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Wouter's bloggy ~ 99 Attack achieved!! red cape ftw <3

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Thanks Mcneilp for making the banner \'






Hello, I'm Wouter, I'm 17 years old, born 19th januari 1992 and I live in the Netherlands. I have a little brother who also plays runescape.




I've been playing on this account since about easter 2004. My friend introduced me to the game and I quite liked the look of it. I've been free to play most of the time but have been member in summer vacations and such.


My music taste varies a lot. Pop, rock, punk, trance, you name it. As long as the lyrics aren't being screamed and something other than random accords are played, I'll like it.


It took quite some time for me to find out about tip.it, and I didn't join the forums much later after I found out about it. I've been far more active on the blogscape forums than any other forum and love it.




This is my blog.




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my stats~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


my stats at the start of this blog:




(6 november 2007)


and my current stats:






~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Goals~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Of course there's no point to a blog if there aren't any goals :wink:


So I've split them into the short term and long term goals depending on how much I focus on them.




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Completed Goals~~~~~~~~~~~~~~














~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Short Term Goals~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


At the moment, this is what I'll be focussing most on:






Just an awesome level to have, you can hurt all monster, get all slayer drops and it's a skill level to be proud of.


I'm not sure whether I'll do it in one go or have some breaks and do other skills.














These are my melee goals while getting 90 slayer. I'm trying to achieve 90 attack and strength first so the last few levels of defence will go a bit quicker. If I achieve them all before 90 slayer I'll probably train attack for a while.






The last level stat I need to get to 70 to have all 70+'s across the board. I just really hate spending money XD




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Long Term Goals~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




This is one of my favourite skills. I like the cape, emote etc. I would really like to get it. Not sure on the method though and I don't want to spend all my cash on it.


Long way to go so this is going on the long term list ;)






99 magic. An awesome 99 since the cape looks nice and I think it is well respected. I'm at 95 at this moment so I'm already on my way there. I'm thinking Mage Training Arena and monsterhunting as main training methods.






When I can't actively play I usually just fish at the Piscatoris fishing colony getting it up to around this level.






1900 down, the lovely 2000 coming up!








~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The achievements~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~








99 firemaking as of 07-07-07






99 woodcutting as of 10-11-07






99 fletching as of 17-12-07






99 questing as of 21-07-08.






99 defence as of 03-01-09.






99 attack as of 03-05-09




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bank Pictures~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~






Best of bank 08-05-08.






Bank of 03-01-09.






[hide=level one]cluelvl1-1-1.jpg






[hide=level three]cluelvl3-1.jpg










































~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dagannoth Kings trips~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Yes, when I am bored I usually go kill some dagannoth kings. I had a berserker ring drop on my first trip and have been hooked ever since.


These are the trips and the stories which go with them. The first 19 or so trips are not all complete. I remember some only vaguely and I can't track the stories because they got wiped when the forums changed. So some data isn't correct but the bigger part of it is.




Dk trip 1:


First trip to deekays and I was a bit nervous. Stilly had agreed to teach me only if the first one to get a drop would teleport straight away. Well, I was the first to get a drop and I didn't mind teleing one bit.






Dk trip 2:


Trip was originally planned as a solo but Blak convinced me to take him after we made Stilly solo hybrid. Blak had to teleport early but he stayed long enough to get his share.








Dk trip 3:


Duo mage trip with Ninja Biff, Hephaistos was the hybrid. Trip was dry for him. We got some nice drops, so a splendid trip for the both of us.








Dk trip 4:


Duo mage trip with Dark Sideus4. Stilly introduced us to eachother. She was also the hybrid at this trip. Took a while for us to get a drop, Dark almost had to leave but rex couldn't just let her leave without a present.






Dk trip 5:


Second hybrid trip ever. This time with Stilly ( first wasn't recorded, it was with Bravenob and I died a nooby death). I was a bit nervous, and that's an understatement. But Stilly was a good teacher. Again it took a while but eventually we got a drop from Prime.






Dk trip 6:


Solo mage trip. Ended up dry...First dry trip after 6 trips.






