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Sjakie's blog: Seercull, Shard 2 & 85 Farming!

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Sjakie's Blog: What's next?








It has been some time now since I started this blog, my first main goal, getting 99 prayer has been reached. I have lot's ofther goals though, and I'll continue to use this blog for them.






My stats




Stats at the start of this blog: 10 June






Stats 6 February






Current stats








The Goals




This is the place where all my big goals are posted, the ones I have finished and the ones I'm working on at the moment.






Finished goals




[hide=The road to wings - A 99 Prayer goal]


So here I am, I finally decided to make myself a nice blog. My goal is to get 99 prayer. I hope, and expect to make that before the end of the summer. In this blog I will show my progress on Prayer, and a log of my main money making source, Dagannoth Kings <3:






The Big goal is to get 99 prayer. Prayer has always been one of my favourite skills, and I really like the emote of the cape too. I hope, and expect to achieve 99 before the end of the summer holidays. I have sold my santa by now, and have 99 prayer banked.












[hide=99 prayer party - The story & the party pics]


The Party strory + Pics


Wow, I finally got my 99 prayer.




The party was absolutely great, I enjoyed it really much :D




It's 7:30pm Dutch time, 30 mins prior to my levelling. At this moment I'm pretty darn nervous, everything that has to be done is done, and now it's time to go to my house to await the guests. The first guests were already waiting at the house portal, so it's good that I'm there now, we move to the combat ring to have some fun there.




Not long after that Hephaistos and Colossus ask me to come with them for a moment, as they want to give me a pressent. They had told me before that I would get a small pressent, so I knew it was commming. But then Heph trades me, and puts up this:










I was pretty shocked here :shock: I really wanted a black cav for my Prayer cape outfit but I couldn't afford it at this time. Thank you so much guys, I really, really love it <3:<3:<3: I'll never sell this beauty <3:






Then the time came to get the level, I got pretty nervous again when I had to use my dagannoth bone on the altart but I managed to do it. And finally I got my 99 Prayer. The 2650th to reach 99 Prayer
















Time to get my cape now. I went to the monastry with a few others, bought my cape and did the emote for the first time <3:










We quickly got back to my house were the others were waiting, I did the emote a few more times before Zaideey92 (Zeddude) traded me. He too had a gift for me <3:




The emotes:






Zaids gift:




Zaid, thank you very much for your gift <3: I really love it. I'll use the arrows and trowing knifes when I go train range again, and I'll be sure to keep the Hally in my bank forever <3:






And now it's time for the drop party, first the part in my garden, and after that a part in my dungeon. I think the drop party was a succes, especially the dungeon one. I really liked it and it was a lot of fun.




I'd also like to thank everyone that donated for the dropparty.




The total amount of stuff dropped:








The Garden part:








The Dungeon part:
















After this the party was over, I stayed in my house for some more time till everyone was gone, chatted a bit here and there, and danced with Heph.


When everyone but Heph was gone we decided to get me a 2nd cape for my bank, and Hephaistos paid the cape for me <3:










After this I had to go :( It really was a great day and I'd like to thank everyone who came, I absolutely enjoyed it and I hope you did too. I'd also want to excuse me for any pms, chats and things that I didn't answer during the party, I just didn't had the time to answer them all :(




It was a great day.




And last but not least: My new outfit








Vid by Colossus110:


http://files.filefront.com/sjakiewmv/;8 ... einfo.html




[hide=99 Prayer Party Vid - By Colossus110]


http://files.filefront.com/sjakiewmv/;8 ... einfo.html




[hide=Poem from Zeddude <3]


Praying and praying all day and night


Sjakie wont give up without a fight


Hes on his way to the big double 9!


And when thats completed he'll be holy-divine!


To the altar he always walks


To the priest he always talks


Burying bones is his favourite job


If he doesnt get 99, ill bring in the mob.


Good luck sjakie on your way to 99 prayer


Get it soon or beware!




[hide=Prayer levels]


99 Prayer: 6 August 2007






98 Prayer: 4 August






97 Prayer: 3 August






96 Prayer: 2 August






95 Prayer: 9 July






94 Prayer: 5 July






93 Prayer: 20 June






92 Prayer: 17 June






91 Prayer: 14 June






90 Prayer - 10 June






89 - 8 June






88 - 28 May






87 - 28 May






86 - 25 May






85 - 16 May






80 - 13 May






75 - 3 May






70 - 7 April










[hide=A 2nd 99 - Magic!]


My main goal at the moment is to get 99 magic. Magic has been one of my favourite skills for a long time now, and I got it up a lot whitout really focussing on training it. That's going to change now however. I want to get it to 99! The ways I'll be training it? Well, I'm not sure yet what to use most. I'll probably use a mix of DK's, Metal dragon maging, Alching and Mage Training Arena. I'll make my own runes for Alching and MTA. I don't want to make a loss on this goal.












[hide=Poem by Zeddude]


Another 99 is what sjakies achieving


hes already got one so seeing is believing


Hes already so holy and so hawt!


Hes great at dking thats his master plot.


A secret spy in buisness


a secret spy by name


theres only one sjakie


thats what i proclaim!


Hes everyones friend


and always looks out for you.


dont forget to wash


hair with shampoo!


his magic is great


and yet still growing


"frigum sodo nahelier"


oh no its snowing!


that was a wrong spell but sjakie will correct it


good luck with 99 magic! now i press submit!




