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  1. I bought a santa two days ago for exactly 14m, not they're like 12,3m, propably I shoulve wait a bit longer. Doesn't matter really, I couldve just gotten more profit when they rise.
  2. Bah, the best drop I've ever gotten is an obby cape. How did I get the rest of my 35m fortune then? Skilling. Rare drops are rare drops, getting 40-70 ranged at fire giants without a d med is kind of unfair, but not impossible in any way.
  3. Private is on friends so no use for it anyway.
  4. During my vacation I'll be playing a lot. I'll also be playing at Christmas day, not very much tho.
  5. I think only one person has spelled my name right when asking something... Often it's just "Ida" or "Idar" or something like "Idrao"...
  6. ... Really, did you even think before you posted?
  7. Getting wc 99, I'm alot richer now because of all the logs I got from it. 8-)
  8. Buy a rare (santa hat-halloween mask) and get some expensive 99s. 8-)
  9. 4/6, I've never been to Harmony Island or never seen this 'Skippy'. :wall:
  10. For fun. I like achieving things, even if they don't mean anything irl.
  11. The storyline is a big part of the quest, you're kinda stupid if you don't care about it, honestly.
  12. No offence, but I'm not sure how many of these threads already exist. x_x I don't have a favourite skill, but I like skills that need no concentration, like wc.
  13. I'd make a santa hat and easter eggs, it's so original, why hasn't anyone thought of it? No, I'd really like a Jad soft toy. Or a coffee mug.
  14. 1. If a friend from RL lent you a party hat to wear once and give back, would you take it? - No, are you stupid? 2. If an ingame friend gave you his partyhat to wear then give back, would you take it? - No. It's theirs, I have no right to take it. 3. If a rich person you hardly knew lent you his partyhat to wear and give back, would you take it? - No, it's theirs, I don't have the right to take it. 4. If you knew someones password, and knew they were rich, would you take thier stuff? - No. 5. Would you kill a skulled person in the wilderness for a partyhat? - Yes, if I could. 6. Would you accept a duel with a much lower level that stakes all his money (say 5 mil)? - No, it's a lot for them but not for me. 7. If someone died, and dropped something valuable, would you give it back. AND how valuable would it have to be for you to keep it? - Well, I would give back something that isn't too valuable to me but to them is (rune full, stuff like that) But if it was a rare or something valuable like that, the bad side of me comes out. I simply wouldn't be able to live with the thought I scammed someone.
  15. Well, I guess my total xp is kinda high for my total level, because of my woodcutting and fletching. I like high total xp, but total level is what really matters in the highscores. Yes, I'm greedy of xp.
  16. 6m, although my bank value is around 31m.
  17. Level 56, wore full addy with a rune long. Used about 20 lobs. #-o
  18. Got a dragon spear (p++) for absolutely nothing!
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