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Tip.It Times - 22nd April 2012


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Time for a new release of the: >>>Tip.It Times!<<<






Remember, YOU can write an article for the Tip.It Times! You can apply to write full time, or just submit a "one-off" guest article any time you want! Our editors will work with you to ensure that your article is ready for publication. All guest articles can be submitted to @tripsis or any other Editorial Panel member. For more information, including details on how to apply full time, read this forum thread: http://forum.tip.it/topic/209138-how-to-write-for-the-tipit-times/


I'd like to remind people of the rules pertaining to Times threads:


[hide=Read these rules before posting in this thread]

Rampant flame wars have taken control of virtually every week's times discussion topics. The following guidelines must be followed when posting on this topic. Posts that ignore these guidelines will be removed.


1. You are invited and welcome to express like or dislike on articles and a particular author's writing style. It is not acceptable, however, to flame or personally insult an author. Posts that aren't anything but an attack will be removed from the topic.


2. Spelling and grammar errors can be reported to tripsis by PMing her and they will be fixed promptly. It is not necessary to post them on the discussion topic.


3. Off topic posts that do not discuss the content of that week's articles will be removed. This is not the place to discuss the direction of the times, how much you love or hate the times, etc. Off topic posts will be removed.


By keeping within these guidelines, Times discussion topics will mean more for the Panel and Administration than just a place for flame wars. Flame wars do not provide any useful feedback to the Times, which is mainly what we're aiming for with these topics: feedback.


This policy is effective as of now, November 17, 2010. Any posts prior to the creation of this policy may or may not be removed according to the new guidelines.



When replying please make sure to clarify the article you are replying to! Thanks!


If you spot any typos or mistakes in the article then please PM them to @tripsis :)


Enjoy the articles!

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1st article: was a nice read and brought up a decent point about the amount of people maxing etc., but was fairly short and felt like too weak a piece to be a main article


2nd: read it like a week ago, liked it, some of the listed updates coulda been fleshed out more but still enjoyed it. thanks for letting me contribute to it hamtaro


3rd: decent fictional piece, normally skip em

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First: I like how it statically states that RC is the dullest skill without question or room for argument =P


Second: Pretty much nails it. Should probably mention somewhere in there that it was Swift Switch, which is why people are going on about "ss" and not "sk".

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thanks for letting me contribute to it hamtaro

It was my pleasure. Thank you for your contribution to the article :thumbsup:.

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The first article was interesting.


For comp capes on the news feed, if I remember correctly say you lost your comp cape due to an update and you got it back (ex. Morytania tasks) it would say you unlocked the cape (so it would look like more people are getting it when they're really not) <-- I could be wrong though!


I think comp capes will always keep some prestige because it has the best stats in the game. However, I wouldn't be surprised if we reached over 20k max capes by 2015.

Comp cape (t) will most likely always be rare unless they shorten or remove the castle wars req (which I think they will do it with the 10000 problems it brings up)

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First article was good, I do agree that I see a lot of people getting either a skill cape or a max cape and to be frank I find it quite annoying AND 87 DAYS OF CASTLE WARS!?!? That is quite stupid and quite sad considering my account is probably 90 days old (8 years old) and it feels like I've been training black momba8 forever. So if I do the math it'll take me another 8 years to get ONE of the completionist cape (t) requirement... really?


As for the 2nd article it was cool, none of those updates really frustrated me but I still refer to constitution as hit points :)

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Regarding the first article: Milestones like getting a 99 or maxing your account are meant to be achieved, and will always be seen as some kind of achievement. If Jagex really wanted to introduce an item that would always be rare, they would release items similar to golden scythes.


Regarding the second: I always like reading about what runescape was like in the past, both things I can remember and those which occurred before I started playing.


Regarding the third: Nomad's requiem is a lot more fun when you think about how epically powerful Nomad is, and this article represents that perfectly. (killing him the first time was hard for me, and even now when he can be destroyed with a spork I still feel apprehensive when I fight him in the dominion tower)




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I found the first article thought-provoking, although I thought it could have been expanded upon a little. I read somewhere recently that the model for RS depends upon sufficient new accounts coming into the game to keep things comparatively rare, which is of course an impossible situation to maintain. The comp will most definitely become more common over time (of course, it only becomes rarer immediately following an update such as a quest) unless skills are changed drastically, i.e: levels above 99 are required. I'd personally not mind this - should I achieve max cape, I'll begin working on skills to bring them up to "level 100" and so on rather than crack on with comp requirements - but it's a discussion best suited to an article, I expect (and probably already exists as one!) :P


The second was good, I always enjoy articles on stuff like bugs, mistakes and controversy. I was around for the final three and personally think that - SOF aside - the climbing boots fiasco was the worst update (wait for it) of all time. I was aware of the details but still appreciated Logdotzip's account and think the rest of the article could possibly have done with some expansion, although of course they would have been covered by previous articles.


I thought the fictional was excellent, of course. ;) I recently did the double-Nomad fight in the dominion tower and was disappointed by how easy it was - perhaps unsurprisingly, given my vastly improved gear and levels since completing the quest. In any case, my Nomad nostalgia was the inspiration for this particular tale.

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The first and second articles were both very good reads. I think that Jagex will have some big troubles creating another, even more high-level "completionist something" cape. There simply is not much more content to complete than what is required for the completionist cape (t).



Add me if you so wish: SwreeTak

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Actually, the completionist cape will just have requirements added onto it as content emerges and will be guaranteed best cape forever, provided that those who already have it keep up with those requirements, kind of like the quest cape, but on a larger scale.


They probably won't add anything too drastic to it though. I still think requiring "participation" (and by that they mean that you don't really do anything you don't need to count) in a minigame for no apparent reason than to log a certain amount of time in it is darn pointless.


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