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~ Troacctid's Woodcutting Guide ~

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Important disclaimer

The woodcutting update of 23-Sept-2009 has left a large portion of this guide obsolete, mainly in regards to the relative viability of training methods. The methods I have as the most efficient are not necessarily the most efficient anymore. Teaks are no longer the fastest xp, for example. (Most of my sources say that the fastest xp is the sawmill, with a crystal saw, followed by ivy, but don't quote me on that.)

Most of the equipment section is still accurate, but arctic pines, hollow trees, teaks, mahoganies, ivy, and the sawmill all need entirely new sections.

Do I plan on updating the guide? Well...no, not really. Sorry. :mellow:


INTRODUCTION[hide=Intro]Welcome to my guide to woodcutting. I'm troacctid, but my friends call me pi. See, cuz troacctid is an acronym for pi, which is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Well actually, my friends call me by my real name, but it wasn't important in the first place, so you can just get on with reading the guide.




All over the place I see that what people think they know about woodcutting is a lot less than what they actually know about woodcutting. There are lots of myths out there, and there are lots of training methods that haven't yet hit the mainstream. So I thought I would use my superpowers of research, math, grammar, and 99 woodcutting to educate the masses on the best, worst, and mediocrest ways to train themselves in the art of deforestation.




Why train woodcutting? Well, it's not especially profitable, but that's not all that matters. For one thing, it's relaxing. You can chop and not pay much attention--it's just click and wait. Great for multitasking. And for another thing, you need it for some quests. In fact, two quests have a requirement of more than 70 woodcutting. Completing quests is always good, so this skill is handy there. If you like Stealing Creation, then 80 woodcutting is required to collect class 5 clay from the highest-level trees. Lastly, if you care about self-sufficiency, woodcutting can get you logs for training firemaking and fletching. That's really about it, though. Mainly, you should train this skill because it's a relatively enjoyable skill to train.[/hide]VERSION HISTORY[hide=Version history]

    [*:1ke428mr]August 13, 2009: Yesterday it was confirmed that the different pieces of lumberjack clothing do indeed have different rarities. No surprise there, so I've fixed the paragraph where I mentioned the confusion.
    [*:1ke428mr]July 31, 2009: Revamped the eucalyptus section in accordance with the new Mobilizing Armies area. Changed some "axes" to "hatchets" to match the new in-game item names. Added brawling gloves to the equipment section and condensed gloves, rings, and amulets into "Other equipment." Made a note of Mobilizing Armies in the section on banking teaks with spirit trees. Changed the Version history section to use actual bullet points instead of hyphens. Other assorted tweaks. Still haven't added the evil tree section...I'll write it some other time!
    [*:1ke428mr]June 23, 2009: Minor changes. Nothing important.
    [*:1ke428mr]February 13, 2009: Updated the morphic hatchet section.
    [*:1ke428mr]January 20, 2009: Noted the Seer's Headband in the maple logs section. (Maples are still not worth chopping.)
    [*:1ke428mr]January 10, 2009: Images have been added by popular demand. Or rather, by me. I also made a few minor tweaks while I was going through it, and I've already forgotten what they were.
    [*:1ke428mr]December 7, 2008: The inferno adze burns 30% of the logs you chop.
    [*:1ke428mr]October 25, 2008: Amended the previous change to instruct the reader to bank in Edgeville or Castle Wars, and use the Edgeville Fairy Ring/Ring of Slayer Fairy Ring to get back to the trees. Previously, it said to bank in Zanaris, which is slower.
    [*:1ke428mr]October 20, 2008: Added the fairy ring south of Castle Wars in the section on banking teaks via teleports.
    [*:1ke428mr]October 13, 2008: Corrected a typo in the familiars section. Debated with self whether to include it in the version history. Lost debate with self.
    [*:1ke428mr]October 5, 2008: New information! You can increase your experience rates at teaks if you drop in just the right way. I've revised part 1 of the teaks section accordingly and moved the new bits to a 1a section. I've also referred to the Game Guide article on Temple Trekking.
    [*:1ke428mr]October 2, 2008: Added links to the knowledge base quest rewards page, Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup minigame guide, and the GE database prices for logs. Amended the blurb on burners to account for the new trade limits.
    [*:1ke428mr]September 27, 2008: Added a small mention of the Forinthry Bracelet and the level where wolves stop being aggressive toward you in relevant sections, as per comments.
    [*:1ke428mr]September 21, 2008: Added the version history and the miscellaneous tips section, and made minor tweaks.
    [*:1ke428mr]September 20, 2008: Wrote the whole guide in one sitting, formatted it, and posted it here for your reading pleasure.





If you just want a quick skeleton of the best way to train, here.[hide=Short Version]1-15: Dead trees at Draynor Manor


15-30: Oaks


30-35: Willows


35-99: Teaks (cut and drop)


35-99: Teaks (cut and parcel)


58-99: Eucalyptus




Cut and drop is the fastest with the least profit and should take around 200 hours with no profit or loss, plus nests. Cut and parcel is slower and should take about 220 hours, earning about 10m gp profit, plus nests. Eucalyptus is even slower, with about 24-28m gp profit, and should take about 285 hours. Do not chop willows, yews, or magics to 99, because they are not as good. Wear a rabbit's foot and, if you have it, full lumberjack. Use a dragon hatchet or inferno adze, not a rune hatchet.




If you want profit and aren't interested in leveling or are 99 already, the most money comes from magic logs, which are about 150k gp/hr at 99 woodcutting. (I can get an average of 120 magic logs per hour.) Click here for a list of log prices.




If you're craving more details, look in the next section.[/hide]TREES




Read on for a look at all the types of tree you can find in Runescape, from achey to yew, and explanations of where, how, why, and whether to chop them.[hide=Oaks (level 15)]You should have little reason to ever chop oak logs, since they're pretty poor in both profit and speed. If you need them for any reason, I recommend simply buying them on the Grand Exchange. They're very inexpensive. (Although oddly enough, worth more than willows.) There are plenty of places where you can chop them, and since you won't be likely to spend a lot of time with them, it won't make a big difference. East of the bank in Draynor, south of the bank in Seers' Village, and southwest or northwest of the Varrock West Bank are examples. They respawn very quickly, so you shouldn't need more than two trees, and you could even do fine with just one. Burning as you chop would be a fine plan as well.




Again, I do not recommend chopping these once you're level 30 and you can chop willows. They aren't worth your time. Although if you're f2p, I suppose they are more profitable than willows, and not crowded.[/hide][hide=Willows (level 30)]Contrary to popular belief, willows are NOT the fastest woodcutting experience in the game. In fact, they're not even close to being an efficient method, and I do not recommend them for anyone who is a member. (If you're a free player, then they actually are the fastest experience, so go ahead.)




But, I know some of you are probably going to ignore me and chop them anyway, so for those of you, the best place to chop willows is in Rimmington. You must have at least started Rocking Out to access the customs locker and bank there, but assuming you have, it's faster than any other location.






Of course, Rocking Out has some relatively demanding requirements, so I expect most of you who would choose to chop willows even after I've told you they're no good will be unable to use the customs locker. For you guys, there are other decent spots you can go to.






Draynor Village is the most popular and most crowded spot. It's very close to a bank, but usually occupied, which can slow you down.






Barbarian Outpost is another well-known spot, easily accessed via a games necklace teleport. There are lots of willows there, and there's a deposit box just inside. It's a fine spot for willow chopping.






Seers' Village has six willows just outside the bank to the northwest. These trees are rarely chopped and a fine choice if you are going to chop willows.




I shall reiterate my initial statement: I do not recommend chopping willows. They're terrible profit and unimpressive speed compared to other methods. Leave them for the ignorant masses who have not read my guide. ;-)




At level 99, I was able to achieve 53-56k exp/hr and about 14-15k gp/hr chopping willows with a dragon axe. If you got 99 woodcutting with willows (which, again, is not a good method), you could expect to spend roughly 260 hours, with about 3.4m profit in logs, plus some more in nests. Keep in mind that there is a massive oversupply of willows in the market that nobody really wants, since they're not really useful for much of anything. Their actual market value is way less than the 18 gp price floor. So, good luck trying to get rid of them.