[hide=Magic Levels]


99 Magic: 6 February 2008






98 Magic: 2 February 2008






97 Magic: 19 January 2008






96 Magic: 28 October






95 Magic: 7 October






94 Magic: 25 September










Current Goals




And now on to the goals. Of course I'll also do other things than working on the goals posted here. But these levels and things will be more important for me.




Main Goal




[hide=Random things - Having fun]


So yeah, what to do now... For now I don't have any important goals that I'll spend most of my time on. I want to use the upcomming time to do lots of different things. Getting random levels, doing what I feel like doing, and most importantly having a lot of fun!








Level ups


This is the place were my latest 10 level ups will be posted.




[hide=The Levels]














































Dagannoth Kings




I love the Kings <3: Ever since they were released I wanted to go there. But when I finally got good enough stats to mage Rex I couldn't find anyone to take me on a DK trip. As a result of that I tought myself how to DK using a few vids from Youtube. And everything worked.


By now I've joined the DK clan Gaurdians of Fate. I really enjoy being in the clan and I still enjoy DK's a lot.






[hide=DK trip log]


[hide=Latest DK trip]


DK trip 107




Suiciding/Solo hybridding for Nac Fan. I got a seercull bow early on. Than at about halfway in the trip I heard from Nac that one of his friends had died in the DK lair. So I hopped worlds to bless his grave. When I came back there were others in the world I was using. So I decided to just tele out.












[hide=Other DK trips]


DK trip 106


Well, more of a suicide than a trip really but ok. Solo hybridded in a 1900 world to suicide for Voldmort. Did quite a few kills actually and managed to get an archers ring.








Ok, and this is why solo hybridding in a 1900 pop world can possibly be deadly. Prime spawned while I was still fighting supreme with range prayer on, so I changed to mage prayer right but prime had already hit me for a 48. And right as I switched prayers Supreme hit me for a 27. Hawt hits eh.












DK trip 105


Duo hybrid trip with Hephaistos and Skully Sc maging. Skully got Axe + Zerker, and Heph got an Axe on one of the final kills. I got nothing.








DK trip 104


Duo hybrid trip with Voldmort0 and Hephaistos maging. Vold got a seercull bow early on. Trip was dry for me.








DK trip 103


Lovely trip. Duo hybridding with Welephant. We didn't took a mage, but just looked for a world with a solo mager in it. We found that easilly and started. Welephant got a Seercull bow quickly. Than we had to hop due to world crashers. After that we spent a long time in the new world whitout drops. New crashers came, but this time we owned them and made them tele lol. And shortly after that I got a Dragon axe from prime, and the next kill an Archers ring from Supreme! My first ever back to back drop from Dks. I do feel sorry for Welephant now. Not really a fair share.








And probably one of the hawtest pics you'll ever see:










DK trip 102


Solo mage trip, hybridding for Knoster and Venlosemafia at first. Got a Zerker ring solo, then some world crashers came in, and I got a warrior while they were in the lair lol. Nice trip in total. Except that I took anti pots for a Verac mage trip. While I should have token twice as many as I was Guthan maging. Also got 75 Slayer on this trip.
















DK trip 101


Duo hybrid with Aneron and Thewizard maging. Dry trip for me. Aneron got 2 seers rings though








DK trip 100


Yay!!! 100 Trips.


First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who came. It was a greath 100th trip and I enjoyed it extremely much.


We truly ownt the Dagannoth Kings. Got 6 drops in total and had so much fun. Ah well, the pics say more than my words here.




Thanks everyone who came:








The Drops:




#1: Warrior ring for Bow 0f Mercy






#2: Seers ring for Hephaistos50






#3: Dragon Spear for me






#4: Dragon Axe for Blax Axe274






#5: Mud battlestaff for me






#6: Dragon Axe for Hoppe22








And the ending trip pic:








I also took a lot of pics from the trip other than the drops. Open the Hide tag to see them:




[hide=Other pics]


























DK trip 99


3 Man trip, Skully Sc maging and Sir Hartlar and I hybridding. Dry trip except for a lot of fremmenik equipment and helms.








DK trip 98


Solo mage trip, Aneron and Gremmy hybridded. Aneron got an Axe and a Seers ring, Gremmy got a Seers ring. After they left I got an Axe drop as well, yay! And shortly after I got the axe an other team came in to the lair. Their mage hopped but the hybrids stayed with me. Ah well, I didn't matter and finished my trip with 2 diferent hybs than that I started with.


Got quite a shock as well when I looked at my slayer gem after the trip and found out that I killed a massive 54! Rexes. And that was on a 1300 pop world... I can only imagine what number I could kill on a 2k world then.












DK trip 97


Mass GoF DK trip. With about 20 people, insane fun and an insane chaos. Pity I didn't get any drops but a Daga Hide from lootshare.








DK trip 96


3 man trip. Scorpaeon maging and Hephaistos and I hybridding. Lovely trip and lootshare did it's work nicely. Scorp got an Axe, Heph got a Mud and I got an archers ring. Nice trip.












DK trip 95


Solo hybrid trip this time with Hephaistos solo maging. My first ever solo hyb trip but it went really well. And I finally got a drop again. Dragon axe on one of my final kills.