Dk trip 7:


First trip together with Dragondan Ro with Stilly and Digitor hybridding. Was a good trip, enjoyed it although we messed up a few times (Dragondan was a bit rusty). Good trip in the end though, had fun.








Dk trip 8:


Duo hybrid with Stilly and Dragondan maging.. Was messy as usual. No drops so that's the second dry. Dragondan got a berserker ring.






Dk trip 9:


Another duo trip with Stilly. Dragondan maging again. Got a nice red axe and that's that. Dragondan got another berserker ring.






Dk trip 10:


Duo hybrid trip with Stilly. Went well, just one drop and a measly one at that but it covered the costs. Stilly had to leave cause she ran out of supplies so that meant the end for me aswell.






Dk trip 11:


This trip started out as a duo mage with Dragonkng, little did I know that it would be a lengendary trip XD . Dragonkng had to leave for a while when we were about to enter so me and the hybrid entered early. Something went wrong with the hybrids and they had to go up again. That was when I got the first axe of the trip. Dragon logged back in and I went back up to meet with him and the hybrids. We entered again together. All went well after that, no complications. Eventually Dragonkng ran out of supplies and teled. Ten minutes later and I get the second axe of the trip followed by a third at the end. Awesome trip!












Dk trip 12:


This trip became a solo. It became a bit hard to find someone willing to duo after my triple-axe-supposed-to-be-duo-trip. I didn't mind though. Lasted a good while and got a well earned axe.






Dk trip 13:


Duo mage trip with Cheesydude I think. Was a pretty good trip except from Cheesy lagging like a bumpy road. Rex didn't agree with giving my partner a share again so solo axe it was (sorry Cheesy).






Dk trip 14:


A duo hybrid trip with Stilly. Was a bit scared it would end with only the first drop but eventually we got a second drop.








Dk trip 15:


This trip was a duo mage with Bladechen after he asked me to teach him. Stilly and Digitor hybridded. Blade had to teleport early and of course the axe came after he had...








Dk trip 16:


Another awesome trip which was a solo trip (this time purely). Lasted a highscore in spells for me. Started with 1500 and stopped with 44 cause I was out of supplies. Loved it.












Dk trip 17:


Duo mage trip with Scorpaeon. We only got one drop and it wasn't a very good one but atleast it put an end to Scorp's dry streak. I stayed a while after Scorpaeon till the last four casts but Rex just wouldn't give up any more drops.






Dk trip 18:


Solo mage trip. Didn't stay as long as I would've wanted but I ran out of brews early and Guthans wasn't healing. Rex gave me my second solo berserker ring though.






Dk trip 19:


Awesome trip duo Guthix clawing with Thewizard. Had great fun and some awesome hits for the first time using a Void mace. Was a bit messy and dinner intervened. Wizard finished without dying and so did I.






Dk trip 20:


Duo mage trip with Blak Blade cause he had just gotten his guthans. Was quite ok till I messed up but Blak was being a nice guy and got him off me before he had to tele.






Dk trip 21:


Skully asked if I was up for some hybridding, was a bit sick of slayer at the time, need a break so went with him. Edtheripper maged for us. 1 drop.








Dk trip 22


Started out as a duo trip with Thewizard and Mittheking suiciding. We had to hop a few times before finding an empty ls world but next to that it was pretty good. We went in killed a few rexes then wiz and I both had to go. I had a pretty good trip after that. Wizzy's trip was dry though...








Dk trip 23


A duo mage trip with Boomstick while Stilly and Zeljovac (Slyfox) hybridded.


First mage trip for me using a bunyip, I took 4. Boomstick took 3 ponies I think. The hitpoints weren't the problem.


Boom had to go sooner than I because he ran out of antipoison. After that I went solo for a bit. Then, instead of me luring rex, rex lured prime on me. He hit a 38 and shot a second ball. I managed to hit my tab before that hit though.


Pretty bad trip overall, we laster like 3-4 hours if not more and we only managed to drag a warrior and a berserker ring out which didn't make us a big profit.










Dk trip 24


A solo mage trip while Stilly and Digitor hybridded. We also let Dragonkng hop along and then switch to another world in the lair. His trip yielded a warrior ring.


