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[TICT]The BlacKnights Vs Crimson Raiders


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After the first round, we ended up drawing Crimson Raiders for round 2. When we seen this, we knew going into it. This was going to be a very hard fight. Rules as follows...





-Melee+Binds Only! (No Ranging! No Blasting! No Weakens!)


-Only Your Clan Team Cape Can Be Worn (Bk:team 41)(Cr: team 49)

-No Corrupts(wep+armour)

-Rings On

-Classic Arena

-No Tanking Trees, Middle bounds

-5 Sniper Cap (20% Of Main Pile Due To Tourny Rules)

-North Attacks

-War World: 14


Bk Starting: bkstartingvscr30v30feb2.jpg


The fight started off with CR attacking since we spawned south. Both first piles tanked well and the fight stayed tied until 25 - 25. Where Cr took the lead and Cr piled our fall in leader Paul18243 who tanked well for us. At this point Cr maintained the lead for another kill or so until we got two quick ko's. This is where the fight started to turn and it started with J Morg saying to us "Bad Idea" when we piled him claiming he is going to beast us. 5 seconds later we koed him and took the lead. We manage to get 1 more quick pile down thanks to our great snipers today. At this point we kept a 2 - 3 man lead until it dwindled down to 13 - 8. At this point Cr decided they could not swing the fight around. The majority of them left the fight, giving us the victory.



Bk Ending: bkendingvscr30v30feb26t.jpg


Thanks for the fight CR and good luck in the rest of the torny. It was a very enjoyable fight and it would be nice to do it again in the future.




Bk Leader


Looking for a war? Contact me <3


RSN: Vanzant

Bk Forums Account: Anthony

Msn: [email protected]

IRC: Irc.swiftirc.net #blacknights


Care to join Bk? Sign up at www.rs-blacknights.com!

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Was a quality fight CR, respect for keeping it so close, right up until the end it could have gone either way but we got the two person lead at around 19 and we managed to sustain it and from 14 extend it a little further. I managed to get koed with 2 pizzas left which was really annoying because I had just used a ring charge and still had some prayer left and thought I could have tanked a little longer but ahwell.


GF CR, really proud of BK, good job peoples

Do you want to love me?

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I dc'd like 8 times haha. Honestly, those three kos really swung the fight our way, and with the amazing leading of the Warlords, the beastly binds being thrown, and the crazy snipers, CR had a tough match. Thanks for believing in us TIF! :P

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^ Every single person said CR would win


They out leveled us heavily, almost all 120s while we had quite a few sub 115s.


But in the end we showed why we won this:



Very proud of our upset, good fight and much respect to CR.

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great fight cr i thought you had it at one point when you took a 2man lead however we clawed it back with a couple of swift ko's, i didnt tank that well i had a couple snipers on me next minute i had the pile on me so could only repeat hug and didnt really do much other than eat!!


gf and gl in your other catergories

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GF BK, you piled me first and i tanked you pretty well, i came back from afk and we were down 3. Seems like you just outperformed us today, good job :smile:


§ Crimson Raiders Veteran | skull_crossbones.gif Ex Downfall Warlord | bcouncil.gif Ex Team Vendetta Council

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Enjoyed the fight, was close until the last 10 minutes.

Great performance considering how outlevelled we were.

Jukkie 135/126 ciombat [perm banned July 07][unbanned June 09]

302nd person to 99 ranged.


Proud member/Ex-Elder of The BlacKnights (2005-present).


Proud Ex-Domination member (2005).

Proud Ex-Mystic Knights Elder (2003-2005).

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