DK trip 94


Solo mage trip. Dry yet again.






DK trip 93


Solo mage DK trip with Draco Draco and a friend of him hybridding. Used my hawt Void mace again till I ran out of air runes. I had accidently token 4 fire runes and 1 air per Guthix claw cast, in stead of 4 airs and 1 fire. Luckilly Draco had gotten an air battlestaff drop, which he traded to me so I could continue while using fire waves. Trip remained dry for me though :(








DK trip 92


Solo mage trip with Hephaistos solo hybridding. First ever trip with Void Mace (which owns!) Dry though.








DK trip 91


Solo maging is pretty boring. Dry and too short trip as well.








DK trip 90


4 man trip this time. Sheynara and Welephant maging, Hephaistos and I hybridding. The trip went really smooth, but drops didn't came. We had just 1 or 2 doses of anti pot left when Heph got his first ever Mud staff drop. And then it just started raining good drops. On the final prime kill Heph got a dragon axe! After that Heph and I had to tele, but the mages still had a few pots left. And yay, they got a Zerker ring and Warrior ring while finishing those! Great trip again, 8m loot and a nice 2m share.








DK trip 89


3 man trip. Sheynara maging and Sir Hartlar and I hybridding. The trip was lovely. I got a seercull bow on the first kill, shortly after followed by a dragon axe. And not long after shey got a dragon axe as well! 7m+ in drops whiting 1 anti pot used. But then Shey accidenlty teled while she wanted to drink a dose of brew lol. So the trip ended there. Ah well, Great trip anyway. 3 drops in such a small bit of time.
















DK trip 88


Yays, Took game on his first ever DK trip. Really smooth and nice trip. But no drops. Ah well, it was a fun trip.








DK trip 87


3 Man trip with Jordanweb maging and Hephaistos and I hybridding. Bad trip really. World lagged like hell and spawns were a tad to quick for us. Trip got cut a bit short in the end but ah well.








DK trip 86


Colossus got a Dagannoth task, so we went on a duo mage/melee trip. He was meleeing with his black mask, and I maging. Pretty soon in the trip Colo got an Archers ring. And at the end of the trip I finally got a drop again, a Zerker!












DK trip 85


4 man trip, 2 mages and 2 hybrids. Sheynara and Skully Sc maging, Sir Hartlar and I hybridding. Skully got an axe drop.








DK trip 84


And another dry trip (depressing). Mage/melee duo with Welephant.








DK trip 83


Another mage/melee duo with Welephant. Dry again








DK trip 82


Mage/melee duo with Welephant. Dry








DK trip 81


Mage/melee duo with Welephant. Got one archers ring drop.












DK trips 80


3 Man trip with Lordtoot maging and Sir Malace1 and I hybridding. The only drop was a seercull bow which Malace got.








DK trip 79


3 Man trip with Colossus and I hybridding, and Nyl1 maging. Trip went really fine and I got an archers ring drop pretty early on. Later the trip Colossus got 2 Seers rings drops.












DK trip 78


Duo mage/melee trip with Colossus Meleeing, and I maging. Pretty horrible trip. Like everything went wrong. And at the end of the trip we both disconnected (server lag ftl?). After a while we could both log in again and tele safely, but that sure wasn't a nice experience. No drops as well.








DK trip 77


3 Man trip with Sir Hartlar maging, and Colossus and I hybridding. Colo got a seers ring, and I got my first ever dragon left half shield drop!












DK trip 76


Duo mage/melee trip together with Welephant. He maged and I meleed. Wele got a Zerker ring drop. At the end I had to tele because my guthans refused to heal me. Which got me out of food and hp. Turned out I still had my karils skirt on lol. Could have done a few more kills if I had seen that earlier.








DK trip 75


Solo mage trip, and dry this time.








DK trip 74


Solo mage trip. Got a Warrior ring, not much more to say about it.












DK trip 73


3 man trip. Draco Draco maging this time, and Hephaistos and I hybridding. Heph got 2 dragon axe drops which made it a really nice trip.








DK trip 72


3 man trip. Sir Hartlar maging and me and Welephant hybridding once again. The trip was dry, but that wasn't the worst thing. Cause just after Hartlar and I teled at the end of the trip Welephant lagged out and died, making him loose his whip, veracs helm, dragon boots, karils top etc. Really sucks to hear something like that right after the trip, especially if it's a good friend like Wele.








DK trip 71


3 man trip, Sir Meddraut maging and Draco Draco and I hybridding. Merdaut got a zerker ring drop early on, and a dragon axe not long after, then I got a seercull bow, then merddaut got a warrior, then I got a mud staff, my first ever! After that Draco started getting drops, a seercull first and a mud staff as well on the final prime kill! 7!!! drops.
















DK trip 70


3 man trip, Welephant and I hybridding, and michel123455 maging. Got 3 items, all from Wele's drops. 1 Archers ring, 1 mud staff and 1 Seercull bow.








DK trip 69


Solo mage trip, got a warrior to pay for the cost












DK trip 68


Yay, great trip. Welephant maging and Hephaistos and I hybridding. I got a Dragon Axe and a seers ring drop, Hephaistos got a seers ring drop as well, and Wele got a berserker ring drop! Over 2m share.
















