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~Guide to Green Dragon Hunting~


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Hi, welcome to my green dragon guide.


Are you stumped when it comes to green dragons? Don't you know where to go? Don't know what to wear to them?






Reading my guide will explain every location of the green dragons and the possible set-ups you can use to kill them efficiently or just for plain fun.


There is a possibility of making around 500k an hour! (Maybe even more with higher attack levels 90+)


This guide will be explaining the 4 green dragon spots and the possible methods to kill them.




Beginning notes:


-I have found no point in using barrows as it just dents your money made, and you want to maximise it as much as possible.


-I am not responsible for you loosing your own items, you took them into the wilderness I didn't






1~Dragon pit


2~Lava maze


3~Eastern Dragons


4~Chaos Tunnel


5~Ranger method






8~Final tips










[hide=Green Dragon Pit]~Green dragon pit~




Number of dragons: 3


Wilderness level: 11-14




There are two main ways to get to these dragons:


-Ancient magic ~ Dareeyak teleport (Home tab and glory)


-Edgeville bank ~ Just running (Home tab and glory)




Ancient magic:


For this you will need 78 magic, mage pots will also do for the people that are just a little short.






-Teleport to ruins


-Run south to green dragons


-Once full rub glory to Edgeville


-Teletab is there for revenant emergencies




Edgeville bank:


This method is for people who arent on ancients.






-Run from Edge bank and cross the ditch


-Run as the picture shows to green dragon pit


-Once full rub glory to edge bank


-Teletab is there for revenant emergencies






If have found too different methods that are good for the pit.






Yes, prayer. I have found at these low levels of the wilderness using prayer saves a lot of food.


But you must have an altar in your house.


Set up:










Proselyte helm> Initiate helm


Proselyte Hauberk (If you have high a mage level and will drink anti-fire doses) Black d hide body> any d hide body (mage defence from revenants)


Proselyte Tasset > Initiate Tasset (Skirts are lighter!)


Trimmed skill cape > Fire Cape > God cloak > Legends > any


Glory > God Stole* > Unholy symbol* (*But only if you have glory in house)


Dark gloves > any RFD gloves above mith > klanks gauntlets


Ring of life > Berserker Ring* > Warrior Ring* (*Only if you will risk it and have a high mage level)


Dragon boots > Rune boots > White boots > Climbing boots


Whip > Dragon Scimitar > Dragon Long > Dragon Dagger




-Tuna is a decent enough food, heals 10 and is very cheap


~With this method you WILL need an altar in your house.~




-Get to dragon pit


-Pray melee while fighting, you will still get hit by breath attacks (Unless you have an anti-fire dose) so bring some food at least. (46 prayer will last me a full load of kills)


-Once full of hides and bones, home tab to your house.


-Recharge your prayer in house


-Rub the glory on your neck or in your house.


-Bank and repeat.


Regular melee:




The good old hand to hand combat, for these pits you can take the risk of bringing more of that better equipment in.




Best set up (for me):












Neitiznot Helmet > Berserker Helmet > Warrior Helmet>Rune full helm


Bandos plate > fighter torso > any d hide body > rune plate


Bandos Tasset > Dragon skirt > Rune skirt


Fire Cape >Trimmed skill cape > Obby cape > any cape


Glory > Fury (If you want to Teletab and use a glory in your house)


Dark gloves > any RFD gloves above mith > combat bracelet > klanks gauntlets


Dragon boots > rune boots > climbing boots


Ring of life > Ring of duelling (Cheap, quick teleport) >Berserker Ring > Warrior Ring


Whip > Dragon Scimmy > Dragon Long > Dragon Dagger










At a such low level you will not be encountered by revenants but once they find you they will not let go, if you have filled up more than half of your inventory on hides and bones or using prayer method, just Teletab out. If you arent past half on regular melee run south, and world hop.




Revenants-prayer method:


As proselyte is a weak armour you will always need the d hide body or hope your mage level is good enough and when running away use range prayer.




Revenants-Regular method:


With the low mage defence you have you will get hit a lot by spells, while running away flick on mage protect and hope your range defence keeps you from freezing.






-These dragons are good for the lower levels of building up your confidence for the dragons deeper in, simple to get too, but can get overcrowded very quickly and one cannon can quickly take all the dragons.




These are the best two methods I have found for these green dragons at this level of the wilderness. I may find new methods of tackling these dragons.[/hide]




[hide=Lava maze] ~Lava maze~ (Warning)




Dragons: 5


Wilderness level 34-49




These dragons are the most dangerous out of the three and set ups have been changed for maximum boosts while not losing too much.




