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Evolution of PVP combat!

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*Small modest cough*

PvP Wish List.



EoC PvP Brainstorm



Bringing back the Wildy Wirm _> This one is new to me WHOOOAAAA THE CAAARRNNNAAGGGGEEE F YESSS FINALLY



If you insist on argueing against everything or better yet *anything* to evolve this desolate place, be my guest, I just want to have fun and don't care nearly enough anymore to see some bummed out guy break everything down. Thank you if you give some solid feedback<3

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It's not like no one's ever suggested improvements for EoC and PvP!!

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and they deleted combat beta forum


so much facepalm:(

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The majority of the threads are archived somewhere, but as it's no longer a beta you can post anything you would post there in other places.

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~Open Wilderness PvP, PvM, Riches~

An Open world filled with action.

it takes place in the resource-rich area known as The Wilderness. The wasteland can be accessed by either locating Mr. Ex, various levers, an instanced teleportal or rings/statues.(*)
I don't want to grief you, I don't want to kill you, if it was for a pure PVP experience i'd go Pest control or BH, Castle wars, Soul wars, Clan wars, Crucible, Fist of Guthix, Duel arena... 
All of these should come with a PVP tutorial. Starting from the bottoms up, explaining each form of PVP (and safety) and then eventually, as final touch; 
The wilderness, deemed a very dangerous place where the predator rules but also where the experienced player can take a risk and receive something for it. (unsafe, duh it's PvP)

When you interact with a lever a menu will open where you will have several options to choose from. You can start one of the many events through the grouping system(1) or travel to different areas of the Wilderness. Clicking one pops up a screen for travel.
*: Edgeville, Ardougne, Add more? ~Levers
)An instanced portal, activated through Jennica's ring or a portal somewhere in Gielinor and make an interface so we can teleport to each portal in the Wilderness on our free choice (like home tele tab). The wilderness must be accesible and the portals already are great but sometimes you keep getting sent and back and that spoils a lot of the fun and it's hard to navigate team-based cooperation.
-Forinthry bracelet, other bracelets? Or make bracelets have PvP buffs, show jewelry some love please. With the imbue method you can also revive a lot of older unused items to the EOC-era.
-remove the hometele near the black unicorns and just put a portal there?

-Make God War tokens teleport to God-assigned teleports in the wilderness, from WE2 and make them retrievable for everybody BUT for players who don't have one they need to PK it from another player. (then it is also retrievable for the new player who didn't obtain it)******; Seems like fun PvP :')
-Make the Zamorak mage (or others) wandering near Edgeville teleport anywhere, add a quest blk.gif.

Teleports/Areas/Where to teleport.

Bracelets, necklaces, amulets
Boneyard/Zombie graveyard (saphire), Green drags (W/E Emerald), Zamorak prayer altar/chaos altar (Ruby, add more God-Faction altars?), RR or mining node (Diamond), Scorpion pit/Chaos ele (Jade), Red Topaz (Hobgoblin mine), Opal (Ruins with smith anvil and ruins with furnace). 
The teleportals ofcourse accessible in and outside of Wilderness.

Frost warriors, Dark warriors castle in the middle, Under hill giants, Inside Wilderness Volcano, Inside Bandit camp, Demonic ruins, Mage bank.


-Statue Control-

When you first arrive at a statue it will be neutral or under control by divine magic and if it's under control a barrier will be around the statue.
This divine forcefield is powered by a magicician near the statue or in a building or underground or upstairs, by killing him you get access to the node.
You will have to destroy the divine power node and afterwards the barrier goes down.
You may run into a few guards at this point that hit very hard so you will have to take them out before destroying the barrier. 
If you are successful you can start converting the statue. 
This will start a 2(?) minute countdown during which another team can come and prevent you from taking over the place. 
If you still have control of the area after two minutes everything will respawn but it will be in your possession. 
Areas like God-faction altars, Bandit camp, Mage Bank, Dark warriors castle (larger areas) will have a barracks which enables player to put their spawnpoint there.
The longer you are in control of an area (1 - 2 - 3 stages) will grant you more EXP, larges chances on Boss monster/Slayer monster drops or PvP Buffs/Items or randomized events:
Meteorites that fall around the area which contain ores for a brief window that can be mined very fast.
Plants/Trees that sprout which you can harvest
Fishing spots, Div spots, etc, and so on and on...
Farming area with god vines, nightshade, etc
Large DG dungeons where you can find PvP armour or weaponry which can be taken outside or a voucher system (alike DG tokens) which makes you able to buy armour/weaponry from Mr. Ex.
Please add more suggestions blk.gif


To transfer the supplies/Resources safely we should be able to have a looting bag or otherwise talk to the magician and after +6(?) minutes he will teleport the items to your bank.
This is where teams come into play. Teams may want to send a few players out to scout for resources while the rest of the team stays back and defends.
If there are several hotspots in the wilderness and with the various teleports around now like lodestones, Games necklace, Portals, levers it's much easier to call in friends or clanmates coming to help you.

~fortuitous events~
There are several bone, plank, Herblore secondaries, gems, runes, ... spawns over the whole wilderness, remnants from ancient times, whilst they were useful for starting players in F2P long ago this is no longer the case, 
there could be COMPLETELY randomized drops all over which spawn from time to time (something alike the rares on 07). Various planks up to mahogany, Summoning secondaries (tortoise?), fragments for PVP armours/weaponry, runes, gems up to dragonstone... 
This could make use of the broadcasting chat when you are exploring the area around the statue and a message pops up if you found something.


Add a master bloodwood tree which makes you able to craft t75 weaponry or armour.