You can also burn willows as you chop. My personal favorite spot is in Taverley. Other good spots include Witchaven, south of Port Sarim (shown here), and there are others too, but how many locations do you need? However, I really don't recommend chopping and burning willows, because chopping and burning teaks is faster both in woodcutting and firemaking experience. But free players should take note that chopping and burning willows (in the Port Sarim spot probably) is a great way to train woodcutting and firemaking together while avoiding the crowds in the more popular spots. Alternatively, Rimmington is less crowded than Draynor, and you can sell the logs to the general store there. Remember, this is f2p only; members have better trees to chop.[/hide][hide=Teaks, Part 1 (level 35)]Like I just said, willows aren't the fastest xp. So what is the fastest xp? Teaks. AS soon as you hit 35, they're already better than willows. They've become more mainstream nowadays as more people learn about the possible experience rates you can achieve at teaks. That's good, but I'm sure many of you still don't know the whole picture.




This section may appear to be a fairly large and imposing wall of text, so before I start, let me just give you a quick summary of all the methods I'm going to explain here, so that you know what to look for.

    [*:1ke428mr]Dropping teaks
    [*:1ke428mr]Dropping one log at a time for faster experience
    [*:1ke428mr]Banking teaks in Tai Bwo Wannai
    [*:1ke428mr]Burning teaks as you chop
    [*:1ke428mr]Banking teaks traditionally with the aid of teleports


So, let's begin.




What most people know about teaks is that you can cut them and then discard them when you have a full load, and that's how you get the fastest experience. This is true. Cutting and dropping teaks is the fastest woodcutting experience. At level 99 with a dragon hatchet, it can pull over 70k exp/hr if you're quick at dropping. It takes a little practice before you can get good at dropping your inventory quickly. The trick is to position your mouse correctly, so that when you click drop for one log, you can, without moving the mouse, immediately right-click the log below it. Drop in columns, top to bottom, and you should eventually be able to get rid of a full load in under 20 seconds. You can also hire a burner, someone who will accept your logs for free in a trade to burn for firemaking experience. If you do, make sure you both have a substantial trade limit. This speeds your experience up, since trading logs away is faster and easier than dropping.




HEALTH AND SAFETY NOTE: The strain this causes on your wrists is sometimes overstated--you spend far more time chopping than you do dropping, so it's not "constant clicking" as some might have you believe. However, any activity involving rapid clicking should always be done with some awareness of repetitive stress injuries. Even though you spend most of your time stationary with a good 90 seconds or more before you need to drop (unlike activities like cleaning herbs or casting humidify) you should get up and take a short walk or something if you begin to feel pain, fatigue, or stiffness in your arm, wrist, or fingers. In addition, you can reduce strain by turning on mouse keys and using the 5 key on the numpad in place of your left clicks when you drop.




Anyway, dropping teaks is as fast as you can get. It's true that you don't get profit off your logs, but the time you save is almost certainly worth more than any cash you miss out on. (Especially if the alternative is willows.) And thanks to occasional valuable tree seeds from nests, you'll still walk away from 99 woodcutting a couple mil richer. So this is a fine method.




The best location to cut and drop teaks is Ape Atoll.




If you're wielding a monkey greegree, you render yourself immune to all random events. Sure, that means no genies, but it also means no annoying ents, drunken dwarves, evil twins, game shows, and so on. There are 3 teak trees in close formation near the dungeon entrance. You can't see the chopping animation as a monkey, but you can hear the noise if you turn the sound on.




If you haven't done Monkey Madness and can't go there, then Tai Bwo Wannai is just as good. It requires Jungle Potion (super-easy quest) and you need to ask permission from whatsisname. Just bring 100 trading sticks (buyable on the Grand Exchange) to enter the Hardwood Grove, and you can chop for as long as you like. There are lots of teak trees in close proximity, enough for multiple woodcutters to peacefully coexist.




(Actually, after the random event update of early 2009, the information in this area has become obsolete. With the removal of all the lame random events nobody wants and the addition of xp lamps to all random events except the maze, randoms are actually desirable to most players. This means Ape Atoll is no better than Tai Bwo Wannai; in fact, I'd now venture to say that Tai Bwo Wannai is a better location.)




A third good location is the Kharazi Jungle. I believe it's the west side that's the best spot. You must have started Legends Quest to get there, and you'll need to watch out for the aggressive level 64 wolves if you're under 129 combat. If you're not using an inferno adze (which would mean you'd want a ring of fire) you should wear a ring of life while chopping here, in case you disconnect while under attack. Don't scoff--it's happened to me more than once before.[/hide][hide=Teaks, Part 1a (level 35)]Now, here comes the special advanced section! You can get very fast experience if you use this next trick. See, there's a small amount of lag built into woodcutting that creates a minimum time between the chopping of two logs, presumably so you can't get two logs at once. Well, you can abuse this small amount of delay by using it to drop the log you just chopped.




What that means is, as soon as you see the log show up in your inventory, drop the log and quickly click the tree again. If you do it fast enough, it won't interrupt your chopping at all, and you can achieve maximum experience rates.




A couple tips if you want to try this. Don't try to drop the same log that is appearing in your inventory, because it means you have to right-click it as it appears and move the mouse down to hit drop, and that's slower and more difficult. You should have one log ready to be dropped, so that you can have your cursor waiting on the drop option. If you don't mess up, you should always have one log in your inventory. Also, make sure you're clicking on the leafy top of the tree and not the trunk. It's a bigger target, so you're less likely to click a little over to the side and miss.




There are some severe drawbacks with this method. It requires much higher levels of concentration than ordinary dropping, because you need to be constantly ready to drop one log as soon as the next one appears. It can be very difficult to keep this level of attention for long periods of time. As such, it ought to be used sparingly, unless you are a very die-hard lumberjack. But it is unquestionably the fastest woodcutting experience in the game. If you're already dropping teaks, you might just try it periodically when you're bored, or if you're primarily using this method, you can switch to regular dropping if you get tired.[/hide][hide=Teaks, Part 2 (level 35)]Okay, I'm sure some of you already knew most of that. But did you know there's more than one way to chop teaks? If you go to Tai Bwo Wannai village, I've already mentioned the hardwood grove there. Well, there's actually a way to bank your teak logs in Tai Bwo Wannai. Near the building with the anvil, you can find a villager named Rionasta who runs a parcel service. If you pay him 10 trading sticks for each item, he'll send those items to the bank! That means you can bank your teaks and make a nice profit and still get very good experience!




Rionasta's approximate location is at the yellow circle.




There's a hefty downside, though. You need a LOT of trading sticks. And I mean a LOT of trading sticks. It costs 100 sticks to enter the grove, and 270 for each load you want to bank. That comes to 370 trading sticks per load, or about 13.7 trading sticks for each log. It takes about 150k logs to get to 99 woodcutting, which means you're looking at a whopping 2m+ trading sticks! Now how are you going to get that many? Well, try the Grand Exchange! You can buy them on the GE for 3-5 gp each, and although it's certain to take a long time to accumulate such a large sum, people really do sell them. Yes, I know that's a lot of money in costs, but remember also that you'll be getting 150k teaks out of it, which at the current prices are what, 130 each? That's 20m for the lot of em, which leaves you 10m ahead of where you started. Well, something like that. Here are the current prices of trading sticks and teak logs. And that's not counting the bird's nests. And the experience you get here is still faster than willows! My testing is admittedly not very extensive for this method, but I could pull 60k exp/hr at 99 woodcutting with a dragon hatchet. This is an excellent way to train woodcutting.




If you were to use a beast of burden with this method, it would cut your costs in trading sticks, because you'd have to pay the entry fee to the grove less often, resulting in fewer trading sticks for each log. However, unless you have a Pack Yak, I find it too much of a hassle getting to a bank to withdraw a new pouch when the familiar's timer expires. You can go ahead and use a spirit terrorbird if you want; I haven't thoroughly tested with and without various beasts of burden, so I can't tell you how much of an impact they'll have.[/hide][hide=Teaks, Part 3 (level 35)]I'm not done yet. There's still more ways to chop teaks. Method number 3 is chop and burn. Teaks are all located far from a bank, right? Well, instead of banking them, you can burn them on the spot, and train your firemaking while you're at it! In fact, this is the best combination of woodcutting and firemaking experience you'll get from any log. And unless you're pretty rich, it's more efficient than getting 99 woodcutting on some other tree and getting 99 firemaking later with maples. If you plan on training both skills to 99 anyway, this is almost definitely your best method.




At level 99 with a dragon hatchet, I can make around 50k exp/hr in firemaking and woodcutting using this method. Not bad, considering it's just barely slower than willows. The best place to chop and burn teaks is Ape Atoll, since it has the most space. There's a full burn path just a few spaces south of the teak trees.




This burn path will allow you to burn a full inventory without having to change direction.