Required levels:


57 woodcutting for waka canoe








-Cut a waka canoe from Edgeville and take it to wilderness pond


-Once there, run west and kill the dragons (Mostly empty)


-Once full take the group teleport, and keep activating till under level 25 wild


-Rub to Edgeville, bank and repeat














These dragons are the most dangerous, and I would not recommend bringing your best equipment, here is the set up I usually use










Addy full helm dropped by dragons so free defence


Black d hide body > any d hide body


D skirt > rune skirt


Legends cape > any cheap cape


Glory > Fury (If you want to bring a ring of duelling to teleport instead)


Dark gloves > any RFD gloves above mith > combat bracelet > Forinthy bracelet > Klanks gauntlets


Climbing boots > any cheap boots


No ring of life needed it just wont work


Whip > dragon Scimmy > dragon long > dragon dagger


Mith axe dropped by dragons so free axe




Extra food is there as you have a very high chance of being found by a revenant. Just drop it if you dont have enough space.








As you are in such a deep level of wilderness be prepared to be attacked. If you are, put on protect item, as the set up will make you loose a glory. Run south till out of sight then world hop. Oh and if you die, you will loose the d hide body, small sacrifice for a lot of magic defence.






-These dragons are almost always deserted, you can get you invent filled quite quickly, but one revenant can completely mess you up, and being tbed by a revenant is a long walk back to a bank. So always be aware.[/hide]




[hide=Eastern Dragons] ~Eastern dragons~






Dragons: 9-10


Wilderness level 19-24




These are the Mecca of green dragons, low wilderness level and a lot of dragons but they are out of the way so be prepared for a long run to them!




There are several methods I have found effective:


Ancients ~ carralanger teleport (84 mage and glories needed ~ walking method as well)


Regular ~ Varrock teleport (25 mage and glories needed)


Games Necklace ~ Games necklace and glories/Teletabs needed (Depends on the set-up)






There are different ways to using ancients to get to these levels of the wilderness






Carralanger + glory:












This method is simple:


-Teleport to carralanger then run east as the path shows. (Using a glory to bank in Edgeville)




Carralanger + bounty bank:




This is a method for those who want to bring a fury instead of a glory.










Instead of using Edgeville bank to bank, you sacrifice 2 spots in your inventory for a carralanger teleport.


-Teleport to carralanger run along the purple path


-When youre full of hides and bones


-Walk down to any level of wild under 20 and teleport to carralanger


-Bank at bounty hunter following the blue path




Bounty hunter + walking:




This method is for those who dont have high mage and dont want to use a Varrock teleport.








-Simply kill dragons


-Walk to bounty hunter and bank


-Walk back.




Varrock method:




This is for people with low mage levels and can stand a jog to the dragons.








-Teleport to Varrock


-Run as the blue line shows.


-Once you have killed all the dragons you need


-Rub your glory to Edgeville




-Teleport to Varrock.




Games Necklace:




Jagex made the best decision with this itty-bitty necklace, helping thousands get to green dragons quicker.






-Teleport to clan wars


-Run east to the dragons as picture shows


-Kill the dragons


-Teleport to Edgeville using glory


-OR teleport to bounty hunter if you have a fury


















Neitiznot helm > Berserker helm > Warrior helm > Rune full helm


Black d hide body > any d hide body > Bandos Chest Plate* >Fighter torso* (*Prepare for mage damage from revenants)


Bandos Tassets > D skirt > Rune skirt


D boots > Rune boots > climbing boots


Dark gloves> Any RFD gloves above mith > combat bracelet > klanks gauntlets


Fire Cape > Spottier cape > Spotted cape > Trimmed skill cape > Un-trimmed skill cape > Obby cape > Legends > Anything else fancy


Glory > Fury (If you are using bounty to bank)


Whip > Dragon Scimmy > D long > dragon dagger


Ring of life > Berserker Ring* > Warrior Ring* (*Only if you wish to risk or have a high mage level)


Dragonfire shield > Anti fire shield




Usually I have extra food left near the end of a trip but I still bring seven in case of revenants, just drop them if you need space




PVP world hunting


With the release of the pvp worlds, revenants have been banished from these worlds making them easier to use (Apart from the risk of people, but my set-up has been tailored to suit)




The set-up is simple, with 3 good items and the rest are cheap.








Adamant full helm > Nothing, this is cheap and green drags drop them sometimes.


