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~~New Friends list. *Pics*~~*Siggy*~~Support List~~ OF. SIG

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Official sig!!












An interesting idea, give it a look.




New update: Even though the pictures don't show it, the friends list would be alphabetical.




New update: If a stranger PM's you, when you hit respond, their name will automatically go under 'Other'. And can then be moved elsewhere if needed.




First of all, I'd would like to give an extended thank you to Thagern and N0valyfe, for the ideas and inspiration.




Now down to business, I have designed a new and improved friends list. It allows you to have four categories with a list capacity each of 100 friends. The topics as of now are, Friends, Merchants, Clans, and Other. The ability to name the categories is still in question. This feature makes your list more organized, and rids of the search for a friends name, or wondering why they were added in the first place.








You can manually name the categories. Thanks to kn1gh7_K1n6 for the updated picture which is also in alphabetical order. :)






Please do not add any of these friends to your list. Thank you.




Now, with this new list, you can also right-click on a friends name, and choose the new option, add to ignore. Which automatically adds the friend to ignore while deleting them from your friends list. This will be a major improvement over the original having to delete the friend, remember their name, and add them to ignore.








Also, with this system comes the ability to instantly respond to friends. No matter if your friends list is set on or off with the split chat system (though I recommend it be on), you can right-click on the friends name talking to you in your chat area, and click, respond, which brings up the ability to respond to that friend. A much needed update.












I have made some slight adjustments. In this new friends list it allows you to know how many friends you have, 100 per category, 400 total, and what world you are in.








Also, there is the ability to name the category to your choosing.








Tell me what you think of the two different designs.




Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.




Thanks and Enjoy!








Thanks to Inferno Char for this new sig!!












Thanks to Geoffreak for this awesome sig!!












So if you support, put this in your signature! \'




No more support list, it was too hard to keep it up to date. So if you support, add the sig if you can fit it.


Me doing staff.

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Plain and simple :




Runescape should just steal the chat system from daoc, world of warcraft, or everquest and dump what they have now.




Don't even try to improve the pile they're using now, just put in a whole new system. It's kind of convenient for new players to use but it's really inadequate.




Also, add player profiling commands








which brings up their highscorelist right inside of runescape

100 Combat

91 Strength

70 Defense

82 Attack

85 Magic =)

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Irool, if runescape copies those world of warcraft and those other chat things, its called copyright




and viktor, i think yer idea is good :wink:

\:D/ Ray::P2P::::Roaming Around::::Phat me pl0x?::::Beamster:: \:D/


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one of the best ideas for this problem i've seen. I like every aspect. But you should have like one category just all ur friends, no organization. As you said, you should be able to fill in the box.

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Also, you should be able to "block" groups, say, if you are PKing with your clan, only be online for that group, and be offline to the rest of your friends. It would help in hvaing friends from enemy clan on your list and stuff like that :)

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I like it, I might actually start using my friend list. I don't think you should be able to name your own groups, leave them determined (static names). I especially like the update of seeing what world you are in, cause this has gotten me much confusion, and even had to ask against friends to tell me which world I was in. Thanks.



Achieved quest (07/08/2009), woodcutting (28/06/2010), attack (21/07/2010), strength + constitution (07/08/2010), defence (26/09/2010), summoning (13/01/2011), herblore (03/03/2011), cook (31/08/2012), firemaking (01/09/2012), magic (08/09/2012), prayer (16/09/2012) and ranged (29/10/2012) capes.

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