If you haven't done Monkey Madness, there's hope for you yet--once again, Tai Bwo Wannai is probably just as good. However, you'll need to burn each load in 2 lines there unless you're a skilled firemaker. No biggie. And the Kharazi Jungle is another viable location, requiring Legends Quest. The wolves there are more of a threat with this method, since you cover more ground when you burn your logs and give them a better chance of seeing you, so watch out if you're under 129 combat.




Remember to wear flame gloves and the ring of fire if you have them![/hide][hide=Teaks, Part 4 (level 35)]There's still one more! This is the method for which I have the least data, I confess, but what little I have is still superior to willows. I'm speaking of chopping and banking your teaks.




"But teaks are far from a bank," I hear you cry. Well, they're not so far as to be impossible. Here's what you can do: move your house to Brimhaven. Chop teaks in Tai Bwo Wannai Village, use a ring of duelling to bank them, and then take out house teleport runes and another 100 trading sticks. Teleport to your house, run south to the teaks, chop another load, and repeat. Ta-dah! It's slower experience than the parcel method, but much more profit without the extra overhead cost of the trading sticks. You can still get around the same experience with this method as you can with willows, so it's not actually so bad.




That's not all. You may or may not have seen the lone teak tree southwest of Castle Wars. Well, there are ways you can bank from there. The easiest is to use a ring of duelling back to Castle Wars, then run back to the tree from there. There's also a fairy ring nearby that you can use if you've started Fairy Tale Part 2--to bank, either use a glory to Edgeville, bank, and run to the fairy ring across the river; or use a duelling ring to Castle Wars, bank at the chest, then take a slayer ring to Rellekka and use the fairy ring there. In addition, after Path of Glouphrie, you can use the spirit tree across the grapple shortcut to the north. Just use a ring of duelling to bank at Mobilizing Armies, then take the spirit tree back to the teak. Go to a full world for any of these three methods, because there's only one tree, and you want it to respawn quickly.




I haven't actually tested the methods in this section. I don't know which of these banking methods is best. I just didn't want to go without mentioning them. Expect them to be slower experience than the parcel method, but with more profit.




The other advantage this banking method has over the parcel method is that you actually get to visit a bank, so you can use a familiar more easily. A good beast of burden or forager will go far in increasing your profit and experience for any of these three methods. And remember to wear weight reducing gear if you have low agility, because of all the running involved.[/hide][hide=Maples (level 45)]Don't chop maples. Period. What are they now, 36 gp? (Click here for the current price of maple logs.) All the speed of yews, and all the profit of willows. You should have no reason to chop these at ANY level, and it doesn't take a lot of testing to figure that out. If anybody recommends maple logs for training, you have my permission to scoff at them.




If they were any good, the only place to chop them would be north of Seers' Village bank. If you see people chopping there, do a public service and direct them to a different type of tree. The headband from the Seers' Village Diary medium tasks will increase the experience per log by 10%, but that's still not enough to keep maple logs out of their inferiority--they were too slow to begin with for the paltry extra experience to help.




It would be possible to chop and burn them further to the northwest near the hops patch, but you shouldn't have any reason for it.




In short, don't chop maples, ever.[/hide][hide=Mahogany (level 50)]Mahogany trees are located pretty much in all the same places as teaks, which means they're just as inconvenient to bank. They actually wouldn't be bad exp or profit if there were some that WERE easy to bank, but unfortunately there aren't, which leaves them playing second fiddle to teaks.




I don't recommend chopping these simply because teaks are in the same locations, only faster. At best, mahoganies will be the same firemaking experience if you chop and burn, but less woodcutting experience. So, stick with teaks instead.[/hide][hide=Eucalyptus (level 58)]Here we come to perhaps the most underrated tree of all: the eucalyptus. Most players aren't even aware of its existence, and yet it's actually among the best training methods out there. Eucalyptus trees are located in the southern Feldip Hills, in between Mobilizing Armies and Oo'glog. The area can easily be accessed with a teleport to Mobilizing armies, either via spirit tree, ring of duelling, or the teleport spell. There are no quest requirements to cut eucalyptus trees, although I recommend at least 55 combat. (I'll explain why just below.) You can bank easily at Mobilizing Armies; however, if you feel that area is too crowded or otherwise unsuitable, you can also run across the way to bank at Oo'glog if you've started As a First Resort. The bank at MA will be faster.








The general area around these trees is full of aggressive ogresses as high as level 99. Don't worry--it's a simple matter to trap them on the sides and corners of the eucalyptus trees. All it takes is a little practice; you'll be an expert within minutes. There's no real danger of dying and losing items, especially in an area so close to a teleport. At worst, the enemies in the area are a nuisance that will slow you down a little. This is the reason why I recommend at least 55 combat to chop here: there's a level 27 giant spider that patrols the western edge of the trees, and it's too small to trap behind the trees quickly, but it's only aggressive to players with under 55 combat.








The Mobilizing Armies area offers another benefit: the spirit tree. There's a spirit tree just outside the gates of MA that serves several useful functions to lumberjacks in the area who have completed Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree.

    [*:1ke428mr]The spirit tree can quickly teleport you to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, right next to a summoning obelisk where you can restore your summoning points. This is great for anyone using a familiar such as a beaver, fruit bat, or beast of burden.
    [*:1ke428mr]For farmers, the spirit tree provides quick access to the tree and fruit tree patches at the Tree Gnome Stronghold and the Tree Gnome Village. Farmers with high enough levels to plant their own spirit tree can also quickly access Etceteria to manage their kingdom, or Brimhaven for another fruit tree patch.
    [*:1ke428mr]The spirit tree will make it a cinch to locate and battle evil trees for some extra woodcutting experience and a break from routine.
    [*:1ke428mr]Finally, it can be used to teleport to the Grand Exchange for any buying, selling, or merchanting needs.




Because of the easy access to this area granted by the ring of duelling, eucs are the ideal tree to chop for anyone interested in leaving and coming back frequently for activities like farming, managing Miscellania, and other such things.




Don't chop and burn these. If you want to train firemaking as well, either chop and burn teaks, or sell your eucs to buy maples.




This is the method I used to get to 99, so I have a lot of data for it. (I was the first person I know of to get 99 at eucs, too. Call me a pioneer.) When I came here around the mid-60s with a dragon axe, I was getting around 40k exp/hr or just above it. Now at 99 I average about 305 logs/hr with a dragon axe, which is about 50k exp/hr. Eucalyptus logs then are about 5k exp/hr faster than yews, which translates to a significant time saving over the long run, enough to make it well worth doing the quest. And I want to stress that these numbers are from before Mobilizing Armies was released, so I was chopping at Oo'glog, which is further from a bank. Nowadays the numbers should be even better. Depending on the market they can be more profitable than yews as well--at the time of writing they're 385 gp each, which means I can get about 120k gp/hr there. I've seen them as low as 320 and as high as 410. Prices can fluctuate, but they will definitely sell! The logs are very good firemaking experience at a more affordable cost than yews, so there's enough demand that you should have no trouble selling in a reasonable amount of time.




In short, this is a little-known but very good tree to train on, superior to both willows and yews.






Fun fact: before the ent random event was removed, eucalyptus ents used to change colour, turning a very lovely shade of turquoise.[/hide][hide=Yews (level 60)]Yews are a well-known and popular tree to chop, and widely regarded as the best training method for players who are in it for the money. Well, if you read the above section on eucalyptus, you'll know that's not true--eucs are faster experience than yews without having to sacrifice any of the profit. Teaks, if banked, are also more efficient for those in search of a profit on their training.




I used to say that yews, despite their shortcomings, are still at least more easily accessible than eucalyptus trees, which can justify chopping them. That was before Mobilizing Armies came out, back when eucs could only be chopped via the bank in Oo'glog, which requires As a First Resort and has no nearby teleports. Well, now you can teleport directly to eucalyptus trees faster than you can get to yew trees, and you don't need any quests to do it, which means eucs are actually more accessible than yews now.




With all of this in mind, I strongly recommend against yews for any woodcutting training. They will always be an inferior choice.




But then, just as with willows, no doubt some of you will want to chop them anyway, despite my advice. For those people, there are a lot of places to chop yews.






My personal favorite is here in the Gnome Stronghold. There are 3 yew trees by the tree patch there, and you can plant a 4th one if you have 60 farming. They're not as crowded as other spots, and the planted yew serves as a good backup if others try to horn in on your spot.