Black d hide body > any d hide body


Bandos Tassets > D skirt > Rune skirt


Climbing boots


Rune gloves > Adamant gloves > Anything else that you are willing to loose


Team 39 cape > Nothing, you should be ashamed if you wear another team cape.


Glory > Nothing, the glory is a must for banking


Whip > Dragon Scimmy > D long > dragon dagger


No need for a ring.


Anti fire shield - Best to stock up on these






Do the usual tele to clan wars and then run to drags *warning* The run there is a multi-combat area. Once done glory teleport to Edgeville, and run quickly into the bank.




Banking at edge is probably your safest bet, i tried bounty hunter; it has no safe area to bank. Also the castle wars chest bank has a tiny safe area.






I love this spot for green dragons, revenants barely come by, but when the do its easy to avoid them.


If you are attacked, run west towards the volcanoes and world hop.


If you are near the end of a trip and have been tbed, go over to the clan wars waiting area and teleport out.






These dragons usually have a couple of people at them but who cares; there are 10 dragons for gods sake! Just watch out for revenants as they can take you down quickly.[/hide]




[hide=Chaos tunnels] ~Chaos Tunnels~




Wilderness level = none!


Green dragons- Room near bounty hunter: 3, Room near Grand Exchange/Edgeville: 4


These are the only green dragons outside of the wilderness, but Jagex balanced that out by making it a multi-combat zone and there are also baby black dragons (Level 83).





There are two rooms within the chaos tunnels with green dragons in.




Room 1~


These are simple to get to:




-Teleport to bounty hunter via games necklace or carralanger tele


-Run down to the wilderness rift


-Once inside the tunnels run north to the portal


-Go through it and kill the dragons


-Teleport to your house if your praying


-Teleport to Edgeville to bank


-OR teleport to bounty hunter if you have a fury




Room 2~


[hide=Bot counteract tip]

Due to the amount of bots within this room there is a tactic to allow more dragons to yourself, simply bring 1 nature rune and 1 water rune and drop them on these locations:





These are just as simple as the other dragons, just in a lower wilderness.




-Follow the blue line from Edgeville bank and enter the rift


-Once inside run south past the shadow spiders


-Go through and kill the dragons


-Teleport to your house if your praying


-Teleport to Edgeville bank




(Please note, if you are under 105 combat the shadow spiders will attack you and drain half of your prayer every time they touch you.)






Set ups:




(Prayer again: P )


(House MUST have an altar)


Set up:










Neitiznot Helmet > Berserker Helmet > Proselyte Sallet > Initiate Sallet


Proselyte Hauberk > Initiate Hauberk


Proselyte Tasset > initiate Tasset (Skirts are lighter!)


Trimmed skill cape > god cloak > legends > any


Glory > God Stole* >Unholy symbol* (*But only if you have glory in house)


Dark gloves > any RFD gloves above mith > klanks gauntlets


Berserker Ring > Warrior Ring > Any other ring that takes your fancy


D boots > Rune boots > white boots > climbing boots


Whip > Dragon scimitar > Dragon long > Dragon dagger




Drink a dose of anti-fire before you go in




Way to approach:


-Get to the tunnels; drink a dose of anti-fire before you go in


-Melee Prayer (Allows you to take on the babies and greens together, no safe spotting!)


-Teletab out when youre full


-Recharge prayer


-Bank and repeat!






Regular melee:




You will need extra food for the extra damage you will take from the baby blacks






Neitiznot helmet > Berserker helmet > Warrior helmet > Rune full helmet


Bandos plate > Fighter torso > Rune plate > black d hide body > any d hide body


Bandos Tasset > Dragon skirt > Rune skirt


Dragon boots > Rune boots > climbing boots


Dark gloves > Any RFD above mith > combat bracelet > klanks gauntlets


Whip > Dragon Scimmy > Dragon long > dragon dagger


Fire Cape >Trimmed skill cape > Untrimmed Skill cape > Obby cape > any cape


Glory > fury (If your using games necklace to bank)


Dragon fire shield > Anti shield


Berserker ring > Warrior ring > Ring of life > Ring of duelling






You don't need to worry about them; chaos tunnels aren't in the wilderness!!!






These are the only green dragons outside of the wilderness, but you'll take extra damage off the baby black dragons so make sure you have high defence or extra food, enjoy!! No chance of being owned by a revenant[/hide]




[hide=Ranger Method] ~Ranger Method~


Many of you may not want to melee these dragons but range them instead.


This section will show you whats best to use at the Dragon pit and the Eastern dragons. Chaos tunnels and Lava maze dragons are out of the question you will take way too make damage.




