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For those of you who owned a Camo helm before Jagex changed it into a Camo hat (:evil:), which of the two do you favor more?




(Incase you don't know what Camo clothing is, it's what you're rewarded if you do everything the Drill Demon tells you to do in the Drill Demon random event. Check Tip.it's Random Event guide for more info)




For me, I liked the Camo helm because it looked a lot cooler than the Camo hat.




(Btw, I just got my Camo top 10 minutes ago, five months after I got my helm/hat)




Here are some random Drill Sergeant pics:






January 22, 2006






June 26, 2006






^ Blog.


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apparently not, although i have seen a great many ppl wearing them. Maybe, they are all just being modest....it could, of course, also be a conspiracy....a conspiracy of epic propor.....pssshhh who am i kidding...they must just think thy're too good for us eh?

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lol i had a camo helmet but dropped it cause i didnt like the look and it is a waste of bank space........funnily enough it looked nothing like the helmet in ur pic but it was called a camo helmet, i just caled it a camo hat cause it was easier, maybe jagex just changed the look of it and now ppl say hat



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well there is a slight difference between a hat and a helm (=helmet). Both are worn on your head.




A helmet is a head covering thing made of a hard material, to protect the head.




A hat is more of a fashionable wear, and it's crown shaped or has a brim.




So judge for yourself and see which suits better in this case.

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I've got 5 drill demons, first I thought "Yuck" about the make-over camo armor got but now I think it's a bit better than the old one.




Darn my bad english :?

6,521th to 99 woodcutting | Fletching 98/99 |

Idarodo | Combat 90 | Total 1565+ | 38m+ total exp



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I had full camo, but then Jagex changed the looks to what it is now...


I truly DISLIKE the new look :twisted:




So.. concluding: I dont care :P




- Agshlee

99/99 Mage - Achieved 23/07/2007

99/99 Ranged - Achieved 20/12/2007

93/99 Defence

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Well, the camo helm was nice because it is almost equal to the textures of green of a tree, so it is like the helms what soldiers wear with camo. But the camo helmet (new model) is like a hat what wear military too, it see better.



Behold my blog! Thou shalt visit it and rejoice!

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i'll probably never get camo do to the fact that i have full mime, but who know's, personally i like the camo hat look, the old "helmet" looked like a bush.

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