Another good spot is west of Catherby, just south of the flax field. It features the highest concentration of yew trees in Runescape, with a whopping 7 spawns, and it's close to a bank. Because of this, it's almost always very crowded, but since there are so many trees it can sustain a large volume of woodcutters, so if you're in a reasonably full world you shouldn't spend a lot of time waiting for respawns.






There's also Edgeville, with 2 trees in the ruined building south of the bank. With only 2 trees, it's not much good unless you're alone, but it's very close to a bank.






And then there's behind Varrock Palace, with 3 trees, a popular spot (especially in f2p). You can bank in the Grand Exchange; it's convenient for free players as well as impatient lumberjacks who can't wait to convert their logs into cash.






One fantastic spot if you like your solitude is by Rimmington. As with the willows there, if you do Rocking Out you can access the customs locker (marked here as a yellow circle) as a bank deposit box, making the trees here a great location, mainly because so few people have done Rocking Out! You should almost always have it to yourself. And if you haven't done the quest, a house teleport is still a fair way to bank.






South of the bank in Seers' Village there are some yews in the church yard that are a good place to chop. Not my personal favorite place, but it's still a good spot.




You should not burn your yew logs. As with eucs, either sell them to buy maples, or if you want to chop and burn, go with teaks.




Really, people, I can't recommend yews. Even if you don't like the fast pace of teak chopping, eucs are just as relaxing, but with more experience and the same (if not better) profit. Even at level 99 with a dragon hatchet, I generally average 240 logs per hour. (Click here for the current price of yew logs.) That's less profit than mining pure essence with 30 mining! Free players, eh, fine, they're the best money you'll get out of the skill...but members, you have better things to chop.[/hide][hide=Magic (level 75)]Ooh, shiny! The best thing about magic logs is that they have sparkles. Look at those trees. Aren't they beautiful? And the logs do the sparkly thing too, although not in your inventory. If you drop them on the ground though, or if you look at the icon in your Grand Exchange collection box, the sparkles move around just like on the tree. It's enchanting.








But you probably don't care about that; I assume you want to know if they're worth chopping. Well to be honest, the answer is no. At 99 woodcutting, I can average a consistent 120 logs/hr. That's 150k gp/hr with magic logs at 1.2k each (for current prices of magic logs, click here), which frankly is unimpressive considering all the hundreds of hours it takes to get 99 woodcutting. Don't go getting all excited about the big profits you're gonna make with 99 woodcutting, because they're a myth, a sham, and a load of hooey. I mean come on. I can make over 250k gp/hr killing CAVE SLIMES for Guthix's sake. And here I am with 99 woodcutting and a paltry 150k gp/hr.




That said, it doesn't mean I'm going to forbid you from chopping magic logs. They should be limited to casual chopping. The (very, very) slow pace can be relaxing, and it's a breeze to multitask while still making a modest living.




Here are the places to chop magic logs:






North of the Sorcerer's Tower. This is the closest spot to a bank if you use teleport jewellery. A combat bracelet can teleport you to the Ranging Guild just seconds away from the magic trees (teleport location marked here in cyan), and a ring of duelling provides quick access to a bank. You shouldn't use more than 4 charges of your bracelet per hour, but it's best to have multiples so you can slack off on recharging. (You must have completed Legends Quest to recharge a combat bracelet; otherwise, sell uncharged and buy charged on the Grand Exchange.) This is a great spot, but it can get crowded. Also shown here is at the entrance to the Sorceress's Tower, where there are 4 magic trees, the highest concentration you'll find anywhere. However, it's not as close to a bank as the northern spot, so I don't like it as much. It's okay I guess.






West of Lletya in Isafdar there are 3 magic trees. You must have completed Roving Elves if you want to use this spot, which is a good thing: the quest requirement keeps the noobs away! You can frequently have your spot all to yourself, and occasionally maybe you'll need to share it with one other person. Use a ring of duelling to bank, and teleport back with an elf teleport crystal. When you use up the last charge of the teleport crystal, bring 150 gp with you and use it on Eluned to have her recharge it. She usually hangs out right next to the magic trees anyway, so it's all good. Watch out for the level 88 dire wolves that can get potshots in while you're on your way to the trees.




-The Mage Training Arena has two magic trees. You can bank in the Duel Arena, but again, I don't like this spot as much as the first two, because it's further from a bank.


-The Gnome Stronghold has a magic tree right next to the tree patch, and another a ways away to the east. If you have 75 farming to plant your own personal magic tree, this could be a great place to chop, since a bank is just steps away. Otherwise the two public trees are too spread out to be much good.




With their paltry maximum of 30k exp/hr, magic logs are definitely not a good option for training. Then again, I guess they are the best cash you're ever likely to get from woodcutting, so if you want to chop them for recreational purposes, go right ahead. Just don't expect to make especially quick money off of them. I confess I still chop them myself sometimes, just for kicks. (And they're shiny!)[/hide][hide=Cursed magic (level 82)]I know what you're probably thinking. "What in the name of Saradomin is a cursed magic log?" Well if you've done the Spirit of Summer quest, you'll have seen the cursed magic tree in the spirit realm in the ruins in the western part of the Wilderness. Cursed magic logs require a higher woodcutting level than regular ones, and you get more experience for cutting them. (275 instead of 250.) They're not sparkly like the real kind :(, but they turn into regular magic logs when you go back into the real world :). What's interesting is that the real world has a regular magic tree in the same spot, and when you chop down one of them, the one in the other realm will automatically grow back. That means if you chop them both, you'll never need to wait for a respawn.






"But aren't they really far from a bank and way out in the wildy?" you say. Well sort of, but actually no. See, if you have 78 magic, you can use Dareeyak Teleport from the ancient magicks spellbook and teleport yourself right there. (An amulet of glory is better than a ring of duelling for banking here, since you need your ring slot for Jennica's Ring.) And the spirit realm doesn't count as wilderness, which means you can freely teleport/avoid revs while you're there. Death isn't a big risk, since after all you can just teleport right back to reclaim your items, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.




So there's actually maybe a little tiny bit of potential in cursed magic logs, I suppose, but so far I've never felt the urge to actually test them. Presumably because of the higher level, the cursed logs will chop a little slower than the regular kind. If they do, it's not worth it. But if they end up being the same speed, you'll be getting bonus experience for half the logs you chop, which isn't all that bad. Be warned that there's more risk, since you're in the wilderness half the time. If you have lumberjack, you might not want to risk wearing it here.




Not sure I'd want to really recommend these, but they exist, si eres atrevido.




I guess they're also the only decent tree in the Wilderness for those of you with brawling gloves, but I don't do PVP, so I can't tell you much about that. If you want to try brawlers here, remember to take them off when you're in the Spirit Realm so that they'll last longer.




Fun fact: when these first came out, it was possible to bring them back into the real world without them transforming into the regular kind by storing them inside a beast of burden. The glitch has since been fixed.[/hide][hide=Other trees]-Normal trees are not worth chopping once you're level 15 and you have access to oaks.


-Achey trees are really only for the ogre quests. If you need ogre arrows for whatever reason, the Oo'glog general store has an infinite stock of them.


-Arctic pine trees are neither fast nor profitable, and should be used strictly during the Fremennik Isles quest. Their logs can be split for experience, and that's not worth doing either.


-Hollow trees, located in the Haunted Woods, are only used if you need to make splitbark armour. Splitbark is terrible and not worth making, so don't chop these.


-Scrapey trees are part of the Trouble Brewing minigame. As fun as the minigame may be, it's not a good source of experience in any skill, unless you count "'rum'-brewing" or "arson" as skills, which maybe some of you do. Scrapey trees provide scrapey bark if you use a knife on their logs, but if you get the sap on you you'll become diseased. Diseased! And they use that stuff in their beverages! Crazy pirates. They can melt their livers if they want to, but don't you go throwing your life away.


-The dramen tree from Lost City should be strictly for making dramen staves, not for training woodcutting.


-The swaying tree from Fremennik Trials can still be chopped after the quest if you need another Lyre--the troll Lalli can sell you more golden wool, and the Fossergrimmen can enchant the lyres again to teleport you to Rellekka when you play them. But it's no good for training woodcutting.


-Light, medium, and heavy jungle are part of Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup, which frankly is a pretty lame minigame if you ask me. The rewards are skimpy and not worth much, so the only reason to do it is the Achievement Diary and the My Arm's Big Adventure quest. They're not good at all for training woodcutting.


-Summer's End lets you chop cursed willow logs, but they're less xp than regular willows, and unlike cursed magic logs they don't turn normal when you leave the spirit realm. You can still burn them, but there's no real reason to.


