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#1, or "At least it's not cooking..."

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On the 22nd of April, at 20:15, I got my first level 99.












The title is based upon a quote from one of my mates:




You got a win 99, at least it's not cooking



138 Combat as of Summer 2010 - Retired Summer 2010

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Attack :thumbup: I've been watching your progress for a while now, hoping to get there myself eventually :P 10/10


Chuck Norris doesn't ever need a compass; he randomly points somewhere and north goes there in order not to anger him.
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Dragon drops: 82 (2 claws)

Dagannoth kings drops: 73

Barrows item count: 51

GWD drops: 54 (5 hilts: 1x bandos, 3x saradomin, 1x zamorak)

Whips: 4

Sigils: 1x spectral (FFA), 1x arcane (FFA)

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nice attack, was my first 99 aswell

I'm gonna be walking down an alley in varrock, and walka is going to walk up to me in a trench coat and say "psst.. hey man, wanna buy some sara brew"

walka92- retired with 99 in attack, strength, defence, health, magic, ranged, prayer and herblore and 137 combat. some day i may return to claim 138 combat, but alas, that time has not yet come

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Oh wow, everyone has 99 cooking. :roll: Jk,10/10.






Except you.




8/10 on the achievement.


99 Hits, Attack, Strength, Defence, Mage, Summoning, Slayer, Ranged, 96/99 Prayer

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