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  1. The stig went to the virgin islands and now its just called "the islands".
  2. Ha it's amazing reminds of the old days so much
  3. Hmm that's up to him but i'll buy his new album for sure anyway,seeing as he is probably the best rapper alive or dead.
  4. Deer hunting is usually done for fun,that's what the threads about no?
  5. What do you do with all the deer you shoot? I mean i shoot and everything but if i would kill a deer it's be one not like 10.
  6. Yep i was wondering this too and came to the conclusion it's a bunch of different people,but that's about as far as i got haha.
  7. Guitar queero was the best episode i've seen in a while.
  8. Yeah just a shame its the u.k
  9. ltb2006

    SAW IV!

    I think 1,2 and 3 were pretty good,and compared to most gore movies a lot more complex. I'll watch 4 some time even though they are milking it dry a bit to much.
  10. No cricket over here just now :( . Not been watching much lately but jayasuriya is one of my favourite players.
  11. just milk. Redbush tea is nice too,don't know if anyone has tried that?
  12. Neither,bebo is better than both imo.
  13. berretta golden pigeon 12 bore
  14. WHY? Because having to listen to even the main singer for more than a minute causes my ears to bleed. Not to mention their lyrics are [developmentally delayed], and they don't sound good at all. *dies of shock* some one can actually put up a descent reason why.. If you go through the pages,you'll find most people gave a reason.
  15. I ski and snowboard whenever i get the chance. I usually go to Switzerland once a year and go to the cairngorms now and again
  16. The teddys did pretty well on an 0-0 draw. It wasn't completely one sided either,although barca had most of the possession.
  17. ltb2006


    Because a large majority are neo-nazis
  18. Anytime i'm driving or in the house,going out. Pretty much all the time. It's a massive part of my life.
  19. I'm not even from the u.s and i know fox news is disgustingly biased. So cnn it is.
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