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Best. Axe. Ever.

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You might think "lol d axe big whoop" but this axe is an epic axe.




Right, so me and mentalbakura were bored, and went from chaos ele, to rev hunting, and finally decided to LS rock lobs with crush weps. So i get 2 super sets, some ppots, my meele void, firecape, and v flail. We get there and kill a few, and get like 4 crim charms. Hes like "k im bored wana kill supreme before we go?" I say sure, and we go in, and this is what happens:








Yes, i was eating like mad because all 3 kings were on me and i had void on XD


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Lol you lucky noob :P

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niiice soupy!


lol what luck!

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Elfs creating a crystal Axe would be like GreenPeace creating a Nuclear Powered Harpoon for killing seals...

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This was just too damn funny! \'

Dragon Drops: 3 Left Halves, 5 Plateskirts, 3 Platelegs, 1 D2H, 7 Axes, 15 Boots, 1 D Med

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GWD Solo Drops: 1 Bandos Hilt, 1 Bandos Chestplate, 1 Shard

Abyssal Whips: 10

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Pretty lucky for an end of trip kill :)


Thanks to Jopie for this great signature.

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