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  1. This is sad beyond so many lvls... =D> lol that is a cheesy joke.
  2. I've done that a few times. I don't usually notice myself doing that, and most of the time i just do that on accident.
  3. Whatever skill i'm currently training on when i get the lamp/book.
  4. I don't see this happen very much anymore since it is reportable now. Maybe you were just unlucky enough to pass by that many kind of people in one day.
  5. Aw shoot, I could've ran away if i wasn't lagging.
  6. It doesn't really show how long you've played. You could have played for half a month and gotten a phat and doesn't show anything.. he's not talking about party hats. He's talking about the untradeable holiday items.
  7. 3 levels at same time \ and 1 level away from 80 combat (too bad i couldn't level up health too) I lost connection so i almost missed pic
  8. its not lobsters, its crawfish. Crawfish are used in the new tutorial.
  9. 1. a few more quests harder than dragon slayer. that's all i want :
  10. So they're bringing pking back? Jagex is not going to bring wildy/pking back.
  11. [Random Event] Mysterious Box [Reward] 20gp (which is odd to me) [What were you doing] Mining (coal)
  12. your only other option would be the party room. If you use that, though, many random people will also be there.
  13. I like the german one because it has more animals. I keep getting the one about the zwinkies or something, and dominoes pwning noobs.
  14. Its ok, it got rid of the RWTers. I don't mind it anymore since i'm selling and buying off the GE. I just miss that i can't give out presents to my friends anymore.
  15. Everything is good for me except one thing I want to give stuff to my friends again!! I didn't really care for getting and keeping money since there's no reason anymore for me. Now i just raise up money then get stuff for my friends. Not much for me to play for since i can't give presents to my friends, and i'm not a member. Unless its a miracle and summoning comes to f2p. =P
  16. i just hate it when i'm building my snowman to battle, some random guy always stands there and uses their item for the snowman, i never got me even actually put a weapon on one! Every time i build a snowman someone will always come up to take it.
  17. Amen. This would be abused so much.... Would you care to explain why? Instead of just calling his idea dumb maybe you might want to say why or what are some flaws in it? Don't be so immature calling this dumb when you can't even explain why it is! This wouldn't work out to well, even though it would help bring out more nice and trusted people in runescape it can be abused like people just gving random stuff out away.
  18. not much downfall till you see 1k people playing. The people that don't like these new updates just have to live with it.
  19. i was attacked by a huge clan.............................after winning i slipped
  20. i like this, better than using the ignore list since i put people on the ignore list
  21. good thing i wasn't training off topic: why are these forums lagging, or is it just my computer?
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