DK trip 67


3 man trip. Hartlar maging, Welephant and I hybridding. Got a seers ring, but then wele died due to some bad luck :( so trip ended early. We gave Wele the seers ring to pay for the losses he had due to the dieing.












DK trip 66


w00t, great DK trip and finally got over 50 personal DK drops now! Yay. It came on the 3rd prime of the trip, a dragon axe again. Then we didn't get anything good for a long time, but, on the the final 2 supreme kills we got 2 archers rings back to back! The first one being hephs drop, and the final one mine. Trip was a 3 man trip with Sir Hartlar maging and Hephaistos50 and I hybridding.




DK drop 50!!!






And #50+1 on the final supreme kill of the trip






Great trip overall






DK trip 65


3 man trip, Colossus and I hybridding, and Dark 06 Pker maging. Class share trip. Pity Dark had to go after about 20 mins, but at least I got a seercull bow drop.












DK trip 64


Duo mage/melee with Colossus. Yeah, my first ever mage/melee trip (well, after the movement got updated and it became a lot harder to do). The start wasn't too great. It took some practice and a lot of brews before I finally got the 'dancing with prime' right. But after that the trip went smooth and Colo got his first ever axe drop from supreme. A very good but short trip.








DK trip 63


Took Sheynara on her first ever DK trip finally. And I must say, she did great. And she got a zerker ring drop to make it even better. So a nice profit as well.








DK trip 62


3 man trip with Hoppe22 and Hazezor hybridding and I maging. Hybrids got a mud staff, the only drop of the trip. Pays for the trip cost.








DK trip 61


Another DK trip today. This time a mage/range duo with Sir Hartlar (we actually wanted to hybrid, but couldn't find a mage). Anyway, the trip started of pretty bad. As we got a bit bugged start (really, it's not fun when sup and prime suddenly walk all the way to the east). I encountered this bug once before, and it sure isn't a nice thing. but all went well after that. And I got a zerker ring drop. Which Hartlar picked up because I didn't want to have it at the moment because I didn't had any teles. Hartlar had forgotten to take an extra tele tab for me (I had token the rune trow axes). But anyway, pretty nice trip overall.












DK trip 60


3 man trip. Tha Familia maging and Behind You and I hybridding. Guthans hybrid for my first time. Pretty decent trip. But bad drops. Just 1 seercull bow (Behinds drop).








DK trip 59


Kinda embarrassing trip. 3 man trip, Hartlar maging and Draco Draco and I hybridding. The first time ever I hybridded together with a experienced hybrid, and yeah, of course it goes wrong this time. The trip had only just started when Rex got on us. And, as much as he loves me, he didn't want to get off me. So I got hit a few times, quickly put on piety for extra defence (which drains your prayer quickly!). I got hit a few times by rex including a 27 hit just before I got him off me. So, when I finally got him off me I ran back to supreme which we were killing. As I came back I saw my prayer run out and at the same time Prime spawned. Who hit me a 40 for the KO.


Luckilly Draco saved all my stuff. And later on the trip Hartlar got an axe drop. Which they gave me a 600k share off to pay for the items lost (barrow gloves) and the repair costs of my barrow armour. Thank you so much guys.




DK trip 58


Yay, a hybrid trip for me again. I love to hybrid. Hybridded together with Colossus110, his first ever hybrid trip. And Sir Hartlar did a great job maging once again.


1 Drop in the trip. An Axe from prime.












DK trip 57


Solo mage trip. Trip went really well. I took 1250 casts and ran out of them. And I finally got a nice drop again. A zerker ring.












DK trip 56


A solo mage/range trip. And again, it's dry








DK trip 55


Solo/duo mage trip. Started of solo, then did abit duo with Vosje52, and after that abit solo again. But no drops at all. I don't like dry trips








DK Trip 54


3 Man trip with Knoster and Kogel25. Only drop was a warrior ring.












DK trip 53


A solo mage/range trip again. But dry this time. Nothing special to say about it.








DK trip 52


Solo mage+range trip. Went pretty well and I got a nice Berserker ring drop. Then abit later I disconnected, came back with 40hp left and decided to tele out. Which turned out to be a good thing as I disconnected soon after that again.












DK trip 51


Duo mage trip with Hephaistos. Good trip, we quickly got a dragon axe drop and at the end of we got a warrior. 1.7m share.
















[hide=DK trips 1-50]


Due to space problems in this post my first 50 DK trips have been moved here: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?p=4812939#4812939






[hide=All DK drops]


Here I'll post all my personal DK drops from all of my trips.




#1: Warrior ring 1






#2: Dragon axe 1






#3: Berserker ring 1






#4: Warrior ring 2






#5: Berserker ring 2






#6: Berserker ring 3






#7: Dragon axe 2






#8: Warrior ring 3






#9: Warrior ring 4






#10: Berserker ring 4






#11: Dragon med helm 1






#12: Dragon axe 3






#13: Berserker ring 5






#14: Dragon axe 4






#15: Warrior ring 5






#16: Dragon axe 5






#17: Dragon axe 6






#18: Berserker ring 6






#19: Dragon spear 1






#20: Warrior ring 6






#21: Dragon axe 7






#22: Berserker ring 7






#23: Warrior ring 7






#24: Dragon med helm 2






#25: Warrior ring 8






#26: Berserker ring 8






#27: Dragon axe 8






#28: Warrior ring 9






#29: Dragon axe 9






#30: Dragon axe 10






#31: Warrior ring 10






#32: Dragon axe 11






#33: Warrior ring 11






#34: Warrior ring 12


Sadly, I lost the pic from this one due to an error in safing it.




