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Eagle Tas's Blog of Glory (13) - 99 Ranged!

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Welcome to my and Linnea's now fairly established blog. That is right, we are a couple who play Runescape together in our pass time, sometimes competing over my laptop. As to let anyone new to our blog, there is an introduction for us individually.




[hide=Eagle Tas introduction]I first started playing Runescape several years ago, somewhere in the late 2004. I am not sure, but it must have been so as I missed the yo-yo holiday item but was around when the Rubber chickens appeared (which I unfortunatelly missed as I was not playing during the holidays :( ). I have been playing somewhat regularly for a long period until I got members 4 months ago when I suddenly got very addicted.




I found out about blogscape after the tip.it poll where Lightning was an option. Lightning was not my thing so I soon moved to blogscape and has stayed there and now know the coolest runescapers on earth like Saru, Andufus, Zzzuperman, Digitor, Kota and everyone else I spread my looove to. <!-- s<3: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_love.gif" alt="<3:" title="Love" /><!-- s<3: -->




I am in general not extremly driven to skill capes nor am I aiming to get 99 skill level in everything just because it's "cool". No, I enjoy life too much to just throw it away in an attempt to get meaningless "respect" from random strangers. Instead, I like to achieve the levels I want for myself and my own gaming fun. For those reasons, I only have 2 skill capes I am set out to actually achieve, and that is in Ranged and Agility.




Ranged is my favourite skill and has always been, which is quite appropriate, as I have always liked precision sports in general. I also like agility as I love the satisfaction it is to take a high level shortcut in front of someone else and then tell them something like "What's wrong? Can't you get through this little pass? It's eaaaasy!" and then here their annoyed replies about how I'm bragging in defense, haha. O:)




I am the editor of the blog, so have fun reading it, tifers! Stop by and say hyt if you see me in-game, ok?[/hide]




[hide=Linnea Introduction]I saw Fredrik playing this game called Runescape all the time. It looked kind of boring, but I thought "what the heck, it may be fun trying something new." It is not a game that I normally play. Once he got me started I entered a completelly new world and I felt lost. But the whole thing, all these skills and all these things to do, it was like nothing else I have seen before.




I am not sure what kept me playing but after some weeks I was completelly lost to this addicting game. I felt it was like "wow" everytime I got a level up or unlocked a new song and found some new unexplored area.




Time passed by and then Fredrik bought me members, at that time I felt very excited, if not even over-excited. Suddenly I had much less restrictions while I was playing and I could enjoy the game to the fullest.




These days I do a little of everything. My favourite skills are farming and thieving. I do whatever I feel like doing, and that changes for every day that goes by. I love it when I earn a lot of money, like when I mine pure esssense and I love construction and my own little house. Omg! I love money! I love wielding a new weapon or armour and to see what a big difference it is compared to what I used to have.




Thanks Fredrik for showing me Runescape; I love Runescape, but not as much as I love you. <!-- s<3: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_love.gif" alt="<3:" title="Love" /><!-- s<3: -->




Note from Eagle: While the censur of Linnea's user name has been lifted, we still ask you not to bother her unless she asks you to. Any questions about the blog should be forwarded to me as I am in charge of the blog.




This introduction was provided by Linnea. Translated and edited for readability by Eagle.[/hide]




[hide=New announcements]News as of: 31th July 2008 - Updated Kudos list to Friends List




Starting today, I decided to make some changes to the first post and introduce more content on it. Eventually, I'll have some pretty juicy introductory materials and so on but for now, I start small and work my way up. Eventually I will make a quick reference index to every blog post I've ever made.[/hide]




[hide=Old announcements]News as of: 15th July 2008 - Ranged Progress Database!




For those curious of my progress, a database of the ranged xp I have earned each day is kept. Scroll down to the Goals and Plans post and you will find it.




News as of: 26th June 2008 - Linnea's introduction added!




Linnea finally opened up and allowed me to write an introduction for her. I wrote it, but it is all her words. Enjoy learning a bit about my darling and how she got into playing Runescape.




