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Weird revenant and advice on getting fire cape


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Lately I've completed the Summer's End quest, dying twice solely because of my old lagging laptop and malfunctioning mouse :twisted: Then I travelled to the Rogue's Castle in deep wildy to gain the extra one-time xps, by the time which I met a revenant icefiend. Since I hadn't banked after the quest and was low on health, food and prayer, I decided to beat the rev up with my fists quick. However, the thing kept healing itself whenever its health is reduced to below half, and I just couldn't seem to defeat it. And in the end I just locked up the rev and left the area. Can anyone tell me why is this happening?




Btw I'm thinking about getting a fire cape for myself, are my stats enough to kill Jad? I don't have any decent equipments apart from my whip atm but I'll be making some cash soon and able to purchase better ones. So if you have any suggestions for equipment sets for me please do voice out, thanks :)



Never a serious money maker lol.


Currently a Sabre Initiate =]

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For the first question, because revs were supposed to be a replacement for pkers of the old wildy they were given the ability to "eat" a certain number of times and heal themselves. Just another reason they are annoying little ****ers.



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not sure about the rev but your stats are fine for the fire cape, ive seen a lvl 72 with a fire cape, getting the fire cape takes alot of skill, not just really high stats, although they help. i dont have any advice for you though sorry :?


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okay that's WHY they're healing continuously...


I've never really fought any of these revenants ever since I returned to RS not long ago tho.


I don't really mind hardships as long as it can be overcome by perseverance, skills and perhaps a finite sum of GP =)



Never a serious money maker lol.


Currently a Sabre Initiate =]

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Also, I believe the Smite prayer was succesfully tested against Revenants. I believe it stopped their healing ability.




I've smited revs before and they kept healing, it does improve the chance of a decent drop from a rev though.




Your stats are good enough to take on jad but the battle is more about skill than stats. People in the level 40's have got fire capes but it isn't easy, if I were you I would train your range level a bit and perhaps also your prayer.

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