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Drake makes decent music, but calling grime anything else then rap is wrong.

I like up all night alot, definitely one of drakes best songs.


#t0 #ce #teamsweden #se @swiftirc

#clan_europe @Quakenet

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Only playing New London for places in CT? That's some bull [cabbage].

No WA shows at all.


I think its pretty cool when they say, "Pete Pistol: the northwest dropped the ball on this one. you got any connects?" to me though haha.




#1 Wongtong stalker.

Im looking for some No Limit soldiers!

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No idea who this guy is, but this song is sick.



Great swedish rapper :)

me likey

The once was a mexican called pepsi,

Or maybe it's just he had Hep C,

He was a pretty cool bro,

Bros generally are you know,

He hailed from the land of 'taters,

He was known to hate many-a-hater,

He likes a girl named Lacey,

His thoughts about her are kind of racy,

And also his dad likes to [rooster].

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I've been listening to a lot of music lately and i find it very appropriate that my post about kanye was recently quoted. i stand by my opinion that it was a terrible song and on his new album he really failed to progress. there was one song that really stuck out to me.. it might have been called "can we get much higher" or something along those lines. that was as close to the kanye i know and love as i'll ever hear.


Obviously mainstream rappers are usually not the most talented or the most lyrically profound (eminem, drake being exceptions). To find real hip hop and rap you have to look a little bit underground. you can't be listening to wiz khalifa and saying he is one of the best out- he's really not. look on a mixtape website before you form your opinion of whats good and whats not.


here are some of the best artists, songs, and mixtapes that i believe are REALLY the hottest out right now:


Big sean (finally famous volume 3)

Wale (more about nothing)

Lupe fiasco- the show goes on

Royce da 5'9 (bar exam 3)

joell ortiz

crooked I

maino- price of fame

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[font="Georgia"][b]Current Status:[/b][/font][font="Palatino Linotype"][color="#FF0000"][/color][color="#0000FF"] Training defense [/color][/font][/size]
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Man on the Moon II <3:


I'm listening to this at the moment, and I like his fiirst album moere so far...

I like both, I mean, I feel this album is more consistent, whereas his first has some really outstanding songs, and a few not so good ones. But hey it's KiD CuDi, my favourite artist :P


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Could anyone please give me a list of all the G.O.O.D Music Friday stuff by Kanye, I fell behind on downloading them, and cant ifnd a list anywhere.


I wont smoke it if the name ain't right

My haze is looking like its been in a color fight.

Guess we are smoking on Picasso, light it up, ignite the spark.

Man it feels good to be smoking on fine arts.

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