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Tempests Monster Hunting Blog: COMPLETIONIST CAPE ACHIEVED

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Wow zam was good lol. 3 kills easily enough, had 8 sharks and 3 doses of brew, but decided not to go for a fourth.


3rd kill was over in about 15-20 secs lol >.>


Dunno what to do now, maybe head off for a Sara solo finally, think ill do 5 barrows chests then make up my mind.


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Decent day today lol. Not that much done, but what I did was god :)


I now have a list of items that I plan to get in immediate to near future.

(in no particular order)


Ranger boots

Archer ring

Berserker ring

Dragon claws

Armadyl helmet

Armadyl chest plate

Armadyl plateskirt

Armadyl godsword

Divine spirit shield

Veracs helm, flail and Brassy to finish set

Zammy spear

Zammy D'hide top


That will give me that ability to do whatever I want, whenever I want ;)


Might not be on much tomorrow, although if I don't go to rowing cause of stuffed leg, might get some Zam solos/ more barrows runs in ;)


Night all


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Not much can be said about today. More IRL stuff then RS, but only time on RS was barrows lol. 10-15 chests today, can't remember lol, nothing of importance.


Tomorrow the plan is to do penguins and then 5-10 bandos solo kills lol.


Oh and by the way I now know what my more current goals are.

Get 96 herblore

Get 96 Summoning


Get Divine




Ah well, night all :)


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Heres the list of what I need for 99.


5,000 Irits =25m

5,000 Kwuarms = 31m

5,000 Eyes of newt

5,000 Limpwurt roots

10,000 Dwarf weeds =84m

5,000 Wines of zamorak

3,000 magic potions

3,000 super defence potions

8,250 super energy potions

8,250 papayas

5,000 avantoes = 20m

3,000 lantadyme =21m

3,000 ground mud runes

25,000 grenwall spikes

3,000 Torstol =16.5m

650 prayer potions

650 wyvern bonemeal


I assume thats actually gonna cost over 400m lol. But I'm not calcing cause I don't wanna know.

Basically the only cash back I get is what profit using the potions yields >.<


Ah well.


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