News as of: 17th June 2008 - Blog restored




The blog has been restored now. Since I wrote every post offline, all blog entries were preserved and nothing but various comments have been lost. Now that the blog is back up on the forums I am working on new entries with a funpost about nicotoxin and Smoking does Kills, a quest I propose as a follow up to Smoking Kills that unlocks a new skill! Read more about it soon! :)




P.S. Eww, the new smileys looks ugly. Looks like ballons instead of cute little balls...




News as of: 2nd June 2008 - New logo and theme!




I am updating the blog and changing the theme slightly. Linnea showed some interest into my blog and we have agreed that this will for now on be our blog as in I will post our runescape experiences together as well as our individual.




Also! I have taken myself 3 hours of my spare time (that I would otherwise be training my ranged level on... :anxious:) to draw a lovely logo and a signature. To the left is Linnea in Rune armour with scimitar and to the right is me in black d'hide and magic shortbow! (My avatar is also a portrait of Linnea which is drawn accourding to photos, if you wondered.)




This entire blog is copyright © Fredrik "Eagle Tas" Larsson, 2008.[/hide]




[hide=Friends list]The great list of good friends




This is a list of people I, Eagle Tas, regard as friends to me in-game. The upper section is for those I regard as the closer ones and therefore deserve extra attention (if you are paying any that is).




Note: Don't make a post in my blog if you are missing from the list. Please PM me on the forums instead. If you PM me in-game, I may forget too.




Linnea/Lea Tds - *Embraces* I love you with unlimited passion, my dear Linnea. <!-- s<3: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_love.gif" alt="<3:" title="Love" /><!-- s<3: -->






123 X Pac/Marim Pk Hax - Quick chat ftw! You mimic. ;o




Digitor6 - Hawt! First person I got to know in Blogscape, actually.




Dodongo 200 - You are awfully sympathic. I can't help but like you. :]




Dragonkng198 - Y u so mad? :D




Dr Paul Leet - *Tink-tink* Mining is a [bleep], and so are you. ;)




Evil Mumm Ra - Meow?




Kota21 - Hyper beeeeeaaaaam!




Pastyganster - Thanks for all the help you've been with prayer. :)




V O R K - I still want your blood in some sneaky nasty way. :P




Other Friends:




Bows4life27 - *Whips*


Bursted Ice - Castle wars!






Gradeskip - In the dark crypts of the barrows he live.


J35u5 M4 - Wow, untrimmed HP cape!


K G Is Me - Hehe, I was at your firemaking party.


Laura0077 - Come on, let's have party! Oh yeah!


Perakp - One feather to rule them all...


Picard7777 - o_o


Saruman/I R Teh Noes - Nuh uh, semi-vegetarianism owns you.


Sentry Wolf - *Flexes biceps*


Silomin - Silly mint.


Shadow9360 - You stole my Archer Ring! ;)


Sheynara - You are an interesting person to me...


Shotdown12 - You got shot down again. ._.


Skimmystrown - Eep!


Skogshugarn - Hello mister Foresthacker!


Starman945 - Still don't have a star? Have a smileyface!


Stilly1 - Hawtness!




Sugarbabe - Sweeeeet!


Trobigod - There are gods and there is Trobi... where is this going?


Wouter828 - Enjoyed dying for my bow? Rawr! :P




And then there's oh-what's-his/her-name-again![/hide]




[hide=Frequently Asked Questions]Frequently Asked Questions




Since some questions are fired into the air more often than necessary, I have written this FAQ to avoid some questions being asked over and over.




Question: Who is Linnea? Your alter ego? Your mother? Your dog?




Answer: Erm, eheh, I thought it was quite obvious that she is my irl girlfriend. And yes, she does play Runescape... voluntairly, even.




Question: Are you chinning for 99 ranged?




Answer: No. I skill, I kill, I chill and I slay. But I never chin.




Question: I've been around forever on Blogscape. Why were you promoted and not I? Unfair!




Answer: I was promoted for showing the qualities associated with a moderator. Why would you want to be a moderator anyway? Sure, the star looks shiny, but you don't become a new person by having it and the star doesn't give you status, it's the qualities you showed when you received it that shows status. Yup, that's my opinion. :geek:




If you have any further questions. PM them to me. I like my blog to be somewhat tidy and accessable. Of course, if you do post in the blog, I will answer... eventually. :)[/hide]


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Goals and plans of Eagle Tas








Current goals:


1260/25000 iron bars smithed.


