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Your Lowest Level?

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45 RC. It's terrible and I hate training it. I tried the Abyss and hated it. And the worst thing is, there are so many reasons for me to train it (quests, achievement diaries, etc.). Most of my skills are above or exactly 60 (Summoning, Construction and Herblore are the other ones below that - most of the moneysinks, basically), but this one I really despise.



You're being watched.

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62 Farming, Never LIked The Skill


Proud To Have Once Owned An Untrimmed Agility Cape

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I've decided to pour some cash into Construction, so now my lowest level is RC.



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56 thieving




Albel doesn't say anything anymore, just comes in, leaves an arrow and vanishes into the night :(Probably
practising some euphonium

You nearly had me fooled, you fooler you


9/10. To me, always associate Albel with musical stuff in OT.

Everyone with a goatee and glasses is Albel now.

lmfao albel m8 wat r u doin, hi though.



[hide=Runescape Achievements]99 firemaking(2007), 99 woodcutting(2008), 99 fletching(2009), 99 magic(2010), 99 cooking(2010), 99 farming(2011), 99 construction(2011), 99 runecrafting(2012), 99 Hunter (2014),  99 ranged (2015), 99 HP (2015), 99 Slayer (2015), 99 attack (2015) 99 Defense (2015) 99 Prayer (2015) 99 Summoning (2015) 99 Strength(2015) 99 Herblore (2015) 99 Dungeoneering (2017)  99 Mining (2017) 99 Crafting (2017) 99 Smithing (2017) 99 Thieving (2017)  99 invention (2017) 99 Fishing (2018), 99 Divination (2018), 99 Agility (2018), MAXED (05/17/2018)[/hide]

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