Stilly and Digi got a mud staff, an archers and a seers ring. My trip lasted way longer which was needed. I had to hop once because I got crashed by 2 tribrids. Also had to log a few times because I had dinner and work. Just before work I got my first drop and nearing the end of the trip I got my second drop. Almost used 2k claws of guthix casts and about 100 charges which is very good xp.










~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Godwars Dungeon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Saradomin Encampment:




























My dear friend Zeddude wrote this for me:





So there was wouter


hanging up a star


It started to glow!


It was very bizaare




it twinkled and shimmered


and turned into light


Wouter was transported to a


dark runescape night.




What was going on he cried?


What was going on


he looked around and to his suprise


everything was gone?




He grasped the star in his hand


and made a silent wish


But, before his wish was too full effect


He was attacked by a giant fish!




he found some wood on the floor


and to his delight


his 99 fletching came in handy


and made a wooden light!




he put the star into the bulb


and it started to glow!


The demon fish was no more


And it left a bow.




This bow was magic


A holly bow infact


Wouter through it into the air


and it raised up all his stats! <3:




Thanks mate <3:




Finally, I'd like to say thank you to all the people on my friendslist and those who regularly sign into the Blogscape chat. You guys keep me coming back to this game and make it fun. Thanks for that! <3:




Well this is my blog, hope you liked it.

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3% Woodcutting to go




Im jealous as a pelous :anxious:

if you said "runescape" at my school, seeing that 90% of the population there are rednecks, they'd be like "whats that", me: "a computer game online", "eh!? oh one of those thinga-ma-gigers mrs clark got on her desk? a compooter?
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Yay, Wouter's Blog!!!!!!!


Good luck matey, joo so gud.




1st post!




thanks game <3:




3% Woodcutting to go




Im jealous as a pelous :anxious:




hehe thanks, good luck with that pelous thingy :lol:

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:shock: Only one more to go!!! Oh, and yews ftw!!!! <3:

> SELECT * FROM users WHERE clue > 0;

0 rows returned

There's no place like

There are only 10 types of people

in this world: those who understand

binary and those who don't.

This statement is false.

$DO || ! $DO ; try

try: command not found

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I maybe make banner pl0x. \'<3:<3:<3:




U no gimme 1st post... :cry:




Hai&Bai <3:<3:




| 19,385th to 99 smithing on the 11th of June 2011. |

| 144,261st to 99 magic on the 2nd of September 2011. |

| Thanks for sig to DementedHero |

| Blog |

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:shock: Only one more to go!!! Oh, and yews ftw!!!! <3:
thanks :D and yews ftw \:D/




I maybe make banner pl0x. \:D/<3:<3:<3:




U no gimme 1st post... :cry:




Hai&Bai <3:<3:






Sorry zzzuper, game was first :anxious:


and I'll post the banner with pride if you make it <3:

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Very nice smith level!!!!! Best of luck on the woodcutting goal nearly there now..


Early congrats to you! :)




thanks val :D hope to get it this weekend




gl wouter <3:




thanks jap ::'

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You got a blog! Good :P


Great goals, and some impressive stats :shock: (90 smithing!)




G'luck with 99 wcing and fletching, and have fun getting smithing and mage up aswell, two sweet skills ;)




thanks vold, yup finally got one ::' hope it doesn't die :anxious:




Yay Wouter


Gd luck on 99 wc not that its gonna be that hard to get now




thanks sam, last few steps to go ::'

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well due to a certain zzzupernarb spamming me with <3:


my 2nd page got deleted since it wouldn't load anymore -.-






on an update! got 2k away from 99 wc today :D


so tomorrow will be the party:




United Kingdom 8:00 pm


Pacific Standard Time 12:00 am


Mountain Standard Time 1:00 pm


Central Standard Time 2:00 pm


Eastern Standard Time 3:00 pm


Central European Time 9:00 pm


Australian Capital Territory 5:00 am (Next day)






we'll meet in lumbridge next to the woodcutting tutor in world 85 where I will get the lvl. then We will then go p2p to buy my cape. We will then proceed to the house of on of my friends, steadys kool, where we will have some fun ::'


everyone is invited \:D/


If you have any questions you can post them here, or contact me in blogscape chat :wink:

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