Ranged level: 96/99, estimated to have cape in 2009.


Smithing level: 60/70


Agility level: 76/99, someday I'll get it. ;)




Total level: 1667 - no goal here.




Items I want to collect:


Bandos Godsword - Got it now! Check my latest update!




Plans made:


* Train at least 30k of ranged xp everyday.




[hide=Ranged Progress Database]Ranged Progress Database




|    Date    |      XP     | Differ. | Notes


|  8/ 9 2008 |   7 250 082 |  82 290 | Ranged level 93! Dharok set!

|  7/ 9 2008 |   7 163 792 | 139 340 |

|  6/ 9 2008 |   7 024 452 | 102 292 | Linnea vent home again.

|  5/ 9 2008 |   6 922 160 |  27 832 | Dedicated the day to Linnea.

|  4/ 9 2008 |   6 894 328 |  47 035 | Linnea's came over for the weekend. <3

|  3/ 9 2008 |   6 847 293 |  39 284 | Attempted Barrows!

|  1/ 9 2008 |   6 808 009 |  93 094 |




|    Date    |      XP     | Differ. | Notes


| 30/ 8 2008 |   6 714 915 |    -    |

| 29/ 8 2008 |   6 660 521 | 118 176 |

| 28/ 8 2008 |   6 542 345 | 163 296 | Ranged level 92! Dragon sq shield!

| 27/ 8 2008 |   6 379 049 |  62 080 | Defence and Attack level 80!

| 26/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | Forgot to take note.

| 25/ 8 2008 |   6 316 969 |

| 24/ 8 2008 |   6 223 263 | 147 172 | Trioed Rex, Became a Clan Chat moderator.

| 23/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE

| 22/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE, Linnea came to my flat for the first time.

| 21/ 8 2008 |   6 077 091 |   6 221 |

| 20/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | No ranged progress. Was out partying.

| 19/ 8 2008 |   6 070 870 |  12 656 | Badly exhausted from biking 20 km. Got slayer helmet!

| 18/ 8 2008 |   6 058 214 |  89 176 | College started!

| 17/ 8 2008 |   5 969 038 |  40 192 | Defence level 79!

| 16/ 8 2008 |   5 928 846 |  80 330 | Ranged level 91! Solo Ce 2 kills

| 15/ 8 2008 |   5 848 516 | 132 595 |

| 14/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | Settled in, Bought broadband

| 13/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE, moved - no broadband.

| 12/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE, moving

| 11/ 8 2008 |   5 715 921 |  38 684 |

| 10/ 8 2008 |   5 677 237 |  38 125 |

|  9/ 8 2008 |   5 639 112 |  89 276 |

|  8/ 8 2008 |   5 549 836 |    ?    | Heroes Quest completed with Linnea.

|  7/ 8 2008 | Data missin |    -    | - Forgot to take note.

|  6/ 8 2008 |   5 409 774 |  48 793 | Mom kept bugging me. Couldn't concentrate. -_-

|  5/ 8 2008 |   5 360 981 | 144 877 | Ranged level 90!

|  4/ 8 2008 |   5 216 104 | 116 072 | 

|  3/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | Back, forgot to take note of progress.

|  2/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE, moving.

|  1/ 8 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE, moving.




|    Date    |      XP     | Differ. | Notes


| 31/ 7 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE

| 30/ 7 2008 |   5 100 032 |  50 289 | Got Angel of Death

| 29/ 7 2008 |   5 049 743 |  48 349 | HP Level 85!

| 28/ 7 2008 |   5 001 394 |     546 | Completed Between a Rock...

| 27/ 7 2008 |   5 000 848 |       0 | Went to Linnea.

| 26/ 7 2008 |   5 000 848 |  36 035 | Defense level 78! Focused on melee training.

| 25/ 7 2008 |   4 964 813 |  93 038 |

| 24/ 7 2008 |   4 871 775 |  62 449 | Ranged level 89!

| 23/ 7 2008 |   4 809 326 |  59 482 | Clan wars, winning spree. Baked a delicious swiss roll.

