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Dan's Best Way To Blast Furnace Guide [Prices Updated 24/6]


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Well the past few weeks of browsing the 'Help & Advice' forum ive noticed a lack of people with any knowledge on how magnificent the blast furnace is for training smithing. Plus the old blast furnace guide is rather out-dated.




As this is a guide on the BEST way to blast furnace, you'l need to be on the official blast furnace world, world 58, and have basic knowledge of the blast furnace, luckily i'll help you on th second part.




First off i'l explain just why the blast furnace is so good, apart from being the fastest way to make bars up to mithril, it also requires half the coal per bar, which means you can profit aswell as getting huge exp. This is, without a doubt the best way to smith if you don't want to spend millions on gold ore, or don't want to spend months smithing cannonballs for minescule exp.




Requirements to use this guide:


-60+ smithing --------- To use anvils and use the furnace for free






1. Basic Blast Furnace


2. How to get the BEST Exp (+ money)


3. Rewards + Calculations




1. Basic Blast Furnace




[hide=]The official world is alwys crowded, but when it is less crowded you may be required to help run it, don't worry you still get smithing exp and others, and without helping you won't get your bars. so this section will tell you how to help out if it's needed.








Coke Machine:


Requirement: 30 Firemaking


Pick up the spade that respawns, click on the coke, then click on the furnace, short and simple.










Requirement: 30 Strength


Good communication is needed here as this person must take instruction from the temperature gauge reader, as if the furnace overheats the person pumping the air will take damage.










Requirement: 30 Agility


All that's needed here is to pedal the bike, which directly runs the conveyor belt, thus dumping ore in the furnace.










Requirement: 30 Crafting


This is less of a task, more of an odd-job, just use the hammer you use to smith with to repair pipes when they break.








Requirement: None


All this person needs to do it read the guage and then either repair things when the display says or leave them for others. This person also needs to tell the pumper when the guage is in the green to stop before it hits the red.






2. How to get the BEST Exp




[hide=]So by now you should know how to use the blast furnace and be on the official world. This is the main part of the guide, which is short and simple.




The best inventory i have found is:






Money: This is to un-note coal and mithril




Ores: You only need half the coal per bar here than normal smithing so for 100 bars you would need 200 coal, but its good to have a few coal spare just incase ::'




Hammer: Essential if you are smithing items from the mithril bars to get the best exp.




NOTE: Stealing creation hammers are great here, doubling your exp, but halving your profits. You can take extra hammers and exchange them for placeholders (see below)




Placeholders/Buckets: I've found 4 placeholders the best amount, it makes calculating the ores in the furnace much more simple as you will put 20 in at a time. After the first load of mithril bars you can dump one bucket and use the unfinished bolt you will be making as a placeholder.




Getting the Exp:




Ok so now you have the inventory, basic knowledge, on world 58 and are ready to smith!




Ok start off by using your noted coal on Ordan. Select Un-note 'x' and type in '20'. It will cost you 450gp for each load of 20 coal.






Once the coal is in your inventory all you need to do is left click on the conveyor belt up the ramp and click 'yes' when it asks if you want to put it on there.








Repeat this untill you have 200 coal in the furnace, with this much you can make 100 bars and it keeps the calculations simple, there is also a limit on the coal which will not let you put an extra inventory in once you reach 220, so 200 is a nice easy number. You can check how much coal is currently in the furnace by looking in the bar dispenser:








Once 200 coal is in the furnace, un-note 20 mithril ore the same way as coal, use it on Ordan. It will cost 1620gp per 20 mithril ore. Put this in the furnace the same way as coal aswell.




Now comes the trick, un-note another 20 mithril ore and stand by the conveyor belt with it, wait for your current bars to be smelted and appear in the bar dispenser, easily noticable by the hot orange liquid pouring in it. then put your next 20 mithril ore onto the conveyor. You need to wait because it won't allow more than 28 mithril ore in at a time.








Now you have 20 bars smithed and 20 bars about to smith.




Grab the 20 bars from the bar dispenser, if they are still molten use one of the buckets of water used as a placeholder on them to cool them.








Now you should have 20 mithril bars in your inventory, go over to the anvils, through the gate, which requires 60 smithing to go through and make 200 mithril bolts from the bars using the anvils.






Once that's done, use the bolts as a placeholder and go and withdraw another 20 mithril ore and put it in the furnace.






