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  1. Well, the good news is that Curses are the solution to this problem. Multiple people going on one person would decrease that target's str by .9^x initially. Jagex has placed a very good prayer system that acts very much like resilience in wow but is very different in approach. I applaud them! Now, they went a step backwards by making sap curses boost str :wall: Either way, 1 itemers' threat will now be mitigated thanks to str reduction curses.
  2. With the new fire surge giving a base of 90 exp and the (assumed) damage average giving 28 exp for a total of ~118 exp per cast, is high alching at cwars a thing of the past? Or would Avansies be too crowded o make the time efficient?
  3. I've received 1 drop from a dust devil. that day, I sold my D sq and bought a right half form the legends guild just so I could wield the shield I made myself :D
  4. I just checked the extreme potion boosts on the kbase, and they're 26 points boost. Last time I checked, that's the same as it was the day I saw them on the front page. I haven't been on in a while so forgive my ignorance. I'd look on the RSOF but...yeah...don't want to sift through a bunch of crap to find an answer.
  5. Here, since Jagex's page on RWT didn't convince you, Blizzard's more emotionally driven essay should. Yes, blame the scapegoat, everyone else is. Define "broken" in context of the economy and then people can pretty much agree with you or disagree. Find something measurable or else you're arguing opinions, which by definition is not an argument.
  6. But without hentai artists, America would lose the only thing it doesn't outsource to China D: And what would that-girl-who-hates-me-now do without her furry?! It would be blasphemy; it would be madness! You might was well add hentai doujinshi. I [bleep]ing hate it when those Guthix damned doujin artists make a story that is so anti-canonical that it makes me want to vomit. If they want to make yaoi, they can just go find their own drawings instead of stealing other people's hard work and turning it into pornography. Notice I didn't say yuri. There's this small percentage in my brain that says it's the best thing since sliced bread. I need to strap that part of my brain onto a dwarf death knight and do explosive shot target practice on him. Hopefully it will work. That percentage seems to have about 9,500 resilience. Doujin artists and anti-canonical fans... how can I forget them? :wall: That reminds me. The only other thing that I do not want is people making up couples. Some couples in other series that the fanboys/fangirls make are so unfitting, it sticks in my head and it gives me an unpleasant feeling about them. Others are just downright wrong. Few are good though, and this actually made me like the characters more. Please don't make Runescape couples in machinima, fanboys/fangirls, PLEASE. :pray: U MENE LEIK SASKAY AND WEASEL?!?!?! OMGOMGOMG LUVS DEH YAOI!!!! I doubt runescape will be pairing people up like in anime. We barely have any pronounced names in lore worthwhile to pair. Maybe Enahkra and Zamorak, but nothing much besides that. Heck, the only WoW pairings I know of are between Thrall the Orc Warchief and the Human Archmage Jaina Proudmoore & Jaina with Prince Arthas before he became corrupted.
  7. Heh, yeah, if a WoW player is 20 years old and makes million of dollars a year, then I must be making a third of what Bill Gates is ebcause I pay yearly subscriptions to both wow and runescape. Runescape quests > WoW quests by far. Wow quests are forum threads with no indention. They're like mini-walls of text. Alright, maybe not that bad, but if I want to read a book in a fantasy realm, I'll get off my [wagon], go to Barnes and Noble, and read the damn book (like what I'm doing with Midwinter. Awesome book so far.) And I'll pick up a manga volume while I'm there. I go on wow to do three things: 1. Kill Alliance and plant my Silvermoon Banner over their corpse; the Flavor of the Month Class just got raped by my hunter, TWICE 2. Raid with my guild. WoW raids are > GWD or any boss hunts by far, I must admit. In fact, it makes me wonder why the hell Blizz doesn't just give us all 80 gear from the get go; they don't update old content at all. The only reasonable theory is to give us about 80 days to get used to our class before we get to level 80 (but that doesn't stop people from sucking...BADLY). 