| 22/ 7 2008 |   4 749 844 | 107 314 |

| 21/ 7 2008 |   4 642 530 | 102 601 |

| 20/ 7 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE, dedicated the day to Linnea

| 19/ 7 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE, dedicated the day to Linnea

| 18/ 7 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE, dedicated the day to Linnea

| 17/ 7 2008 |   4 539 929 | 110 021 |

| 16/ 7 2008 |      -      |    -    | * OFFLINE

| 15/ 7 2008 |   4 429 908 |  38 621 | Worked on Worm War instead.

| 14/ 7 2008 |   4 391 287 | 134 103 | Ranged level 88!

| 13/ 7 2008 |   4 257 184 | 109 323 | Clan event: Clan wars, won 23/26 matches!

| 12/ 7 2008 |   4 147 861 |  27 661 | Celebrating Aunt Raija's Birthday!

| 11/ 7 2008 |   4 120 200 |  75 607 | Travelled home from Linnea.

| 10/ 7 2008 |   4 044 593 |  71 296 |

|  9/ 7 2008 |   3 973 297 | 139 981 | Ranged level 87!

|  8/ 7 2008 |   3 833 316 |  12 047 | Travelled to Linnea.

|  7/ 7 2008 |   3 821 269 |  57 061 | Practiced the bow outside.

|  6/ 7 2008 |   3 764 208 |  90 230 |

|  5/ 7 2008 |   3 673 978 | Initial |


* OFFLINE = Did not play that day due to various circumstances such as e.g. exams, family meetings, vacations or I have just been too busy with something important such as Linnea. Long periods of these blanks means that I have no internet connection available.





Goals and plans of Linnea








Current goals:


Attack level: Goal: 74/75


Construction level: 56/75




Total level: 1389/1337 - 7615 61|/! \/\/45 1337.


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23th May 2008 - Tranquility and Total 1337ness!




Two days ago I set up a very neat goal, I was going to smith 25k iron bars and hammer them all into 125k iron knives for ranged training. This means an awful lot of time spent mining iron ore. :)








I found today this very neat little forgotten spot just west of Falador. It was completelly deserted. The birds were twittering in the tranquility it was, so I decided to whistle along in their song. It was very relaxing to sweat in the Runescape sun as my pickaxe kept banging into the ore rocks with a surprisingly quiet little 'tink' noise.








Later, after having mined 420 iron ores and smelting them into iron bars, I decided to go use the energy I had left on my school work. But I failed to concentrate on it and choosed to play in the toy corner instead, hehe. Found a nice little watering can I played with for a while until I got a free farming level! :D








Mining all the ore, smelting all the bars and hammering all the knives is a tedious and slow process. Suddenly I noticed a whole 4 hours had went into it. All sweaty and covered in dust, I thought it was time to pay a little visit to my friends in Falador park. The Giant mole was friendly as ever, she showed me a claw or two. I said I would like to borrow them so she gave me them eventually... after a small unimportant argument. Life at Runescape is wonderful is not it? <3:




Note: Check my total level on the mole pic! Finally total level 1337!










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24th May 2008 - Preparing for barrows




As earlier, I mined and smithed another load of 420 iron bars today. During this period, I noticed what appears to be signs of a developing case of RSI in my right hand. My wrist and that joint between the thumb and index finger ached a bit. I ignored it for now but decided to sit a few hours less at runescape than I am currently spending and to take more regular breaks. I am sure it will make a difference.




A mining level and a smithing level later I saw Phaper Plane at varrock while I was still working on my iron knives. He did not talk to me, though. Instead, I went to Falador, took the shortcut under the south town wall and went to hobgoblins in order to prepare for barrows.




My magic level 55 is rubbish, I admit; so therefore, another new goal of mine is to work up magic to level 65 and then go to Barrows and try my luck using magic dart. However, I was financially a bit weak at the moment as I have spent a vast amount on diamond (e) bolts and bolt racks, so I only had runes for level 56. Here is a picture of me casting fire strike at hobgoblins, though.








I need to runecraft some more runes now and watch Eurovision Song Contest (ewww...) with my beloved girlfriend Linnea. Bye!


