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Tip.It Integration


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We're pleased to announce a new partnership and integration with one of the longest running and most helpful RuneScape fansites out there - Tip.It. As a result of the new integration, SwiftKit is now using Tip.It as it's primary source of RuneScape data. This includes items, prices, npcs, guides etc. To begin with things might not seem too different, however down the track we'll be making updates to utilise all the useful data that Tip.It has to offer.


With the new integration we've also moved the SwiftKit support forum over to the Tip.It forum. While we were more then happy with Zybez hosting them we felt that it made sense to move them over with the new integration taking place. We'd like to thank our previous integration partner Zybez for providing SwiftKit with database and forum hosting over all these years. The Zybez community have been great to us and we hope to continue being close friends.


In other news, SwiftKit will now automatically crop out that horrible in game menu bar. We're not fans of this top menu bar any more then you are so expect to see an update in the near future giving you the ability to hide it.


Changes and Fixes:

+ Tip.It integration.

+ Ingame menubar now cropped from Screenshots automatically.

+ New minigames added to stats lookup.



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:wink: been waiting for this to happen for awhile now.



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Great to be with you, tip.it!


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He might be talking about the Mac version, which at least to my knowledge doesn't have skill calculators.

This is true, the calculators will be introduced (among other Windows features) over time



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