3. Daily quests. Simple, cash flow so I can repair my armor or upgrade gems for more dps in raids or survivability in pvp. Quests, skilling, roleplaying, hanging out, etc. are runescape things now. I got to agree Rachet. I have no idea how you're supposed to role play on WoW if you're character says absolutely nothing in quest text except for when you have to press "continue". It doesn't immerse me into the storyline at all. Hell, I barely know why Ulduar exists. Something about the old gods vying for control over azeroth or something because the titan allowed their creations to succumb to "the curse of flesh". The only way I get my lore for the most part is from wowwiki.com Without it, I'd be lost in WoW. Thre's just too much lore to bring it in at one time. Runescape's is simple and catching. The awaited denouement of the Mahajaret ritual is much more exciting than finally being able to slay Arthas, the Lich King in patch 3.3 All I can say is that WoW has turned me racist. Put me in a room with a night elf, human, or draenie, and I'll take them all on, no matter what class they are and simultaneously. Give me a dwarf or a dnome, and I'll send my giant wasp or my bird of prey to have breakfast. I don't care if I die, but that game has unfortunately taught me to hate the Alliance with a burning passion. Oh well, Blizzard needs to add High Elves to the game; they're like blood elves but there's actually a male gender. Off on a large tangent. I need to hit myself. Either way, that's my stance after playing WoW for more than 6 months. But trust me. WoW forums are much worse than rants on Runescape by FAR. But without hentai artists, America would lose the only thing it doesn't outsource to China D: And what would that-girl-who-hates-me-now do without her furry?! It would be blasphemy; it would be madness! You might was well add hentai doujinshi. I [bleep]ing hate it when those Guthix damned doujin artists make a story that is so anti-canonical that it makes me want to vomit. If they want to make yaoi, they can just go find their own drawings instead of stealing other people's hard work and turning it into pornography. Notice I didn't say yuri. There's this small percentage in my brain that says it's the best thing since sliced bread. I need to strap that part of my brain onto a dwarf death knight and do explosive shot target practice on him. Hopefully it will work. That percentage seems to have about 9,500 resilience.
  8. I think the first article is very well written. It has a good balance between objectionable thinking and criticism. Dealing with the psychology of a player seems more interesting to me than going on with yet another essay on how Jagex can solve the problem. The second article instead left me saying, "So what?" (which is a big red flag according ot my English teacher when writing an essay). There are dozens of microcosms in any given social gathering, real or internet. The article gave almost the same feeling as "In many ways, X is different from Y, but in other ways they are the same" which can be said about ANY two items in the known universe (well, I won't stake my life on it, but virtually any). The observation of microcosms was there. But there was nothing to really infer from such things at least as far as the article went. I believe the paragraphs about the forums was too generalized and rushed. If the author and spent more time detailing maybe only 4 distinct microcosms instead of 8 or so and then said something along the lines of "and this is how it relates to the big picture" whether that big picture be the community as a whole in tip.it, the whole runescape community, or even comparing the microcosms to maybe other microcosms of completely different games. Not necessarily rival games, but some sort of insight to other microcosm that is foreign to us in order to put some relevance in the statement. TL;DR version: First one was insightful because it had a facet of redirecting possible blame or responsibility onto us. Second one was boring because there was no compare/contrast within the article to make the thesis really...catching.
  9. I thought we'd already talked about the whole "let's throw more HP at it" deal. Oh sorry, I didn't read the whole thread :oops:
  10. Did anyone even read this? if implemented, it will have monsters that CANT be soloed. This is dedicated teams, guilds implement a DKP system type of play. If this gets made like its described it will be imposable to solo. Hell if i were developing this content i would have a requirement you have to have 92 in 4 of the stats mentioned in the start. Level 85 is total noob. I like where this game is going, this is the content we need. Sounds like a runescape twist on WoW raids. Quite frankly, I'd like to know why heal other must cost hp in the first place. It's ridiculous. But the synergy in this raid seems very demanding. Battle reses will be awesome.
  11. Here's an unsoloable monster: A monster with 100,000 hp with a max hit of 1 and a 100% chance to hit with the speed of a whip. Protection prayers don't work and the monster is immune to snares and haste debuffs. The attacks hits everyone in the room no matter the range. Using sharks, that's 659 hp to eat through. That means even if a person hit 100 damage each time, they would only do a max of 65,900 damage. They would need a consistent average of 151 damage per attack.. 2 people would need a set damage of 76. 3 would need 51, and 4 would need 38. There. Unless it's bugged, that monster is unsoloable mathematically speaking. The above is quite boring since it would take about an entire inventory of sharks to kill the thing even with 4 people. So, with 8 people, it would take only half an inventory of sharks.