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30th May 2008 - Linnea's newfound love




As I am writing this I am feeling exhausted so I am not in the best shape to write anything good. In the past days I have been working on my levels and focused especially on my ranged level which is now 74. Also on the list is my first attempts at herb farming, Roving Elves and Slug Menace completed and furthermore my dear Linnea's new membership.




School is about to end and summer is coming up and with it my constant battle against dehydration and sleeping problems. Falling asleep when sweating floods in the heat is not really a winning combination to speak. Ah well, at least Runescape is a comfort until I feel tired enough to fall asleep in these summer conditions. Three days ago I bought Linnea membership and she has been clinging on me since in euphory of her new options. She certainly liked getting her first thieving level up, hehe. :)








Also got this nice little level up today:






By the way, I have some nice plans in working. Going to do my first attempt at metal dragons (irons or steel) sometime soon and I am going to work on my way to get ranged level 99! Already training everyday, letting the iron bar goal a little repriority.


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3rd June 2008 - A hut to love.




Everyone has the right to have their own home. United nations has set this in stone as one of the internationally agreed human rights. After all adventures we want to sit back and enjoy our homes or... build one!




Linnea has started to build her own little hut in Runescape. With a fine budget of 100k, she's made a nice little wooden hut with a fine garden. She did also a few days ago reach 700 in total level with her sixth construction level. Woot! Furthermore, she just need one more level to start using dragon weaponry. :D






Linnea's planting some weed-like plants in her garden.




Regarding my own ranged level 99 goal, I am working hard on it with much dedication. I have in short time gotten 100k ranged xp everyday. What's more is that I have HP level 79 and I am proud a ranger. : )




That's all regarding Runescape for now. I am going to enjoy a lot of free time as I have now gotten all my grades set. I got a MVG (equal to A, translates to very well approved) in music theory class and no failures. It is a huge relief as I will now with no doubt get into the college I want to go to. Now it is just for me to relax and prepare myself to move out of the town I live in and try to buy an apartment for myself. My mother has showed me some lovelly options and one day I will share an apartment with Linnea.




I am happy my real life goals have been achieved. So now I can focus on my virtual life goals... not forgetting to enjoy the last weeks I have in upper secondary school, of course.




Post Scriptum: This post appear not to have been finished. It is on my list of things to tweak and fix.


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6th June 2008 - Hunting the arma-birdies




I feel proud of having finally found a way to actually make really fast money in Runescape consistently. I present the aviansies! It's not a new method, but I bring 16 prayer potions, 4 ranging potions, a spare magic shortbow, crystal bow, ranged armour and 4 runes for alching and ardougne teleport.






A screenshot of my first few aviansie kills.




This method is, although expensive with the prayer potions, highly effective and risk free. The prayer potions costs about 30% of the profit, so eventually when I am a better tanker, I may try using bones to peaches instead and only a few prayer potions for safety. During the three last days that I have spent in the GWD, I have managed to scrape one million in profits (including expenses for resupplying)! Woowt!






Ranged level 80! I missed catching the message as I got attacked by another aggresive aviansie, though.




Even happier am I to say I have met a milestone, I have finally gotten my first level 80 stat, which is Ranged! Even Linnea also met a goal, she now have attack level 60 so she can soon start using dragon longsword as soon as I have helped her with Lost City.






NinjaChicken with pick.




Further news are that I and Paul (Forum name: NinjaChicken) has started a race of who can get level 85 first. Paul in Mining and I in ranged. The price if Paul wins is my minimal respect for him.


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Good luck with getting 99 range


stop by my blog if you have time




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26th June 2008 - Slaying the Beasts




It has been some lovelly rainy summer days latelly, many of which I have spent over at Linnea's place. Today I finally come around to do some progress reporting. Like many of you do, both I and Linnea has been slaying today non-stop. During a troll task today, I got a relativelly rare drop from Rock (level-111):


A Granite Shield! Sold for 83k, not enormous, but worth the time. : )






I wonder what is rarer on this picture. That I use high detail mode while playing or that I got a rare drop?




Also, Linnea has achieved her second high score, Slayer level 33 which also led to her getting HP level 60, which she's quite happy over, my dear warrior woman.






Screenshot of when Linnea gets Slayer level 32.




