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  1. Or you can download a small program to auto save screenies and crop them later :wink:
  2. Already doing enough foreign aid? Are you smoking something? he's either trolling or just really ignorant
  3. that ones so funny Hitler became very depressed after the death of his mother.
  4. Light jeans and t shirts hoodies,formal jackets or shirts. Any kind of shoes really-converse,puma,adidas sometimes plain black shoes.
  5. ltb2006


    It's so obvious you don't know what you are talking about :(
  6. When you see the amount of chavs shooting grannys and young kids at the bus stop for a laugh you won't lose any sleep :lol:
  7. Completely your unjustified, biased opinion. Basically: learn to post. Qft.
  8. This thread fails. If you don't like rap,don't listen to it. You must have just made this thread to feel better about yourself :lol:. Also how the hell do you expect no flames on a topic like that. Your o.p is just flamebait.
  9. I'm liking the timbo style one a lot,but i think it would be a bit better if you kept that rhythm for the hook and changed a bit for the bars?Eitherway its a nice sound.
  10. ltb2006


    You've clearly never listened to Enter Shikari if you believe that to be true. Im not a huge fan of either but seriously they couldn't be more different. I obviously have because i wouldn't have commented on them if i hadn't heard them before. And I'm afraid they do sound the same.
  11. Argentina were very impressive again.
  12. I'd say a bit of both probably. What are your specs on the pc?
  13. Meh.. not cool you are. A cool persons answer would be something like "I drink full-cream milk." =P No.
  14. I actually quite like a bit of Bucky. Fair enough,too sweet for me tbh. But nothing satisfys me like a bishops finger. The beer that is
  15. ToNiC W1nE !1!1!. Lol nah beer probably.
  16. Finally a non news thread from you. Just know who your friends are and you'll never get pressured into something. If its someone like that just say no.Simple enough.
  17. ltb2006


    Thoughts if with you,even though i'd never met you.R.i.p
  18. I just drink tea or coffee,i wouldn't go to the extent of tablets though. I use caffine to help wake me up not keep me up.
  19. Even though money isn't everything heres mine: ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã1.26 hr ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã0.021/min
  20. Either you just made a reference [for attempted humor?] that I don't get, or I have no frikkin' idea why you just said that :-s . Excuse my ignorance of course, but if you could spell out the point you're making and what side you're on, I'd be thankful. I have some guesses, but I'm not making any solid connections :-k . What do you mean by side? I mean being on sides is how the flaming starts.
  21. Creative zen range,have a look. I have an ipod and my brother has a zen which seems to be a lot more reliable and less or a pain if you don't normally use i tunes.
  22. Lol you should make a single thread for all these weird things you find on the net.
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