  12. An umbrella to go with my toon's dress. In all seriousness, I don't feel like I need anything in runescape. It's just what I do. Ruts, clicks, and the like are what make us what we are. The minute we give up something that we have been doing for maybe several years is the moment we become a different person. I became a different person April 20th, 2009 when I logged onto an official WoW server. I felt great. And now I feel greater because I have a lvl 80 that does dailes for no reason really. Quite frankly, WoW pvp is vastly superior to runescape pvp. I don't even know why I carry weapons and armor in my bank any more. Every single day I wear red audience clothes, an addy cane, a qp cape, and a rabbit's foot. I don't need anything in runescape. I would love an arena team on WoW (damn noobs don't want hunters and don't want anything else but a 2v2 team :-| ) so I can get relentless gladiator armor simply so I can be a better pvp nerd. But do I NEED the armor? No, I'm happy with my hateful gladiator. Basically, runescape is now my chill game. I skill and do non-combat stuff; stuff I thought I would never do. WoW is my pent up pvp game. I kill Alliance or go raiding with my guild. I wouldn't switch games at all. I've thought of picking up TF2, but it offers nothing that both runescape and WoW do not supply me.
  13. It depends if you can't care less because you physically can't (bottom of list) or you emotionally can't (it would break my heart if I did or could). I think most people tend to do the latter. I do the former for sheer practicality.
  14. fenrir321


    I got up at 5 am to swim at 6 am until 7:30, then school from 8:45 to 3:30. More swimming from 3:50 to 6:15. Parametric 200 yards; fun stuff. Then get home at 7 pm. Do some browsing, change my avatar and sig on tipit, get ready for ulduar at 8:30. Raid til 10:15. Sleep whenever I feel like that physics I somewhat blew off isn't going to bite me in the butt.
  15. Dude, here's a ring of hell: Hannah Montana Jonas Brothers AAR neo All singing at precise time intervals. You get thrown in here for supporting the Kanye meme
  16. You can make anywhere between 13 and 26 gold per daily with up to 25 dailies max Wrong game. I suggest doing kingdom daily and mining coal. Starting with about 200k, I earned 1 mill or 600k without the magic seeds in a week. It's very profitable over long periods of time.
  17. 1. that's called scalping and is one of the prime examples of capitalism. I don't like it since it makes high demand products more expensive that it needs to be, but that's fair. It follows the natural buyer/seller curve: As the price rise, X-R people will still buy it. As the price decreases, X+R people will buy it. Businesses find the mid point because that point will offer the most in the long run. Here's my favorite example: Scalpers can't make a business from scalping, only a "trading post" for a relative handful. The proof is in the business' actions. If the scalpers made more money by scalping, then why doesn't the business meet that price? And people are never forced to buy something on runescape... 2. Probably not, but people've got to start somewhere. And really, that's all you do in WoW: run around like a lvl 1 noob doing dailies to get about 100-200 gold an hour.
  18. Dear Guthix, the colored walls of text are both annoying and hard to read -.- . Just to clear up how price factors into pvp and pve: Pve- higher cost lowers the threshold of profit. In other words, the most cost efficient setup will be used the most, obviously. I am stating this obvious fact because crossbows are mainly used for pve with broad bolts. If you look at the best pvpers, they will be using the triple combo: Ice barrage + shadow barrage + karil's crossbow/obby rings. Not a rune crossbow. Which brings me to my next point: Pvp- cost is negligible. Yes, I said it. The cost reflects the power of the weapon, not determines the power of the weapon. In fact, cost only dictates the frequency of the weapon (generally). The cost-frequency relation is based on the average 'scaper's amount of cash. The standard melee weapon is the whip. It's relatively cheap and very quick. Next up is the saradomin sword. More expensive, a little bit rarer, and slightly more powerful with the ko potential and +3 str with aggressive. Rarer still is the BGS. It's about 3x more expensive, and much rarer than the whip or ss but more powerful. Rarer still is the ASG with its tremendous cost. And at the top is the elysian shield. Most powerful shield in the game and arguably the rarest seen. What does this have to do with the rant? The cannon will be used in pvp as a possible ko combo with ice barrage. It won't be used often because of the price and risk of explosion, but the people who will use it will have a great advantage. While the cannon may not be useful in grinding and pve, its burst potential is great and therefore makes it viable for pvp. edit: you might want to put the range numbers up, btw. With your logic, you're stating that "I know what I'm talking about, I'm not proving it to you with math since anybody who matters should know it already. Therefore, take my word for it" <- even though you're never supposed to do that in an argument.