#35: Berserker ring 9






#36: Dragon axe 12






#37: Dragon axe 13






#38: Archers ring 1






#39: Warrior ring 13






#40: Berserker ring 10






#41: Berserker ring 11






#42: Dragon axe 14






#43: Warrior ring 14






#44: Berserker ring 12






#45: Warrior ring 15






#46: Berserker ring 13






#47: Dragon Axe 15






#48: Berserker ring 14






#49: Seercull bow 1






#50: Dragon Axe 16






#51: Archers ring 2






#52: Seers ring 1






#53: Dragon Axe 17






#54: Seers ring 2






#55: Warrior ring 16






#56: Seercull bow 2






#57: Mud staff 1






#58: Shield left half 1






#59: Archers ring 3






#60: Archers ring 4






#61: Berserker ring 15






#62: Seercull bow 3






#63: Dragon Axe 18






#64: Dragon Axe 19






#65: Archers ring 5






#66: Dragon Axe 20






#67: Dragon spear 2






#68: Mud battlestaff 2






#69: Berserker ring 16






#70: Warrior ring 17






#71: Dragon Axe 21






#72: Archers ring 6






#73: Archers ring 7






#74: Seercull bow 4










Total DK trips: 107




Total (teams) DK drops: 130 - Dragon axe (36x) - Berserker ring (24x) - Warrior ring (26x) - Archers ring (11x) - Seers ring (6x) - Mud Battlestaff (10x) - Seercull Bow (10x) - Dragon med helm (2x) - Dragon Left half shield (1x) - Dragon spear (2x)




Personal drops: 74 - Dragon axe (21x) - Berserker ring (16x) - Warrior ring (17x) - Archers ring (7x) - Seers ring (2x) - Mud staff (2x) - Seercull bow (4x) - Dragon med helm (2x) - Dragon left half shield (1x) - Dragon spear (2x)




Solo drops: 36 - Dragon Axe (9x) - Berserker ring (9x) - Warrior ring (9x) - Archers ring (3x) - Mud Battlestaff (1x) - Seercull bow (1x) - Dragon met helm (2x) - Dragon spear (2x)




* Total drops = All the drops that I got a share off (wheter it were my own drops or a teammates drop)


Personal drops = All drops that I got myself


Solo drops = All my personal drops that I did not have to share with anyone else








Other stuff




[hide=Other noticable drops/Clues/Barrow items]


[hide=Barrow Items]






















And only 2 runs later.














OMG, first trip of the day, and the best possible item!!!






Just 3 runs after the spear, I get this baby










[hide=Dragon Drops]














Err... well, it is a dragon drop...






5 Kills after the solo chain






SOLO Chain










Hell yeah, Hephs first ever KQ trip










[hide=Non-Dragon Drops]
















































I'll only post the clues where I got at least one special item:
















































































Drops and Achievements Composition


I made a composition about some of my achievements and drops in runescape. I must say that I'm pretty pleased with the result myself.




[hide=Drops and Achievements Composition]compilationscreenfinishav1.png








[hide=Bank picture]


Bank of 18 February










Herb seeds are Marrentil up to Torstol (excluding tarromin)


Potted trees are willows-maples-pineaples-papayas


Got some 1m cash in my MTK coffers


Got quite a bit of stuff in my houses costume room








Final words:


Well, you've came to the end of my blog. I really hope you enjoyed reading it and I would really appreciate it if you left a comment.

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Good luck :)


3,331st to 99 Fishing - 9-18-07 | 25,851st to 99 Cooking - 10-6-07

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wow 90 prayer!


gl on 99!


99 Fletching 99 Cooking 99 Thieving 99 herbloree 99 magic 99 crafting 99 smithing 99 attack 99 strength 99 defence 99 hitpoints

99woodcutting 99mining 99 fishing 99 firemaking 99 hunter 99 prayer

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Like w00t, Sjakie made a blog...




Lets Dk again sometime next week?





- I'm not proud of everything I've done, but I have no regrets


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Good Luck! 99 Prayer is awesome! (Firefox says it's spelled that way, never knew it was with an 'E'.)




First Post! =D


Edit: Not first post :( :x

When everything's been said and done, more has been said than done.

All skills 80+


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Ty all for posting <3:




I completely redid the lay-out of the blog. I didn't really like the way it was at first. I also added a stats picture as I found out I had forgotten that. But any suggestions are welcome :)








Like w00t, Sjakie made a blog...




Lets Dk again sometime next week?






Like w00t, Colossus posted <3:




Sure we can DK next week, I got enough time, and we still have to get that axe!

Skill N' Chill - The Hawt Fun Sexy and Cool Skilling Clan!

Skill n' chill website: http://skillandchill.freeforums.org/index.php - Clanchat: Skill N C - IRC Chat: #skillnchill



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I saw you a few times at Barrows, I saw your blog and thought I'd drop in. :wink:




Good luck with 99 Prayer, if your DK luck keeps on going you should be there in no time. Maybe, one day, if I get my Guthans back I could accompany you on a trip? Who knows.




The best of luck to you. :)

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Like w00t, Sjakie made a blog...




