dongle system or outsource customer service to a company like Sitel to handle account issues and recoveries. They could hire a few hundred call reps to help players out 24/7. They do not have the manpower to handle their player base and their automated system is junk. I would pay 10-15 a month for this support.
  15. Very nice! I am planning on rebuilding my wealth via staking again. I am waiting for the next update to go through so they will fix a few bugs which a lot of people who stake 5-50m abuse, which result in them winning.
  16. Just play the minigame without trying to exploit the 10 moves you need.
  17. Or they'll simply make the NPC not show up for that player. This. A simple database query can ID the NPCs you have killed then a simple game script can use those query results to differentiate between the possible NPCs and the ones you actually have "unlocked" and send you the data for your particular situation. It would either be the above or instancing, which is kind of excessive for the task at hand.
  18. I've been holding off on expressing my opinions, but you tipped the tank. If you are looking for a TL;DR, then just [bleep] off. Look at it this way: Playing Runescape, you learn how to do many skills. You learn college level economics, high school Algebra, how to work in a team environment, basic leadership skills, basic typing skills, and many more things. Most of these are learned by those who are aiming for max or completionist mainly, even 200m experience, but most players learn up to a certain point of those skills regardless of their intentions in game. If expressed properly, these skills can easily translate into an entry-level position in a decent corporate position making $15+ an hour. You can argue that high school football is the exact same thing as playing Runescape. You will spend countless hours on something that you like, which may or may not improve your future. While playing football is more physical intensive, at the core, it is no different than playing an online video game. Hell, many people have made money doing both, with gaming being marketed via services such as TGN, Machinima, and self-advertising. In today's society, more and more jobs are heading towards a intellectual basis rather than physical basis. While having physical strength and being able to bench 300 pounds is ok, most companies will rather have a "computer nerd" at their fingertips. As someone who is both a gamer and has worked in several management positions because of skills I learned from gaming, I do not regret the thousands of hours I have spent "wasting my time". I played Runescape and other games while studying in high school and college. While studying, I would train woodcutting, mining, etc. I still maintained a 4.0GPA and played Runescape or WoW from 3:00PM to 11:00PM every school night. I would also play several hours on weekends. I still maintained my social life on weekends and many of the people I hung out with were gamers anyway and most played Runescape. The only thing which actually damaged my social life was my over-religious parents. I don't really want to go into details, but I had to sneak out a lot. If getting 200m experience in a skill or all skills is what makes someone happy, who are we to judge on if that is the correct thing to do anyway? Just let them be happy and encourage them to press on instead of bash them for being dedicated. I would love to see someone here do something with as much dedication without the desire for external gain. It frustrates me to end seeing someone get chastizied for doing something they love. I know first-hand how being sheltered and blocked from doing something I want to do can effect me. That felt good getting off my chest.
  19. Not going since I know you are :P Jk Cant wait, reading up on how to do Armadyl now!
  20. Yeah Jagex stole the "You're banned!" off-topic game from us and started using it in game. I think it would be interesting if Jagex made a live-ban map where they show a secondary world map which red areas where they have recently banned accounts.
  21. Here are the new two items from the second quest: Name: Atan (heru's shield) Examine: "A large round shield with a sunburst design." Tradeable?: No Name: Uraeus (apep's axe) Examine: "A battleaxe with a crescent moon blade." Tradeable?: No
  22. The first quest is easy and straightforward. It has a disheartening ending though. I am starting the second one now. I wonder what the new sword and shield is. [spoiler=Cool Screenshot]
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