Usually when you range the dragons from the many safe spots they moonwalk and you start running towards them. So the best thing to do is go against them head to head or run backwards and forwards to avoid damage.






This setup has a low melee defences but at 62 defence I only use 6-7 tuna a trip.








Void >God coif > Archer helm > Snakeskin


Void > Black d hide body


Void > Black d hide chaps


Ava's accumulator > Attracter > Anything you feel good in


Glory > fury (If your banking using bounty or house)


Void > Dark gloves > [bleep]ed black d hide vambs > Black d hide vambs


Ring of life > Archer ring (If you know what your doing with revenants)


Snakeskin boots > Ranger boots (Again if you know what your doing)


Dragon fire shield > Anti dragon shield


Rune crossbow > Hunter crossbow > Bone crossbow


Bolts: For a rune crossbow its best to use mith or Addy


For a hunter crossbow, I use kebbit bolts they're just easier to get a hold of


For bone crossbow, use your noggin?




-The reason void knight ranger armour has been underlined is I recommend having 80+ defence whilst wearing it; you will take more damage than wearing dragon hide.


-You may think its a good idea to wear karils, no, it has lower melee defence.


-If you want you can use armadyl you can, its your own risk.


-The reason I use a hunter crossbow is the sheer speed of it. However it is harder to buy the bolts.


-Pot up with ranging pots, they're cheap and they speed every trip up!




Safe spots:


I haven't found any safe spots at the dragon pits that will keep the dragon in place, the safe spots shown here are all at the eastern dragons.












(This dragon will move around, and if you take one step south it will focus on you)






(You can also safe spot the turquoise dragon from safe spot 2 in this location)




























[hide=Godswording] ~Godswording~




-House Altar


-37+ Prayer




This method in my eyes is the most fun and for me quickest. You will be using potions and a minimal amount of food.








Firstly you must decide which dragons you are going to. Either the pit or Eastern. I would not suggest chaos tunnels as you will take damage from the baby blacks also the lava maze dragons are too risky. Use the games necklace for Eastern, ancients (Dareeyak) walking for the pit.








Armadyl Godsword > Saradomin Godsword > Bandos Godsword > Zamorak Godsword


Neitiznot helmet > Berserker Helmet > Warrior helmet


Fury (you won't be using a glory to tele out) > Str Amulet > Glory amulet


Bandos chest plate > Fighter torso > Proselyte Hauberk > Initiate Hauberk > Monk Robe top


Proselyte Tasset > Initiate Tasset


Dragon boots > Rune boots > Climbing boots


Dark gloves > Any RFD gloves above mith > Combat bracelet > Forinthy bracelet


Trimmed Skill cape > God cloak > Any other cape


Berserker ring > Warrior ring > Ring of life > Ring of duelling




Void knight melee will be a better replacement for the respective parts.




Godsword Explanation:


-Armadyl is first as the spec will take down dragons quicker, therefore saving prayer.


-Saradomin is second as the spec restores hp and prayer.


-Bandos is third as the spec will also kill the dragons a tiny bit quicker.


-Zamorak is last as the spec is only useful for revenants, specing them and run away.




Method to killing:


Simply drink a dose of anti-fire potion and protect from magic. This will stop the dragon breathing you for any damage. I manage a full invent without a prayer potion at 46 prayer. Higher prayer levels may want to use boosting prayers.


-Usually a trip lasts less than a drink of anti-fire, this doesn't mean to save anti-fires, always drink before you start a trip.


-Once you have filled up on hides and bones, simply run down to level 20 wild/Teletab to your house. Charge your prayer, and start again.


-Also using a combat pot is a cheap boost to attack and Str and makes trips that little bit quicker.


-You won't need that much food, most of the damage usually comes from the dragon's breath but still bring it. Your anti-fire pot can wear off or a revenant can appear. (And oh boy is it fun downing a revenant with a godsword)[/hide]




[hide=Dharoking] ~Dharoking~


A house with any altar and mounted glory is needed.




This method has so far been the weakest in my eyes, i'd recommend having 80+ in attack, strength and defence to last a while. 37+ prayer is critical. This will work at the green dragon pit and eastern dragons.
















Dharok's axe


Dharok's helmet


God stole > Unholy/holy symbol


Dharok's Platebody


Dharok's Platelegs


Climbing boots > Nothing else they'll protect over dharok's helm


Rune Gloves > Anything else will protect over dharok's helm


Trimmed Skill cape > God cloak


No ring is needed




Method to killing:


-Always have item protect on


-Drink a dose of anti-fire


-Let the dragons get you under 30 hp then turn on mage protect.