Lets Dk again sometime next week?






Like w00t, Colossus posted <3:




Sure we can DK next week, I got enough time, and we still have to get that axe!




[salute]Yes Sir [/salute]...




And i wanna see a zerker on the floor :-$




Nice bank btw, is it always that clean?





- I'm not proud of everything I've done, but I have no regrets


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I saw you a few times at Barrows, I saw your blog and thought I'd drop in. :wink:




Good luck with 99 Prayer, if your DK luck keeps on going you should be there in no time. Maybe, one day, if I get my Guthans back I could accompany you on a trip? Who knows.




The best of luck to you. :)

Yeah, I love my DK luck <3: And sure you can accompany me on a trip if you get your guthans back :)






Good luck on 99 prayer!!!


You're the guy I owned with rubber chicken at Edge bank...

Little correction... I'm the guy who owned you with my rubber chicken at edge bank O:) :XD:






]salute]Yes Sir [/salute]...




And i wanna see a zerker on the floor




Nice bank btw, is it always that clean?





Yeah, my bank is always clean. I hate having a messy bank. I always put everything in the correct spot when I bank. No mess in my bank ftw <3:

Skill N' Chill - The Hawt Fun Sexy and Cool Skilling Clan!

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It's Sjakie's blog. He'll probably get 99 prayer with his luck on trips with me.




We still have to try duo range/mage dk'ing :D


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Wow gl with teh leet 99 prayer.


May your sanat rip!

Buy my Santa so it doesn't have to rip? :P (pssshhh... what's a sanat? :-$ O:) )










It's Sjakie's blog. He'll probably get 99 prayer with his luck on trips with me.




We still have to try duo range/mage dk'ing :D





It would be even better if you started to get some DK drops too :P in stead of letting me get all the drops for you :-w <3: And yeah, mage range combo would be fun to try sometime.








And I did some barrows today, 13 runs. Got no items :( I'm on 40 dry runs again now :(




I did get a lot of runes though, 500 bloods, 1300 chaos, and even 1000 deaths and 300 minds up \:D/

Skill N' Chill - The Hawt Fun Sexy and Cool Skilling Clan!

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Sjakie made a blog :o


Best of luck with 99 Prayer, I'm sure you'll get it soon!




Feel free to add me if you feel lonely :P


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Wow, 99 Prayer nice! :o I'm sure you'll make it. The santa is worth less then a beautifull cape, and I'm sure you agree with that ;)


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Sjakie made a blog :o


Best of luck with 99 Prayer, I'm sure you'll get it soon!




Feel free to add me if you feel lonely :P

Yeah, I finally made a blog, felt lonley not having one :uhh:




Sure I'll add you :)




Wow, 99 Prayer nice! I'm sure you'll make it. The santa is worth less then a beautifull cape, and I'm sure you agree with that
Yeah, wings > santa. And I rarely ever wear my santa anyway, Chompy hat > santa tbh :oops:

Skill N' Chill - The Hawt Fun Sexy and Cool Skilling Clan!

Skill n' chill website: http://skillandchill.freeforums.org/index.php - Clanchat: Skill N C - IRC Chat: #skillnchill



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Did some more barrow runs tonight, didn't got anything good :( I really hope to go DK soon again.




I got to go now for the night, my exames are starting tomorrow :(

Skill N' Chill - The Hawt Fun Sexy and Cool Skilling Clan!

Skill n' chill website: http://skillandchill.freeforums.org/index.php - Clanchat: Skill N C - IRC Chat: #skillnchill



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Yeah I might buy your Sanat - Friends Discount pl0x
Maybe... ;)






But no discounts at the moment :( Bad luck strikes :cry:






First time I died and lost stuff in... 8 months I think.




I just went on one of my solo kq trips. I do that more often, nothing too special. But today was different. Everything was starting out ok, untill I forgot to drink a dose of p pot and ran out of prayer. I quickly drank a dose of p pot, put on mage pray on again but misclicked item protect prayer. Quickly tried to eat a shark... but misclicked the shark <_< KO, lost Veracs helm, glory, dds and wealth.




Aw well, I guesse I'll have to sell some stuff from my bank to get my veracs helm back. I'm thinking of selling my ranger boots now, I rarely ever range anyway.


Or I might sell the 10k chaos runes and 2k of the blood runes Igot :-k




Anyway, I'm going to barrows now first, see if I can get something nice from there :)

Skill N' Chill - The Hawt Fun Sexy and Cool Skilling Clan!

Skill n' chill website: http://skillandchill.freeforums.org/index.php - Clanchat: Skill N C - IRC Chat: #skillnchill



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Man, I remember when I died at KQ. It was the worst. You can have my Verac helm luck for barrows, I gotta keep the spear luck for myself though. :P




*/rubs Veracs helm luck*





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I'm sorry to hear you lost your V helm, but the good news is ...you got an ahrims top! I'm sure you'll get something else that's good from barrows to get your helm back in no time ::'




Goodluck on 99 prayer....90 prayer at your combat...is amazing. :shock:




<3: Sick


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Due to space problems on my first post (there is a max character limit) I had to move some stuff. This post will be used for the stuff I had to move out of my first post.