Wildy***m is an awesome initiative
Add a demon boss at Demonic ruins?
Add a frost demon/dragon boss at frost plateau?
Rework Chaos ele droprate and add "Chaos weaponry"
Add divine upgrades for everything which you can earn from Magebank?
Make god staves/books upgradeable to T75 and let books/defenders buff mainhand for legacy or add a GodBook ability blk.gif, add a quest to the mage arena.
Add more drops from revenants.

Wilderness Buffs
Increased damage output agains dragons & demons in the wilderness
More runes from the abyss
Faster mining rate of ores, faster rate of anything?
The odds that revenants or wilderness monsters drop Brawler gloves & PVP armours is near doubled
Add more drops from revenants. Add a large revenant cyclops which drops a level 75 defender -> upgradeable to T8 through dungeoneering.
The odds of clues from wilderness monsters are higher.
Sigil , Dragonrider boots/gloves, DFS, Dragon items, rare/very rare drops droprates are increased. These are the items in the Wilderness now and it's not nearly enough, this is for people with 70 stats, Wouldn't consider this endgame.
Increased rate of gathering Warband supplies aswell as receiving the wand of treachery drop.
Add randomized items (corrupt barrows armour? Clues? Effigies? ...) From Wb's and nerf the XP (sorry guys)
Smithing in wilderness has the same effect as portables (chance of more bars)
Cooking in Bandit camp ^

Looting bag!
Put the solo/multi toggle back so you won't get ganged upon when first entering the Wilderness, if using a portal 10s no attack.
Remove Wilderness seperation up north.
Add a bank chest in the middle of crater.
Add all of these events to the grouping system (which can be closed for FC's/CC)
Implent Job boards for more tokens
Implent a bounty system where after you've made three kills you are assigned to someone as bounty. Bounty targets drop an item that makes transferring collected items in the wilderness faster or the acquisation of statues.

I dunno man, i'm tired of this desolate empty piece of land with a fugly crater. basic gist of the idea is that there's high level res everywhere, meteorites, random events, enemies, bosses, skill spots, like every step you take you wouldn't know what happens next. Open world PvP blk.gif

and i'm also tired seeing level 70-90 noobs at drags/revs/etc so I want some high level content to do whilst I pk


TLDR: Put more stuff in Wild, it's big (but really not big enough to completely write my idea out).
If any of this inspires you, takes these ideas as your own.


Time to move on to other games, sadly :(

not really phased at what combat system they throw at us, I just want to have fun, make it instanced for all I care ,... whatever

and ye ik I posted some of this earlier.

sadly one guy has to derail the PvP thread everytime, I bet that's real fun being a dev and then reading that shit again and again

immature pricks

y'know get your head out of your ass and stop thinking it's US VS MEEEEE it's about all of us but yeah if you want to keep this place desolated and far underwhelming.. pft enjoy the EXP ;)

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Hey all,
Once again, thanks for all the responses so far!

Below I have second version of the proposed change for you to look over and give feedback on. Check it out and as always, give me feedback

Proposed changes to EoC PvP v2:

  • - Change basic interrupts to be a 2 cycle (1.2s) stun.

  • - Remove the linked cooldown between the basic stuns and treshold stuns.

  • - Add a 1 cycle stun to the start of Destroy/Asphixitate/RF to interrupt the player.

  • - If the player follows a basic stun with Destroy/Asphixitate/RF this stun is increased in duration to 3 cycles.

  • - Destroy/Asphixitate/RF will retain their current bind.

  • - Investiagte and strengthen the deminishing returns on stuns to prevent multiway stunlocks.

  • - Remove prayer drop from dragon breath, snipe and havoc.

  • - Add prayer drop to bash.

  • - Increase the damage ceiling of all ultimates in PvP.

  • - Investigate adding the following passive effects to exisiting ultimates:

    • - Increase damage taken for x seconds.

    • - Decrease any healing done by x% for y seconds.

  • - Design a new set of thresholds which can have a 15%-50% adrenaline cost (Design to come, discuss).

    • - Thresholds can combo with exisiting basics to realiably boost their damage.

    • - Thresholds can offer unrealiable spike damage.

  • - Rescale PvP damage reduction so that it scales with armour value as this works on a polynomial scale.

  • - Defence will no longer offer base PvP damage reduction, it will instead apply a multiplier to the worn damage reduction on the player.

  • - Quake will now perform 219% weapon damage to the main target.

  • - Hurricane will hit twice on the main target. Once at the start and once at the end.

  • - Meteor strike will perform an AoE attack.

  • - Meteor strike will no longer require your opponent to be above 50% lifepoints.

  • - Barge will no longer cast if you do not have a target, it will instead supply you with the targetting cursor.

  • - Barge will apply a 2 cycle bind on your opponent.

  • - Barge will no longer share a cooldown with surge.

  • - Escape will now remove binds.

  • - Melee combo abilities will chase after your target.

  • - The hard cap on damage will be removed.

  • - A soft cap will be applied to all damage over a threshold (TBD by play tests. PvM and PvP will have different thresholds) enforcing deminishing returns for hitting over this amount.

Let me know any feedback you have on this and I can tweak accordingly.

There are quite a few discussion points here, namely which ultimates should get the buffs mentioned and possible designs for the new threshold abilities!

Once we have this design sorted I will move the proposal to future updates to get general feedback before we start making the changes.


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Ieuw dat formatting o.O


Sounds decent tho.

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Lol, are Jagex still trying with the wilderness? They need to just accept the Runescape they've created and remove PVP from the game.

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