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except, as far as i know, you a) have to be german and B) have to have an offical invite. other than that, nice idea. :|


32,606th to 99 magic || 15,388th to 99 dungeoneering || 12,647th to 99 farming

14,792nd to 99 range || 24,954th to 99 herblore

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I believe you just gave many macroers an idea. Since macroers work on clicks and not reading text, they'd have no problem with german, so long as they were aligned properly.


don't worry, you are going to "hell" anyway. wanna race to see who gets there first?

Officially reached 100 Combat at 1:33PM EST, June 14, 2007

First Dragon Drop: Dragon Chain (Dust Devils) @ 10:48PM EST, July 14, 2008, lv113 combat

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Wow, this pretty amazing. Never see some of the place empty as they are here.




[spoiler=Stats:]Updated December 22, 2011:


Total level - 1442 - 170M+ XP , Combat level - 115

Combat skills: Attack - 90, Defence - 99 (24.45m+ XP), Strength - 90, Constitution - 99 (16.42M+ XP) Ranged - 99 (13.32M+ XP), Prayer - 60, Magic - 99 (13.25M+ XP)

Non-Combat skills: Cooking - 99 (13.80M+ XP), Woodcutting - 99 (31.95M+ XP), Fishing - 90, Firemaking - 99 (24.82M+), Crafting - 90, Smithing - 90, Mining - 85, Runecrafting - 60, Dungeoneering - 85


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So this can be kept a secret. It would be very nice. I think I will start learning a little German now.








im learning german now =] (actually i started learning it 3 months ago)

A rejected invention--- instant water!!!jus add water!!!



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thats the problem... it will get busy verry soon... :(








im using the server the only noob less ice giant spot (eise-reise)


^^ click my sig for my lesser ranging guide ^^

jwrm22: 4816th > 99 cooking 100% f2p !1172 total! + 140mil in items.

i dont play anymore... i think rs is ruined

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Training in German server is actually slow, you aren't the only person who thought of this. There's actually more people at resource spots than on an average world.

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close this thread so this can be kept a secret, otherwise it will just be packed real soon








btw this is the best thing i have ever seen in rs, so easy to train

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