Right now it contains my first 50 DK trips <3:




[hide=DK trips 1-50]


DK trip 50


My 50th DK trip... it was supposed to be a great trip, and it started out like one. I was solo maging in Guthans and got 2 Berserker ring drops. A nice 4M up I though, but no. It was at the end of the trip, I was poisened and nearly out of food. I had decided this would be my last rex kill of the trip. But then disaster struck. I got hit badly by a few spinos, and to top it off I lured rex wrong. A 27 hit by Rex was enough to make up for the KO, my ring of life didn't got a chance to safe me. And my 11M pile was left in the lair with no one to pick it up for me. GF Rex.




Stuff lost:




Guthans spear


Guthans helm


2 Berserker rings


Guthix stole


Wizard boots


Prayer cape


Barrow gloves


Slayer staff


And the supplies of the trip of course, 2k slayer darts and an inventory of pots.




DK trip 49


Nothing too special this trip. Duo mage with Colossus110. Got a warrior ring as drop.












DK trip 48


Wewt, nice DK trip. 3 man trip with Sir Hartlar maging, and Hephaistos50 and me hybridding. A bit messy trip, but that's no wonder really seeing as it was only my 2nd hybrid trip, Hephs first hybrid trip and Hartlars 2nd trip maging with hybrids in the lair. But all went well the trip was great fun and the drops sure made up for all small mistakes made. It directly started out great, Hartlar got a dragon axe on his first kill! And not too long after I got an axe and an archers ring from supreme. My first ever archers ring, and I bought it for my item collection goal. I now got all the rings. Great trip overall.
















DK trip 47


Weird, weird trip. Well, not the trip itself, but the end of the trip. The trip started out pretty well, I "suicided" for Sir Hartlar, hopped to an other world and entered the lair for my own trip. Right at the first Rex kill I met a lurer. But I drove him out again pretty easilly and continued my trip (Soloing it isn't too hard to get rid of lurers). Nothing special happned really till the same lurer entered again about halfway during my trip. So I used the same trick to get him to leave again. But right when he left the lair and I wanted to continue my trip something weird happened, or at least it was something I had never seen before. Prime and sup walked straight back to the east of the lair (where I was) and they came a lot futher east then they normally do, the result was that I got them on me now, and still had to leave the lair. But when I tried to get back in it happened, for some reason the 3 kings had now walked straight to the west, towards the ladder where I was going to enter again. So now I got all 3 kings on my directly when entering, I wanted to go back up the ladder when I saw 2 red splashes with high numbers on them appear at me. The next moment I was standing in Falador. My ring of life had teled me out at 7 hp. I don't even remember why I took a ring of life, as I usually take either a seers or a wealth ring, this was only my 3rd or so trip with a rol. But I had token it, and I'm pretty happy now that I did.








I happened to vid this trip. I might upload the lurer part sometime so you can see what happened. But for now these 2 screenshots...




Really, prime, and especially supreme, don't normally walk this far east. This shot is while they are still walking east, right before they spot me and start attacking me.






And yeah, the hits I got from sup and rex while trying to re enter.






DK trip 46


Finally! My first ever trip as a hybrid. 3 Man trip with welephant and me hybridding and Sir Hartlar maging. The trip went really well and so did the drops. About halfway in the trip Hartlar got a Warrior drop, and directly after that a Dragon axe drop, back to back warrior-axe for hartlar! And at the end of the trip I got my first ever drop from prime. Another axe! Great trip.
















DK trip 45


Duo mage/range trip with Welephant. Everythign went well, halfway through the trip Wele got a Warrior ring. And when we got close to the end of the trip I finally got a Zerker ring drop again. After 16! trips for me whitout a zerker as personal drop, I finally got one again. I'll also be keeping this one for my item goals lis.












DK trip 44


Duo mage trip with Hephaistos50. Pretty bad trip. No drops and we got lured 2 times by the same player. The 2nd time I almost died as I didn't had prayer on, got hit pretty badly by prime and teled with 25 hp left, no prayer on, and 2 kings on me.








DK trip 43


3 Man trip, I was maging and Welephant and Nyl1 hybridding. Hybrids got a mud staff and I got a warrior ring while they were in the lair. I also got another warrior ring after they left and I was soloing. I don't have the 2nd warrior ring drop pic though. I did made it, but somehow it got safed wrong and I can't open the file anymore. The first DK drop that I don't have a working pic off




Warrior drop 1:






And my inventory:






Not a DK trip really.... ";just suiciding"


Nac wanted to do a solo DK trip... and asked me to suicide for him....


So ok, I decided to go with him, but not just to suicide but I wanted to kill supreme a few times too (tanking him with prime on me). All went really well...






Yes you see it right, I got my first ever drop from Supreme! A dragon axe, while actually suiciding! The slayers staff and the frew air and law runes you see in the pic are from someone who died there :uhh: He also donated me a few sharks so I could stay so long there <3:








DK trip 42


A solo mage trip today, I hadn't done that in a long time and was pretty eager to do it again, I took a c bow to take out prime while waiting for rex to respawn. My loot was 1 warrior ring, It's not quite what I hoped for, but at least it brakes my 4 run personal dry streak.












DK trip 41


Another duo mage trip with Hephaistos50, and yet again, no drops for me, it's my fourth trip in a row without any personal drops for me, and in the latest 8 trips I've only had 1 drop, it's depressing. But, the good thing is, yet again my mate got some nice drops... well.... 2 warriors. At least it's something.