-Supposedly some trees in the Wilderness provide charcoal when cut down, instead of logs. I've never seen any of these trees, nor have I chopped them, but if you want charcoal you can just buy it in Shilo Village, and it'll be a heck of a lot faster and easier.


-Canoe trees are strictly for transportation, not training.


-The tendrils in the abyss are most certainly not something you want to stick around to hack at, even though you do get a little woodcutting experience from it.[/hide]EQUIPMENT




There's a lot more to woodcutting equipment than just your axe. Okay, maybe not a LOT more, but there's definitely more. This section is meant to educate you on the latest fashions for lumberjacks.








[hide=Hatchets]Obviously you'll need an axe to chop down trees. I'm afraid there are no chainsaws in Runescape, at least not to my knowledge. You will always want to use the highest level hatchet you can.






For free players, that means a rune hatchet. For members, the dragon hatchet is what, 2m now at the most? You guys got it easy nowadays. I had to pay 3m for mine. If you're doing any long-term woodcutting, you should absolutely, definitely use a dragon hatchet. It is 100% unquestionably worth it, no matter what you are chopping. Remember that you can always re-sell it when you don't need it anymore; the MOST you would lose on it is maybe 400k if you're REALLY unlucky. More likely, you'll break even or even make a profit when you sell it back. So use a dragon hatchet!






There's another axe that you can use, actually: the inferno adze. (What's an adze, you ask? Click here.) It requires 92 firemaking to obtain, and 92 firemaking to wield. (Highest level requirement of any equipment to wield, if you're interested in trivia.) You can get it by lighting all 14 beacons after All Fired Up. The inferno adze chops at the same speed as a dragon hatchet; however, it has a special property. It will frequently incinerate your logs instantly, giving you the full experience you'd have gotten if you'd burnt it with a tinderbox. (This happens 30% of the time.) Using the inferno adze will increase your experience rates significantly. I highly recommend it on teaks no matter how you're chopping them. If you're doing willows, use it there too. Heck, you can even use it on eucs or yews. Probably you don't want to incinerate your magic logs though. I haven't personally gotten one, since I'm a couple million firemaking experience short, but I've heard reports of very good exp rates with it. In any case, it will speed your experience tremendously to use the adze, and you'll train your fm as an added bonus. And you can use it as a rune pickaxe if you ever feel the need.






There's also the clay hatchet, obtained by transforming a morphic tool from Stealing Creation. It costs 20 points to purchase, so a typical SC player should be able to get 3 tools per hour on average. It chops at the same speed as a rune hatchet with the same use and wielding requirements, but gives double xp, and degrades after it gives 17k extra xp. Because of the extra time spent playing SC, morphic hatchets are not as incredible as they seem at first glance. For most long-term woodcutting, they aren't worth it, as a dragon hatchet provides faster experience. However, if you can't use a dragon hatchet yet, it's better than a rune hatchet for training, although you lose out on cash in the time you're playing SC.




Of course, that's if you play Stealing Creation normally. If you join a noncombat SC clan (there are several on the official forums in the Minigames section) you can finish games faster. Noncombat clans ban fighting, barricades, and pickpocketing, and force everyone to wield a bow with no arrows. The whole clan, both teams collect and process the clay until all of it is used up. Then the game ends early. In this manner, you can complete as many as 5 or 6 games in an hour, which means the equivalent xp in morphic tools can match or exceed that of the dragon hatchet. Just thought I'd throw that out there.




Wield your axe if you can. It frees an inventory space. The metal hatchets have the normal wielding requirements for their metal, and the inferno adze has no attack requirement, but you need 92 firemaking to wield it even if you used a spicy stew to cheat on the last beacon.[/hide][hide=Other equipment]Strung_rabbit_foot.gif


After Eagle's Peak, you gain the ability to make a lucky rabbit's foot. (Trap a rabbit and use the resulting foot with a ball of wool, or just buy the necklace on the GE.) Wearing it increases the chances of getting a bird's nest from a tree. If you don't need the neck slot for some other reason, you should wear one of these. More bird's nests = more profit! You don't need to do the quest to wield it if you buy one off the GE, but you do need the hunter level.






The only other real consideration in the neck slot is the Amulet of Nature, which you can use to watch an herb patch while you chop. It would mostly serve as a timer to alert you when the herbs are grown, but it also cuts down on deaths by giving you a warning so you can save the plant. So, that's your other option. I recommend the amulet of nature over the rabbit's foot if you plan on staying logged in for the entire duration of the time it takes your herbs to grow; otherwise, you won't be getting the full benefit, and you're better off with extra nests.






Any time you're burning the logs you chop (including any time you use the inferno adze), the ring of fire is the best choice for the ring slot. It gives bonus experience to firemaking.






If you're using teleports to and from the bank, or if you're chopping eucs at Mobilizing Armies and you're occasionally leaving and coming back, then the ring of duelling is probably going to be a necessity.






Brawling gloves. Woodcutting brawling gloves are an occasional drop from other players in PVP worlds. While you wear them, you gain significant experience bonuses: 1.5x the normal experience while chopping in a PVP world, or 4x the normal experience while chopping in the Wilderness in a PVP world. I've never gotten any because I don't typically do PVP, so I actually don't know the best place to use them; I imagine it's either teaks, cutting and dropping, or cursed magics, taking the gloves off when you go into the Spirit Realm.






If you're burning your logs (including any time you use the inferno adze), you want flame gloves for bonus fm experience.[/hide][hide=Lumberjack clothing]Lumberjack.png


If you sleep all night and you work all day, enjoy getting bonus experience, and you don't mind wearing something previously worn by a rotting undead corpse that crawled out of a swamp, lumberjack clothing is for you! It requires 44 woodcutting to wear, and each piece adds a small amount of woodcutting experience to each log you chop. The full set gives you a 2.5% bonus, which saves about 300k experience on the road to 99! Not too shabby, eh?




So how do you obtain this wonderful, useful, stylish, and very smelly outfit? Temple Trekking! Temple Trekking and its sister Burgh de Rott Ramble are minigames accessible after In Aid of the Myreque and Darkness of Hallowvale, respectively. (Fun fact: it's pronounced "My-er-key," not "My-reck.") If you're not familiar with these minigames, the object is to safely escort travellers between Burgh de Rott and Paterdomus while passing the various challenges and enemies that confront you and your partner on the way. I find it to be an entertaining activity, and it can be very profitable as well.




The lumberjack clothing comes from a particular event where you need to cross a broken bridge and undead lumberjacks crawl out of the swamp to attack you. They're ugly and smelly, but not very challenging to kill, and they drop the planks you need to fix the bridge, but more importantly they drop pieces of the lumberjack set, with a limit of 1 piece each time you get the event. It's one of the more uncommon events in the minigame.




So what's the best way to play for lumberjack stuff? Here is my mini-guide on speed Trekking.




The trick is to take the easiest route through the swamp (the blue one) and bring the weakest follower (Forester, Woman-at-Arms, Smiddi Ryak, or Rolayne Twickit). On the easiest route, you can dodge all the combat events without needing to fight, which speeds things up considerably. Also, in the combat events you don't skip, the enemies will be low level and easy to kill. And bringing the weakest follower gives you the best rewards for trekking, as well as increasing the number of monsters you fight against.








Wield your standard melee combat gear. Whip and barrows armour is fine--Verac's is good for the prayer boost. If you have a slayer ring, bring that. And make sure your inventory includes a knife. If you don't have a slayer ring, you will need to bring a well-stocked druid pouch and some sacks of vegetables. (Cabbages, onions, potatoes, whatever. Baskets of strawberries are also good, since they double as excellent food for healing yourself.) Please note that this setup should ONLY be used for the easy path.




The events:




If you come across a combat event, you will want to skip it with two exceptions: snakes and nail beasts.




Snakes are worth fighting because using a knife on their corpse will reward you with bulk quantities of snakeskins worth 2k each. A single snake event can give you anywhere from 20-50k gp profit, which makes it well worth your time. They can attack you all at once, but if you have good defence bonuses, you can probably tank. You might need to use pro melee though, so watch out.




Nail beasts are worth fighting because they drop rare and valuable talon beast charms, which are the best charm in the game. You can use them to make talon beast pouches for a whopping 1k summoning experience each, more than any other pouch! Even if you don't have 77 summoning, you will eventually end up kicking yourself at some point if you throw them away.




You'll take some damage in these fights, so you can either use pro melee, bring Guthan's, or tank them and heal with cheap food at the Burgh de Rott bank when you need to.