-Keep chopping away drinking prayer potions and eating tuna around 25 hp.(You can go lower but you have a higher chance of being one hit by a revenant)


-When your full teletab out. Charge prayer






[hide=Final Tips] ~Final tips~


-You can pot up with pure sets (Super strength + Super attack); I prefer combat potions, cheaper and are like attack and strength in one.




-Dont get too relaxed; one revenant can take you by surprise.




-Dont fight for dragons just world hop; there are plenty of worlds to kill on.


-If you don't want to bring food in the prayer methods, use an anti-fire potion, each dose will last 5-6 minutes. (Thanks go to kitty200550 for this)




-If you don't want to get teleblocked by revenants swap your gloves for a Forinthy bracelets (Diamond enchanted), these stop all revenants from teleblocking you! (These bracelets only last 5 charges)


Explanation how these work from Warriormonk's revenant guide:


With the Forinthry bracelet, even if you do get teleblocked, it'll use a charge for a self-teleport if you attempt to do so. This doesn't count using the Pillars nor the Mage Arena Bank levers, as well as the Lever to Ardougne. If you get tb'd without the Brace on, you can still equip one to teleport.




A good hint if you get teleblocked is to wear your Forinthry and enter a non-wilderness area, as a Teleblock will instantly wear off this way. Non-wilderness areas include the outside part of the Bounty Hunter hill and the Stealing Creation pre-game area. If you are in the deep wilderness, then the aformentioned techniques of the Ardougne Lever and the Mage Arena Bank Lever are your best choices. Entering the Chaos Tunnels may also be a way to exit to a "non-wilderness" coded area, and perhaps also using Jennica's Ring near a Portal.





[hide=Charms] ~Charms~


With the update of summoning these dragons drop charms, I usually get about 2- 4 a trip.


Coloured charms they drop:












(Order of rarity)






They are NOT the best droppers of charms, they just drop them occasionally.[/hide]


Those with a little bit of knowledge are more dangerous than those with none.

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OK guide, but again, common info.






You should add to your equipment list




legends cape and god cape




Ring of dueling instead of life. This saves you a teleport. Ring of Life isint needed since escaping from revents is pretty easy. PKing is simply impossible now since u just teleport


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

I'm faster than bots at Sorceress Garden.

PM me if you want to chat. My PM is always off.

My keyboard is on fire. Want some?

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Guide has been updated to include chaos tunnel dragons and the changes to games necklace, enjoy hunting it just got a whole lot easier!


Those with a little bit of knowledge are more dangerous than those with none.

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  • 4 months later...

Guide is back up from old forums. Sorry about no hiding but i'm just waiting for the forum to be in full working order.


Those with a little bit of knowledge are more dangerous than those with none.

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Hehe once again this guide has continued my green dragon killing


And as of always i use the games necklase from bounty hunter - clan wars repeat but i bring alching runes as well as they drop some fairly decent stuff to alch




~ Army


[spoiler=Clans]Current Events Leader of Tal Shiar Alliance

Current Raid Leader of Wilderness Guardians

Current Old School Power Ranger of Team Power Rangers

Current Member of Clan Europe

Ex Member of Team Dark Legacy (R.I.P)

Ex Paladin of Old Age Militos Deci

Ex Leader of New Age Militos Deci

Ex Early Veteran of Pk Masters (R.I.P)


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Missing the other chaos tunnel location. ::'


Didn't notice that, it is in the guide now. Thanks for telling me :thumbsup:


Those with a little bit of knowledge are more dangerous than those with none.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good guide. Depending on how high your stats are though, you may want to consider brining a salve ammy (e). I bring that over a fury so that i can butcher any revs that come to me, and i kill the greens fast enough the fury doesn't help me to much.




And also, tele to lumbrige or camelot, via runes or tabs, lets you bank and recharge pray easy if you don't have a nice house.


Got his first skill cape April 7th 2009, at lv 121+12 cb and 2000 total

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good guide, also you can safespot them at the dragon pit by merely standing on the north border of the pit, they won't come to you, the only problem with this is they stray, but usually not far and it is simple to make them stray back. with this method i use 1 monk WITH VOID at 74 def.



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Bumpido, should be adding the way to dharok green drags within the next 2 months.


Those with a little bit of knowledge are more dangerous than those with none.

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great guide ill definately be using it :thumbsup:




also little typo


Trimmed skill cape > Untrimmed Skill cape >Obby cape > Skill cape


you put skill cape three times




thanks, i'll change it now \'


Those with a little bit of knowledge are more dangerous than those with none.

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