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Agent's Undercover Blog~Master Fletcher~80/99 Crafting

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Hi, im Agent 1777, I like rcing, mining, fighting, and getting rich (Seriously who doesn't?)




99 Crafting Goal!!!


On June 12, 2009, I decided to try for 99 crafting.


I will need around 10m cash to achieve this goal, and many sc needles. Here is my progress so far:


agent_1777.png-Done on June 16th, 2009


agent_1777.png-Done on August 2md, 2009.








[hide=My 99 Fletch Goal--Complete!]99 Fletching!!!


I will be string yew longs from 70 fletch to 90. Should be fun! I was 34 fletching on Thanksgiving btw..


Agent_1777.png-achieved on December 4th, 2008.


Agent_1777.png-achieved on December 13, 2008


Agent_1777.png-achieved on Januray 4th, 2009


Took a Month break then....


Agent_1777.png-Achieved on APril 4th, 2009




[hide=Starting Stats]June 2008




also 50 con and 34 sum.[/hide]






[hide=Current Stats]agent_1777.png[/hide]








first whip




pic after getting whip




weird thing from Cold War.




60 slayer




I have stagefright kay. :oops:[/hide]




[hide=Long Term Goals]agent_1777.png[x]




70 Rc[]


Get all 80's melee[]


70 Prayer[x]


1500 Total[x]


1600 total[][/hide]






Getting 63 prayer




[hide=Friends blogs]Cruz










Thanks-Agent 1777


(still working on this blog)


Tip.It's Official Undercover Agent

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Good luck on the whip. Just keep on slaying. :thumbup:






Slayer has to be one of my favourite, easiest money makers in the game :) Keep it up, I'm sure you'll have that whip in no time ;)

My Blog

2 Visage Drops.

Over 1800 Castle Wars Tickets..




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