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    Fifa 08

    Ill be pur-chaseing it
  2. ltb2006


    I wouldn't say yay or nay. I have bad experiences with some but then again they are usually only trying to do their job I suppose. Some do it better than others.
  3. ltb2006


    Best:Italian Job maybe? Worst:The omen
  4. Also it's pretty sad you spent time typing a letter to someone that criticized a band. I scrolled down and realized you were 16. Thought you were like 12 #-o
  5. Aluminum one. :oops: It has thermal gel applied though. Ok,just watch the temps using speedfan or similar. It might be worth getting a new heatsink to push it that bit further. Another helpful thing is to go on an overclockers forum,read the stickies and/or find someone that'll give you some more advice.
  6. Might be better spending the cash on a custom water cooling system instead of an "out the box one". Water cooling might be a good idea because quad cores are really hot. If you are worried about it frying your components then just use non conductive fluid...
  7. Well actually a 640 mb card is a complete overkill at under 1680x1050 so really it just depends what monitor setup you are going to use. High memory doesnt = better frame rates at usual res anyway.
  8. Uh yeah, exactly. A forum is a place for everyone from all backgrounds speak freely, not segregate each other :shock: Honestly, why not just post this in a metal forum or something if you're looking for replies from a specific crowd. Qft.You could try like a metal head forum for that?
  9. Jedi Mind Tricks-underground rap
  10. n64 for mariokart and goldeneye :)
  11. I think they'll drag it out as long as possible
  12. No i don't. All of their songs sound the same and it's kinda to poppy for me.
  13. Basically exactly the same as you,loud with the bass almost at the max.
  14. ^ I think people have being playing waaay too much red alert 2 :lol:
  15. Rofl i don't know what to say. I'm sure the kid wound him up first though,they could have showed the whole thing.
  16. Yea. I think he got angry because he is an emo. 2 things, I take it you didn't read the thread, Ltb. And, Timmay, I already said, IN THE EMO THREAD. I'm not an emo. -.- I read the thread over a few times before i posted and i still think the same.
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