Grab the bars which should by now be smelted and make more bolts out of them. Repeat this untill all of the coal is used, and then once all the coal is used, put more in and repeat the whole thing. ( I told you it was simple)[/hide]




3. Rewards + Calculations




[hide=]Now i cannot calculate exp here, because i'm a slow smither, i get easily distracted, but i can say that each load of 200 coal you use to smith into bars and make bolts you will gain around 8.5k exp, how quick you gain that depends on the time, and your attention, but i know it is easily upwards of 40k exp an hour.








I'll use the Mid G.E price as of the 24th June (i buy most of my mithril ore at minimum and get my coal from my kingdom)




Cost to make each bar:


1x mithril ore = 210gp


2x Coal = 358gp




Cost to un-note mithril ore = 81gp


Cost to un-note 2x coal = 45gp






Sum cost to make each bar: 694gp (Almost half price!)


G.E Price of mithril bar: 1160gp






Now this is where it may get complicated, since i wrote this guide, the price between unfinished and finished bolts has increased dramatically.




G.E price of mithril bolts (unf) = 75gp


G.E price of mithril bolts = 79gp




As you get 10 bolts per bar that makes 750gp worth of bolts per bar while they are still unfinished




The 10 feathers however will cost you 60gp onto the bolts, which means a cost of 754gp per 10 finished bolts.




Total profit per bar making unfinished bolts: 56gp!


Total profit per bar making finished bolts: -4gp




If you wished to bank your bars and sell them you would cut your smithing exp drastically, but would make a profit of 446gp per bar.




I have no idea how well unfinished bolts sell, but from other people at Blast furnace who make too many to fletch themselves i hear the market is good.[/hide]




So there you go, thankyou for reading and now you can do some good smithing.




P.S Tell me if my calculations are wrong, i'll quickly fix them.

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Big thanks to Stevepole for the signature!^

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Wow awesome guide! Was going through here finding something to do because I'm bored, I'm gunna go here now :P

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This is very insightful. I might well have to do this for my smithing levels now.


Thanks to Jopie for this great signature.

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so all i have to do is put in 200 coal and 20 mith and if in w58 other peopel are already doing the jobs??






Dragon Drops: Platelegs x9, Med Helms x7, Plateskirts x4, Shield Left Half x3, At least 75+ Boots!, Hatchets x5, Ruined Shard x1, Solo Claws x2, Dragon 2Hander x1, Spear x2

Whip x27, Dark Bows x9, Draconic Visage x1

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y_anima"]so all i have to do is put in 200 coal and 20 mith and if in w58 other peopel are already doing the jobs??








Yes but it is nice if you help every so often if a job is empty, if it stays empty you won't bet getting exp either.

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Big thanks to Stevepole for the signature!^

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This guide is great.


It explains every aspect perfectly and is helping me on my way to 71 Smithing. ::'


The Blast Furnace is great xp and good money as well. :thumbsup:




99 WC - 12/20/08! =D

99 Defence - 6/19/09! 44,012 to reach it!

Aiming for 2000 Total Lvl!

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it always amazes me how few players realise the merits of the blast furnace, good guide. (9/10 because i was already aware of the method) I also think its worth mentioning that fletching the bolts is good xp and can help the mith bolts to sell for up to 100. 188gp per bar is a very conservative estimate of profit for that reason!

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Webber: I mentioned both of those points in the last section, and used med g.e price for calculations, but yeah higher profits are easy.




Nopnoob: I'd say a week maybe without no-lifing it, its easy to do 1k mithril ore a day (about 85k exp.)

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keep this guide alive! its genius!!




dan i also have a question... do mith bolts really sell better than unfinished bolts? i know i sold 5k unf mith bolts in a second on G.E so i was just wondering if you got mixed up between the two in your guide...



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I've always been able to sell finished bolts instantly on g.e, but never tried unfinished, but i would have expected unfinished to sell a little less, but if they do sell just as well that is great.

Want to be my friend? Look under my name to the left<<< and click the 'Add as friend' button!


Big thanks to Stevepole for the signature!^

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Great guide,




Just wondering if you know what the un-noting cost is for iron. I have tons of iron and want to make knives. Say I want to unnote 24 iron ores what is the net cost of this?




Thanks in advance

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P.S2. I'm a fast type so if you see a spelling mistake please say.




The irony, you left out the "r" in "typer" :lol:

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I'd like to congradulate you on an excellent guide.




One request: Could you please list the costs of unnoting one of each ore?












Also, is there any use for the Blast Furnace with Non-Carbon Metals such as Gold or Silver?

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Beautiful guide. Correct use of images :)

-Retired from Runescape on August 12, 2008-

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