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Legendz defeat Archangelz


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Full out


North attacks

Rings ON


Not as challenging as thought due to AA's low pull. We wanted them to pull 60+, but didn't. It was pretty 1 sided due to us out leveling them



AA's starting 42:



Legendz starting 37:







Got piled at the 38 mark, managed to get away and survived until end.





AA wasn't satisfied and decided they wanted a rematch in Classic. We glady accepted though most of our members left as we were chasing them around for a while in the first war.


Starting: 30v30 - Same rules as before, but in classic.


We started off piling a 118 while they went for Rizzle, who tanked like a beast.








We had a DC at 27-4 =\.


Note to AA: The flames at the end of the war were from people not in our clan.


vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWfcmS8kZkg

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Was kinda disappointed with our pull. We were outskilled and outlevelled, and had a lack of binds/range

Grats LGZ, looking forward to a rm when we get better


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Gratz LGZ.


Nice try AA.



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