Not all events are combat events. Most of the other ones are simple and easy, but there are two annoying ones to watch for.




First is the bog where you have to find a path across by trial and error. Use your knife on the bush to get some sticks to test the ground before you try to cross it. If you forget your knife, it can take ages to get across, and even if you have it, it's still the slowest event. This is the main reason why I advise bringing the ring of slayer: if you get this event, simply use it to teleport to the Slayer Tower, then run south and start a new trek. It's much faster than slogging though the bog.




The other annoying one is the "Birth of a Ghast" event, where you come across starving travellers that you need to feed. This is why you have your veggies. Pull a few cabbages out of their sack and force feed them to the starving dudes so you can be on your way. It's not all that bad, it just means you need to spend extra inventory space on it, so don't forget. Again, if you have a slayer ring, you can skedaddle from this event if you don't want to carry food or druid pouches to protect the food.




Well, that's probably all you really need to know about how to do Temple Trekking. If you want, you can go on the harder routes for better rewards for each trek and a tougher, more entertaining challenge. That would take a different setup, which I'd rather not go into. It would also get you your lumberjack a lot slower. You can refer to the Game Guide article on Temple Trekking here if you want to get deeper into it.




You probably want to know, is it worth it? Most people tell me it took longer to get the full lumberjack set than it would have taken to get that 300k exp it saves. Some pieces are rarer than others; the boots are the most common, and the top is the least common. Me, I got lucky and got the set quickly, so I was happy.




However, I have a feeling that most people going for lumberjack aren't going about it the fastest way, which skews the numbers somewhat. There's a good chance that it's easier to get than people think it is. I think it's worth it.




Plus, it's fun and profitable. It also felt good having all the absolute best gear when I was going for 99 woodcutting--it kept me motivated. And it turns out I didn't stop chopping after 99, so it's added more exp than it might have. It's mostly a morale thing. Oh, and it's stylish. And even if you only have one piece, it's still one-fifth of one percent extra on each log you chop. Every little bit helps, right?




I might also point out that you make faster money Trekking than you'll ever make actually woodcutting.[/hide][hide=Familiars]It's debatable whether familiars count as equipment, but meh. You should use a familiar whenever you can, cuz they do good things. Even if there's no obelisk nearby it's worth taking a dose of summoning potion. Good familiars to use:






Beavers (34 summoning) give an invisible +2 woodcutting. It doesn't let you chop higher level trees than normal, but it increases your chopping speed by a negligible amount. But since it forages enough planks and logs to more than pay for the pouch, the boost is effectively free. In fact, it's basically paying you to let it give you a +2 woodcutting for a little more than half an hour. So go ahead.






The magpie (47 summoning) is a more profitable forager than the beaver, collecting gems and jewellery. It lasts for 34 minutes.






Spirit terrorbirds (52 summoning) are very cheap to summon and carry 12 additional logs in their inventory to cut down on banking time. They last 36 minutes. The more time you would normally spend banking, the more effective a terrorbird or other beast of burden will be. In most cases the terrorbird will be better than the beaver. The bull ant is debatable; I would probably choose the beaver in that case.






War tortoises (67 summoning) are more effective beasts of burden than terrorbirds. They last 43 minutes. Of course, the pouch is twenty times the cost, which is a big turn-off. Personally, I prefer the terrorbird for woodcutting.






Fruit bats (69 summoning) don't give a particular boost to woodcutting, but they're probably the most profitable foraging familiar out there. Just keeping one out while you chop won't slow you down, but it'll add about 15k gp/hr to your profit with the fruit and fruit seeds it gives you. They last 45 minutes.






The hydra (80 summoning) can regrow tree stumps with its scroll ability. It lasts 49 minutes. You could potentially use it on the tree patch in the Gnome Stronghold and have a magic or yew tree all to yourself without needing to wait for respawns! I don't like it much though, because it's expensive. The cost of the scrolls and pouches isn't worth the privacy, especially since there are 3 other yew trees right there, eucalyptus trees are better anyway, and you can just go to Lletya if you want magic trees to yourself. Don't bother with hydras.






The pack yak (96 summoning) is an amazing beast of burden with a huge inventory and a long timer (they last an hour!), and if you can use it, you should.[/hide]MISCELLANEOUS TIPS




Little things you can do to improve your experience.[hide=Tips]-Don't go back to the Grand Exchange to sell all your stuff all the time. It's time not spent chopping, which means less experience and less profit. Besides, are you in a hurry to buy something?


-When you chop and burn, if you're a skilled firemaker, it's possible to burn half your logs west and the other half to the east, bringing you right back to the tree where you started. If you can master this, it speeds you up a little.


-Don't search your bird's nests as soon as you get them. Your patience will reward you by allowing you to carry an extra log back to the bank. This doesn't apply if you're not banking your logs, of course.


-Always farm herbs and manage your kingdom for more profit. It's worth the time.


-If you set your window to resizable, you can stretch it horizontally into a widescreen view without stretching it vertically. This gives you a wider view of the area, which is useful for trees that are spread out.[/hide]QUESTS




A list of quests that give woodcutting experience can be found in the official Runescape Game Guide, under Home > Game Guide > Quests > Quest Experience Page > Woodcutting Rewards. The highest woodcutting requirement of any quest is a whopping 72 for Back to My Roots, so if you want that quest cape, get chopping! In addition to the quests that give woodcutting experience, some quests unlock new features for woodcutting:


[hide=Quests]-Jungle Potion: Unlocks Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup and the teaks and mahoganies in Tai Bwo Wannai.


-Monkey Madness: Unlocks Ape Atoll, good place for chopping teaks.


-All Fired Up: Unlocks the inferno adze, flame gloves, and ring of fire.


-In Aid of the Myreque/Darkness of Hallowvale: Unlock Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott Ramble and the lumberjack equipment.


-Wolf Whistle: Unlocks the summoning skill, which can aid you in woodcutting.


-Throne of Miscellania/Royal Trouble: Unlock the kingdom management minigame, which is unrelated to woodcutting, but gives you lots of money with no effort.


-Rocking Out: Unlocks the customs locker bank deposit box in Rimmington for willows and yews.


-Spirit of Summer: Unlocks cursed magic logs, for what it's worth...Desert Treasure is also needed for this.


-Mourning's End, Part 1: Unlocks Lletya and elf teleport crystals for chopping magic logs.


-Legends Quest: Unlocks the Kharazi Jungle for teaks and mahoganies, allows recharging of combat bracelets for chopping magic logs.[/hide]FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS




Your answers are all here, hopefully.[hide=FAQ]Q: How long does it take to get 99 woodcutting?


A: If you chop and drop teaks with a dragon hatchet for the fastest xp, it should take about 200 hours. Assuming you play 3 hours a day, you're looking at probably at least 9 weeks of woodcutting. 4 hours a day, about 7-8 weeks. 5 hours a day, 6-7 weeks. I don't recommend playing any more than that; it would be unhealthy. It would go faster if you already had 92 firemaking for the inferno adze.




Q: What's the fastest woodcutting experience?


A: I confess I don't know the exact rates, but the fastest experience is chopping and dropping teaks on Ape Atoll with an inferno adze, full lumberjack, and the special dropping method described in Part 1a of the teaks section above. It's really fast. A lot faster than it probably has any right to be.




Q: What's a good level to start chopping [type of tree]?


A: The first level where it's possible to chop it. No point waiting. Sure it'll be faster to chop yews at 70 than it will at 60, but it's not like you can magically propel yourself to level 70 without chopping something else. And if another training method would be better at one level, that's not going to change ten levels later.




Q: How do other people affect my woodcutting?


A: If two people are chopping one tree, the rate at which they both collect logs will be exactly the same. However, the tree will die faster. If there's another person in your spot, it's in both of your interests to chop the same tree. Why? Because it staggers the respawn rates in such a way that you spend less time waiting for stumps to grow back. There is a myth that you chop faster if you have your tree to yourself, but that's not true. So don't be afraid to share. (Funny story. I was once chopping with this guy who refused to chop the same tree I was chopping. I would move to his tree and he would immediately run away to a different tree. So I chased him there and he'd run back again. I kept it up for a while, laughing at him the whole time. Don't be that guy.)




Q: Is woodcutting a good moneymaking skill?


A: No. The most you can make is about 150k gp/hr with magic logs, which can be done easily by any member with little to no skill requirements in many ways.




Q: What about for free players?


A: I guess it's okay, but yews are pretty crowded in f2p, and mining is better anyway.