Regarding my race with Dr Paul Leet. We are both nearing the goal of level 85! Paul is sacking behind a bit with 306k of xp left to get, while I only have 193k xp further to go. It's tight, so I won't be slacking down. Let's see who will win! Either way, I am still on my way to ranged level 99. *Drools*


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good luck with 99 range :D and with barrows wind wave works well if you dont have 55 slayer and it's more xp :D


anyway good luck!!!!!


Gamertag: EFs Predator.

Games I play: Halo 3, Halo wars.

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Oh, I have slayer level 59 and magic level 61 so I should already be ready to mage at barrows, even though it is barely.




It is about time I setup Draynor stat signatures for both me and Linnea so you all can quickly review our stats. :)




EDIT: Already added. Thanks for reading my ego... erm, blog.


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I always level up at Kalphites, even though it's an annoying & slow task. -.-




Nice blog(s?).

Only fear God,

Know the weapons of the weak,

The weakness of the hard.

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Good luck with 99 ranged :)

129-130-331-59255585 RS Forums.

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Hey, nice blog




It was fun barbarian-assaulting with you yesterday ::'




Good luck with all those goals!


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nice blog we should chat about game programing sometime :thumbsup: i find it relaxing after a hard days work \' and i love the role-playingness of your blog :D


Doing random stuff on runescape. Always happy to have a random conversation, just pm me.

It looks like a puke covered dragon face that is screaming
Thanks Unoalexi for my awesome avatar!

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LOL @ that ninjachicken pic tbh <3:




you and linnea = hawt blog buddies <3: and good luck to both of you, also...








I know it was a few days ago but grats anyway and you won the race to level 85! <3:<3:


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30th June 2008 - Making a Name




The past few days have been very interesting as I started engaging myself more to the forums and the community. My friend list has been doubled with new tip.it buddies. But before I go into detail about some fun events I would like to give a congratulatory to Kgisme and Gradeskip93 for their firemaking and cooking cape respectively. Furthermore, Paul, you are a fried chicken - ninja or not. Here comes the results of the race:






Owned you, NinjaChicken! Please don't judge my art skills by this 5 minute doodle.




Eagle Tas: Winner, with 85 ranged!


Dr Paul Leet: Loser, 272k xp left to mining level 85.




Since Paul did not win, he has not deserved his kudos spot in my blog. Tough luck, slowpoke! At the beginning of the race, Paul had mining level 83 and I had ranged level 81. The goal was level 85. At first, we seemed even but Paul made the choice to slack and quickly fell behind after level 84.






God bless the Penance Queen! Me playing as collector.




Moving onto those events I wanted to mention, a few days ago Kota invited me to go play Barbarian Assault with him and Gradeskip93, A Local Guy, Sithlord Man and Sheep. It was my first time playing it so at first it was a lot to digest and it took a few three waves or so before I knew what I was supposed to do. My favourite role was to play as collector, although attack and healer was quite fun. Defense was not my thing, though. I never got good at luring those annoying penance runners.






Me and Skimmystrown doing a relatively successful duo against the Kalphite Queen.




Another event that I have enjoyed was going duo with Skimmystrown. The lad was very good at it, and we got 4 rune chain mails so we broke even. Allow me to earn a few levels in attack, defense and ranged and I am sure I will be great to duo with at KQ despite not having money to buy a verac set just yet.






Gradeskip93 and the party doing a synchronised cooking cape emote in a line.




If you have missed it, Kgisme and Gradeskip had their first skill capes. I attended to both and gave them my applause. It was fun seeing such a crowd of known faces gathering to two such personally big events as it must have been to Kgisme and Gradeskip93. Enjoy your 99s, you two! :D




Now that I have posted the few bigger things that I have spent the last days at, I would like to thank everyone who has noticed and read my and Linnea's blog and for all the friends I have made simply by posting and engaging myself to the forums. You will definitelly see more of me this summer!




Wow, this got a bit long. Good work plowing through it, hehe.


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OMGAWD epic post liek! :o




you beat me in a race grats you noob, I'm still taking a break from mining tbh :-# (i r teh love the picture of you killing an innocent chicken)




Good luck on 99 ranged <3:


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Well my boyfriend Eagle told me to write something here to proof that I'm a real person.


So here it is.. Well I don't know what to write..

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