DK trip 40


Wow, the 40th trip already, it's going fast. Duo mage trip with Hephaistos50. He got 1 zerker ring this trip.








DK trip 39


A duo trip with Welephant. We killed both rex and prime during this trip. No drops though from either of them. To make it worse, 1 kill before the end of the trip Wele somehow get's prime on him whitout having prayer on. Two 33 hits later he's back in Fally.








DK trip 38


Duo mage trip with Robert_Rdam. Very smooth trip with next to no troubles. Robert got a warrior and an axe drop.












DK trip 37


Duo mage trip with Hephaistos again. First ever DK trip with Prayer cape on. And a pretty nice trip too as we got a dragon axe drop. My 10th Axe drop and my 30th drop at DK's.












DK trip 36


Worst DK trip ever for me? Yup I died and we didn't even get any good drop. My first ever death at DK's. Not even by real lurers I think. But yeah, they did get sup and prime and rex on us. And yeah, after 2 good hits by sup I was back in fally. Luckily heph could pick up my V skirt and my guthix stole (I was duo maging with heph). But still...




V helm


Infinity boots


Guthix cloak


Slayers staff


Barrow gloves


Ring of wealth


Clue scroll


500 or so Slayer dart casts




DK trip 35


Duo mage DK trip with Hephaistos. Not much to say about it. We got a warrior ring at the end of the trip, Hephs first personal DK drop.








DK trip 34


Nice trip again, duo mage trip with Sir Hartlar. We got 2 zerkers (Hartlar got both drops).








DK Trip 33


A good trip, duo mage in Veracs. Everything went smooth and we didn't got any lurers. Trip became even better when we got a Dragon Axe in the end. Pity I got the drop, and not heph, he really wants to get a dragon drop.












DK trip 32


Nice trip again, 3 man trip with Houston00 and Bloodcool. They got an axe and a seercull. And I? I got a warrior 2 kills before the end of the trip. 1.05mil share.












DK trip 31


3 man trip with Housten00 and Bobinator17. They got archer on first kill, and an axe halfway through the trip. Pity I got no drops. But still got a clue, and a 1.28m share... isn't bad.










DK trip 30


A 3 man trip again, with Artman00 and hoppe22 this time. My first ever real trip using Veracs armour. And I must say, I quite liked it. And as you can see in my pic I was pretty easilly able to outlast the hybrids. My drops were extremely bad though Luckily the hoppe got a mud and a dragon axe, so still a nice 800k profit for me.








DK trip 29


Ah Dk trip 29 already. Duo mage trip this time with Mr Sibley, first trip ever for him. And the lucky nub... got an axe on his 2nd ever Rex kill. And I got an axe not long after. We didn't got any good drops after that anymore. But an axe each = good loot. Teled early because I had to eat.












DK trip 28


Good trip. 3 man trip again with me maging and Hazezor and Arvid75 hybridding. Hazezor got a mud staff on the 3rd prime kill And later on in the trip I got a Zerker ring. 1.2m share, not too bad. And also got a clue which I still have to do. After the hybrids teled I continued solo. But didn't got any more good drops












DK trip 27


Dk trip 27 for me today. Again a 3 man trip, with Hoppe22 and Artman00. I maged and they were hybridding. Trip started out really smooth, Hoppe got a mud staff early on in the trip. And I didn't ever got Rex on them. A bit of a mess though when I lagged out 3/4th through the trip. Really, that isn't a good thing. Luckilly I could get back in a few mins. Hoppe and Artman were still in the lair, so we could continue the trip. No other good drops though. I teled at the same moment as the hybrids cause I started to lag abit again. Didn't want to risk my guthans helm and spear just for a few more Rex kills. And a 500k share isn't too bad, at least it covers the trip cost.




The screens:




Lagging out = ftl






And the trip results:








DK trip 26:


My first trip with GOF, and only 2nd trip with hybrids. Bit nervous at the start. But after that everything went well. Hybrids got D Axe and seercull. I got D Med and Warrior ring, which both don't have to be shared (No sharing of D Meds in GOF and I got the Warrior after the hybrids had left). Teled when a lurer came in. Didn't had enough pots left to ladder and get in at a new world again.




The D Med drop:






My inventory when the hybrids left:






The Warrior ring drop:






Forgot to mention the seercull bow.








Trip 25:


Nothing special this trip. No lurers, no drops. My longest trip so far though.








Trip 24:


Trip went really well till we got a lurer. Colossus teled at 12 hp. I went up the ladder and teled from there.










Trip 23:


Zerker, 1 kill before the end of the trip. Colossus had gotten a warrior a little before that.










Trip 22:






Trip 21:






Trip 20:






Trip 19:






Trip 18:






Trip 17:






Trip 16:






Trip 15:






Trip 14:






Trip 13:






Trip 12:






Trip 11:






Trip 10:






Trip 9:






Trip 8:






Trip 7:






Trip 6:






Trip 5:






Trip 4:






Trip 3:






Trip 2:






Trip 1:





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good luck on the way to 99 prayer, <3: the dk drops dont know why i dont do, i got to teach bouwzie some time, im too lazy to get 99 prayer but im sure you will get it ::'



180th to 99 Divination + 1st W36er


Rambo, cannot pk call your friends bro :). Wait nevermind none of SAPK/PKS can. Kappa.

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