Q: What's lumberjack clothing? Is it worth getting?


A: See the equipment section.




Q: Is it okay if I use a rune hatchet?


A: Only if you're not a member, not 61 woodcutting, or if you're willing to spend an extra 50 hours or so to 99. Use a dragon hatchet or inferno adze. If you can't afford it, suck it up and put off your woodcutting goal until you can. The time you spend earning the cash is less than the time you save with the faster chop rate, and you can always sell it back again at the same price. You could even borrow one if you have to, although you'll waste time and/or money finding a lender.




Q: Which is faster money, woodcutting or fishing?


A: They both max around 150k gp/hr, so it's the same. Woodcutting is faster to train, but fishing is more friendly to crowds. Other than that, there's not much difference.




Q: What's an inferno adze?


A: It's a combination dragon hatchet and rune pickaxe that frequently incinerates logs as you chop them, giving you the full woodcutting and firemaking experience for the log. You need to have 92 firemaking and light all 14 beacons from All Fired Up to get one, and it lets you get faster woodcutting experience. It's also unbreakable. See the equipment section.




Q: I heard that magic logs chop at the same speed no matter what level you are, is that true?


A: I doubt it, but the difference between high and low levels does seem smaller when the chop rate is so slow to start with.




Q: I heard that for some trees you chop at the same speed with a rune axe as you do with a dragon axe, is that true?


A: No, the dragon axe is faster. Unless you mean, like, the dramen tree, or the tendrils in the abyss or something weird like that.




Q: Is it important to be able to plant my own trees to chop?


A: No.




Q: How much are my logs worth?


A: Look in the Grand Exchange database (perhaps this page?), or go to the Grand Exchange and ask whatsisname, Rolobo Blinyo the log guy. The Grand Exchange prices will fluctuate, but they're usually accurate.




Q: I hate quests! Do I really have to do them?


A: Well, no...eucalyptus logs can be chopped without any quests at all.




Q: How good are bird's nests?


A: If you get 99 woodcutting, you can expect a couple million gp just from nests. The seeds in them can be worth as much as something like 150k for a magic seed, and the nests themselves can be ground up and sold for a few k each. Nests are more common from trees that have a faster chop rate. Always keep an eye out for them, and wear a lucky rabbit's foot.




Q: How rare are eggs from nests? I want to summon a raven/god bird!


A: The eggs are pretty rare, especially the raven. Because of the way chance works, I can't say how long it would take to get a specific egg...just don't get your hopes up. In more than 16m exp, I've only gotten 2 raven eggs and maybe a dozen or so red/blue/green eggs. If you're after an egg, you can try teaks. In general though, you don't find eggs; eggs find you.




Q: I'm woodcutting and it's boring. What should I do?


A: Either go do something else, or try multitasking. You can browse forums or watch videos in a separate window. Turning on music is fine too.




Q: I've done some research of my own that I think could be of use in your guide. How can I submit it to you?


A: Oh, please do! All my data is from level 99, so anything from lower levels especially gives me a better picture of what to expect.




Q: [question not in this FAQ]?


A: Feel free to ask more questions in the thread. Since I made it, I'll obviously be watching it, so you can expect a response.




Q: Can I use your guide elsewhere on the internet?


A: No. See copyright notice at the bottom. If you plagiarize my work, don't think I won't find out.




Q: If I have a question about woodcutting, can I send you a PM in game?


A: Eh, I guess so. I'm usually willing to help. But read my guide first--the answer might be there already. And no solicitors allowed! You can ask me for advice, but I'm not going to lend you anything or give you free stuff. (I might come to your 99 woodcutting party if I'm online, I'm not busy, and you ask really nicely.) Other than that, feel free to PM me with questions, corrections, suggestions, compliments, whatever.




Q: I like this guide.


A: In that case, let me know! You'll boost my self-esteem. And not just me, but let all your friends know too. That'll boost my self-esteem even more, AND you'll be helping to educate the masses! Everyone wins! <img src='http://forum.tip.it/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/eusa_dance.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<img src='http://forum.tip.it/ipbnew/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />/' />




Q: I don't like this guide. I think you're wrong/stupid/ugly/a noob/other.


A: Well don't just sit there and flame me. Tell me what I got wrong so I can fix it; I try not to be wrong on purpose. And be polite about it, or you might cancel out the self-esteem boosts I got from the people who liked it. :cry:




Q: How often will this guide be updated?


A: Typically when a new update comes out involving woodcutting, I'll try it out, decide how good it is, make a post about it at the end of the thread, and then not update the actual guide for a long period of time. Then after that, usually after being prodded about it a little, I'll probably come back and change the Tip.It version and maybe the RSOF version.[/hide]LEGAL INFO




This guide is owned by me, all rights reserved. Don't reproduce it without my permission, or for commercial purposes. Jagex owns Runescape, not me, but I do claim ownership of this particular piece I have written about it. You can quote small excerpts of it if it's within fair use, I guess, and if you attribute the quote to me.

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9/10, 10/10 if you get more pictures, AOW PL0X!



Felix, je moeder.

Je moeder felix

Je vader, felix.

Felix, je oma.

Felix, je ongelofelijk gave pwnaze avatar B)

Felix, je moeder.


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Wow, I read through all of it. Very, very indepth and easy to understand, and has all the information you could possibly need. I am known to give much critism to guides, but there barely any. The format, is nice, it's easy to comprehend.




The only things I found wrong with the guide are just a tiny nitpicks... Once again, great guide ... Pi.




(What the Guthix/Sara? Lawl.)




Oh, and skill guides can't be in AOW for a stupid reason. Apparently it's because tip it already has a guide on it, although it's really stupid and only has Database information...




Oh, and this guide is going to dissapear. Just saying this now, lol.


[hide=]Oaks are fasterer than willows until about level 70, so you should say there is 0 point in cutting willows in memebers, even at 30, and that F2P should cut oaks.




Willows are unsellable.




Teaks have no animation while cutting as a monkey, which is horrid. Although they still are the best, you don't know when your cutting or not unless you pay 100% attention, even while your not wcing.




Actually, Eucalyp.... logs are great to firemake, I believe the most efficient to 99. (If you make a hefty 1m/hour or so... I forgot)




Cursed magic logs have very low potential. Why? Because farming them in the Grand tree with Hydra allows for constant woodcutting. You seem to have forgotten about they're existance. (You mentioned them... once)[/hide]

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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Awesome guide. So much stuff in it!




I might be able to pictures at some point.

So don't let anyone tell you you're not worth the earth,

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Cos you can make a difference, you can change everything,

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Use all that heart, hope and soul that you've got,

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And it's up to you to go out there and paint the canvas,

After all, you were put on the earth to do this,

So shine your light so bright that all can see,

Take pride in being whoever the [bleep] you want to be.

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Oaks are fasterer than willows until about level 70, so you should say there is 0 point in cutting willows in memebers, even at 30, and that F2P should cut oaks.




Willows are unsellable.




Teaks have no animation while cutting as a monkey, which is horrid. Although they still are the best, you don't know when your cutting or not unless you pay 100% attention, even while your not wcing.




Actually, Eucalyp.... logs are great to firemake, I believe the most efficient to 99. (If you make a hefty 1m/hour or so... I forgot)




Cursed magic logs have very low potential. Why? Because farming them in the Grand tree with Hydra allows for constant woodcutting. You seem to have forgotten about they're existance. (You mentioned them... once)


Okay. All very fair. Oaks, I'm skeptical that they can be chopped at 180% the speed of willows, but since you've made that claim it means I have to test it now. Willows technically aren't unsellable, because I've sold a few k of them...but if you're trying to sell 150k logs, good luck with that. You don't have a chopping animation as a monkey, but if you turn the sound on you can hear the chopping noise. I think I did mention that eucs are good for firemaking, but they're just not good to chop if you're planning on burning your logs yourself. And the hydra allows you to constantly chop, but see, you can almost always constantly chop magics already if you go to Lletya on a full world, because there are 3 trees and it's mostly deserted.




Good nitpicks. I can address those in the guide. Thanks for the praise, folks! My ego appreciates it.

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Hmm... since I'm going for 99 Firemaking, farming, woodcutting, and fletching, I'm going to start some firemaking. (Before I read this guide). Sadly not summoning, I need some more skills, and I thought I'd do the 4 skills that revolve around logs. :lol:




I started Eucs, and I must say, they did meet my standards. They are great, and very easy to afk.




