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  1. I've seen some of the first series and was impressed. Much better than i thought it would be.
  2. Why do they take steroids? I mean they are acting aren't they? Just for image a suppose.
  3. ltb2006


    They sound exactly like funeral for a friend that i heard about 3 years before this came out. Simple riffs and kinda boring tbh.
  4. I think its so their pants won't fall off. Actually the limp came from crip walking.
  5. Gangsters of 2007 Gangsters of 1930's Big difference. Completely wrong,the 2007 picture is not a gangster,try again
  6. Yeah i seen the vid,he's amazing. The people fromReal Hustle are good too.
  7. Tell that to Derren Brown ;) :lol: well for me anyway.
  8. Blackjack is about 95% luck anyway tbh,and i think a program should be ok to practice with.
  9. And maybe not fill the water so high?
  10. Well most games need at least 2 players,but i guess you could play solitaire or clock solitaire. If you want just hassle your friends or parents to play. You can find rules of games on the net easily :) And/or play on the internet. You'll pick up quick.
  11. Poker is good fun to play with friends sometimes,that's about it. edit:Texas hold-em rules :P
  12. ltb2006


    Well tbh i would hate someone more for being a sheep than acting themselves but fair point.
  13. I take it you made this thread to get back at people that said emo was pointless or something?
  14. No one cares about ja rules opinion anyway. He doesn't represent real hip-hop.
  15. ltb2006


    Well why do people stereotype themselves into groups when they all want to be individual then?
  16. ltb2006


    [hide] You really don't get it because you're an idiot. If you really were depressed you wouldn't spend time growing your fringe long, dressing like other people and calling yourself 'emo'. It's just a shot for attention, because if you really were suicidal you wouldn't be worried about how skinny your legs look in your tight pants would you? [/hide] Striker6 speaks the truth.
  17. Il tell you what i think when i get the full album on monday. :)
  18. The only rule i think is harsh is: But somehow I don't think that rule is real..
  19. Lol I like how you changed it to Columbia now :lol:
  20. ltb2006


    ^moose^ Have a look on the net for the canada international number.Eg uk is +44. Apart from that I can't help,sorry :cry:
  21. ltb2006


    There is nothing wrong with people that are actually "emo",but everyone i know that call themselves emo are just attention seeking douchebags. "Lets be different by calling things random more often and classify people on what music they listen to even more than normal." That pretty much sums up my definition of an emo where i live anyway.
  22. Well my friend has one and it plays up a hell of a lot. Homehub is a bad idea in the first place tbh.
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