PICTURES! Seriously, get some pictures. Nobody likes a boring guide, and adding some pictures including you woodcutting, minimaps, ANYTHING helps. Although it might not actually increase the quality of the guide by that much, pictures makes it easier to understand and less boring.









[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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Very useful guide. The information you have given is in depth and all relevant and it is clear that you enjoy woodcutting which makes the guide all the more enjoyable to read. This is one of the best guides that I have read and would say that it should go in the AOW but I wanna try out eucalyptus and get me some monies before everyone starts doing it and the price drops :P




10/10. Great job! :thumbsup:




P.S. I hope you consider writing more guides as you clearly have a knack for it :D


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Very useful guide. The information you have given is in depth and all relevant and it is clear that you enjoy woodcutting which makes the guide all the more enjoyable to read. This is one of the best guides that I have read and would say that it should go in the AOW but I wanna try out eucalyptus and get me some monies before everyone starts doing it and the price drops :P




10/10. Great job! :thumbsup:




P.S. I hope you consider writing more guides as you clearly have a knack for it :D


Thanks! Actually, I have written one other guide...just not about Runescape is all.




Fishing guide is in the works too, in the same way that this guide was "in the works" until I sat down and wrote the whole thing in one sitting. I'm thinking about it is all.




By the way, as far as pictures go, I do actually have some snapped. Reformatting the guide to include them is just another thing completely, is all. I don't want to have images for some things until I can have images for everything, or it'll feel lopsided to me. I can show you what I have already, though.


[hide=10 images]DELETED![/hide]

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Nice guide, im personally going for 99 wc rigt now....only 10 more levels :mrgreen:




On topic: Once again, good guide, however i much prefer cutting yews. They're longer, mo doubt, but you earn some cash along the way :)




Also, you may have wanted to mention GE merchenting while woodcutting.


I knew about Euc's for a very long time now, but I've finally started. I loved the results, just like yews without the crowds.

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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Nice guide, im personally going for 99 wc rigt now....only 10 more levels :mrgreen:




On topic: Once again, good guide, however i much prefer cutting yews. They're longer, mo doubt, but you earn some cash along the way :)




Also, you may have wanted to mention GE merchenting while woodcutting.


Thanks! If it's cash you're after, you should go with eucs. In my testing at least, their chop rate is about 25% faster than yews, which makes them better in both profit and speed. If my guide reaches more people and awareness increases, they might get more crowded and drop in price...but for now, they're definitely preferable.

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Note: If banking teaks at Tai Bwo Wannai, bring a good beast of burden. Trust me, it saves a hell of a lot of time and [bleep]es up xp/hour A LOT. War tortoise gets me a lot more xp/hour.

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Lol, I try to stay in worlds with 1800 or so people. Any more, and you should find 1 person woodcutting every 20 minutes. Euc's aren't as crowded as they were before, or at least not yet, but there ARE people woodcutting them.








Yeah... I'm hardcore Woodcut, lol.

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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I kinda just got into woodcutting yesterday, and I was cutting yews and the mage at Gnome Stronghold to train. I thought that yews were slow, so I looked for a guide, and I think i found the best Wc guide ever :roll: Im gonna go to the eucs now, thanks a ton, nice guide :thumbsup:


Dragon Drops:14

Barrows Drops:16

Quest Cape

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When cutting the wilderness Magic Tree, have the Forinthry Bracelet equipped, if you want to negate the effect of being teliblocked... it has helped me escape revs many times on various activities a number of times




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When cutting the wilderness Magic Tree, have the Forinthry Bracelet equipped, if you want to negate the effect of being teliblocked... it has helped me escape revs many times on various activities a number of times


Oh, right. Silly of me not to have that down already, there being a portal right next to the tree and all.




Wolf's aren't aggresive to you at 129+ combat I think, I"m 133 and they aren't.


If I didn't already say that, I should have.




I kinda just got into woodcutting yesterday, and I was cutting yews and the mage at Gnome Stronghold to train. I thought that yews were slow, so I looked for a guide, and I think i found the best Wc guide ever :roll: Im gonna go to the eucs now, thanks a ton, nice guide :thumbsup:


Glad you liked it!

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Finally someone has recognized the rates of teaks =D> I love your guide ,I personally banked all the teaks by using the fairy ring by the cw teak and banked in edge. You know you should add that if people are rich they can plank the teaks and make more money.10/10.

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You should include the inferno adze which requires 93 fm and all beacon's lit, and cuts just as efficient as a dragon axe and requires 61 wc to use, it also burns logs when cutting 1/4 of the time so its good for those people who want 99 fm and wc, it can also mine ores efficient to a rune pickaxe, making it a skillers must




EDIT: sorry didnt see that you put it in there accidentally skipped over that part/ :ohnoes:




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Amazing, AMAZING guide! 10^100/10 all the way! :thumbsup:




Great job writing the enormous amount of text in your guide. Being an avid woodcutter, I knew most of the things in the guide (although I didn't know about the Adze incenerating your logs!), but I still read those parts just cause you write in such an awesome way. Btw, the way you said it randomly incenerates made me laugh. :lol: You have a hilarious sense of humor! Oh, and pictures arn't really that needed, I mean, the text alone is is awesome, but pictures would brighten up your guide a bit. ::'




Again, great guide to woodcutting. Thanks for letting the masses know what I tried telling them, chop TEAKS, not WILLOWS!




EDIT: And going from level 60 to level 82 on yews only, and level 82 to 92 on mages only, I can confirm that you do not want to be training with those two logs.


Click Here for my RSOF 99 Construction G&A thread! Post your support!

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Amazing, AMAZING guide! 10^100/10 all the way! :thumbsup:




Great job writing the enormous amount of text in your guide. Being an avid woodcutter, I knew most of the things in the guide (although I didn't know about the Adze incenerating your logs!), but I still read those parts just cause you write in such an awesome way. Btw, the way you said it randomly incenerates made me laugh. :lol: You have a hilarious sense of humor! Oh, and pictures arn't really that needed, I mean, the text alone is is awesome, but pictures would brighten up your guide a bit. ::'




Again, great guide to woodcutting. Thanks for letting the masses know what I tried telling them, chop TEAKS, not WILLOWS!




EDIT: And going from level 60 to level 82 on yews only, and level 82 to 92 on mages only, I can confirm that you do not want to be training with those two logs.


10^100? This is a woodcutting guide, not a search engine! :D




Thanks for the good review, it made me feel glowy inside.




Finally someone has recognized the rates of teaks I love your guide ,I personally banked all the teaks by using the fairy ring by the cw teak and banked in edge. You know you should add that if people are rich they can plank the teaks and make more money.10/10.


Another good review, thanks! ::' Planking the logs would be considered a separate moneymaker--you'd basically have used your profits from woodcutting to pay for a different activity that could just as easily have been tanning d'hides, buying pess to craft, and so on. Since you can't combine the two very effectively (unless you were to chop oaks at the sawmill, but oaks are not great for training) they're separate activities and should be treated as such. Although, I mentioned runecrafting...nothing is stopping you from bringing 100 trading sticks to chop a load of teaks after crafting your nats. It is pretty close to the nature altar.

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Pretty nice guide you got here, I'm sure I'll try some of your methods. Until today I've been using yews from approxmatically 70, always at a location very few people know, so here's a tip:




Tree: Yew Tree


Woodcutting level: 86


Type of axe: Dragon Axe


Test length: A few months


Number of logs chopped: I dunno -.-


Woodcutting experience: About 3,9m xp


Firemaking experience: Almost 13,4m, not applicable




I got a tip for a new location, which is pretty good in my opinion. South of Piscatoris Fishing Colony, near Eagle's Peak there's about 8-10 yew trees fairly close to eachother. When you've done Swan Song quest you have acces to a bank and you can get a free boat ride from Kathy Corkat, to the area and back to the bank. In the months I've been chopping here nobody joined me (unless I invited someone) AND (very important) I never got any teleportation randoms or any Tree Spirit or Haunted Tree random. I guess these are disabled because it's near a Hunter Area.




I hope this info can be helpful, this guide certainly was.








PS, W22 Fishy Team ftw <3:


~99 Cooking on 06/20/2007~

~99 Agility on 03/02/2008 (1,006th)~

~99 Firemaking on 06/25/2008~

~99 Woodcutting on 06/29/2009~

~99 Fletching on 10/29/2009~

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Very nice guide! :thumbsup: 9/10- more pictures! Everyone <3: pictures ::'




Problem is.. I hate Woodcutting :D



[109 combat with Summoning ;)][/hide]

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