  19. Intresting Stuff I'm sorry, but I just have to point out you keep saying Quark when I believe you mean to say quirk. It's sorta bothering me as Quarks are the building blocks of electons, protons, and neutrons and if they're in anyway involved with Runescape's gameplay, we're all in trouble. Oh soz :wall: I'm pretty sure that Quarks get their name from the unpredictability of those particles (well, maybe not protons or neutrons). Hence, Quirks and Quarks. But yes, I was meaning the word that means unpredictable, friction-like errors or miscalculations that happen seemingly randomly.
  20. Good question. :-k Certain quirks in the formula pop up though. For example, a ranged attack on rapid will almost always hit less than a ranged attack on accurate. Why? Same reason why we hit less in melee with the style on accurate or defensive; accurate gives an invisible +3 ranged lvl. Rapid trades that bonus for +1 speed instead. Another quirk that I'm still trying to sort out is the tier of the ranged potion. I'm pretty sure that it's almost a tier 1.75 potion. That is to say, it's slightly weaker than a super str potion in magnitude but substantially better than a normal str potion. My last question is the position of the void bonus. The formula is as follows: max hit = (Combat str)(equipment str * 0.00175 + 0.1) + 1.05 Combat str is the base lvl * any bonuses both visible and invisible and then adding the style bonus. Equipment str is obvious. The position of void: If it affects ranged lvl, then it is (Combat str * void). But it also can be (Equipment str * void * 0.00175 +0.1) which will give a different result as well. Furthermore, some people think that it is also a +10% damage booster, applying the bonus to the original max hit to find the final max hit. Although the kbase is very helpful and almost inerrant, that's just it: almost. I've done a bunch of theorycrafting and found that none of the three give the max hit of 96 to the darkbow within 0.6 damage, which leads me to believe that the max hit of ranged is slightly different than melee incorporating a rounding element that is not as prevalent in melee (max hits are rounded down in melee). edit: I know I said that you can plug in ranged str and get the same max hit as in game. The reason why I'm seemingly contradicting myself is because at 96, the rounding error is much larger than at 30. What becomes a rounding difference of maybe 0.03 at 30 becomes a difference of maybe 0.3 at 76. My point is the max hit for ranged is not set in stone but plugging in numbers with the melee system works up until around 90 or so in which practicality is already out the door. It works, but not as well as maybe the real formula, which could be a constant of 0.00185 and not 0.00175 for all we know.
  21. That would make it absurdly overpowered. The ammo has 150 ranged strength. That's more than the melee strength of a godsword. And it's apparently a common enough drop. What is the max hit of it? more than AGS? 55 I believe. I heard 58, but it's not something I've seen. Yeah that's not higher then a God Sword, so how is it overpowered? One more thing: Range str =/= melee Str. Range acc =/= Melee Acc =/= Magic acc. Stop confusing yourself with this. Offtopic: *looks at A_Local_Guy's sig* Tales of Vesperia FTW! Considering that you can plug ranged str into the melee max hit with the max hit ranged bonuses and get the same ranged max hit with a dbow, I'd have to disagree on the ranged str =/= melee str. As for why it's OP, it's not, but it's better than the gs since it can hit from afar. It's like having a godsword but ranged. If only we could actually kite in runescape... And just to ask a question, how can you know for certain that ranged attack does not go by the same combat stat equivocation as melee attack? Maybe the skills themselves add more, but this is just speculation. Have you tested the two accuracies extensively?
  22. The very fact that one is unwilling to risk his moderator status to report rulebreakers is evidence that it should never have been given in the first place, and that said person is more interested in maintaining his status symbol crown than in cleaning up the game. If a cop pulls you over for not yielding at the sign but he then realizes that he was in the wrong after he wrote the ticket, the ticket has to go through a certain system that makes the receiver have to appeal it before court. Now, if that cop doesn't pull someone over for a yield again so he's not wrong that next time (since there's obvious repercussion), is he in the wrong?
  23. I believe the reason is because we don't want lvl 15's who can summon a steel titan. I don't think this is possible since the chest in the goblin city require a quest that gives ranged exp.
  24. Technically, war over religion is debating over beliefs or interpretations of the world around us, not opinions. An opinion is formed as thus: "I believe the sky is green." A belief is as follows: "The sky is green." You can't disprove an opinion because one can't get into another's head and know for certain; you just take their word for it. Although that doesn't really have much importance with this kind of argument, the distinction will serve you well when getting into tooth-and-nail debates like politics since the realm of opinions is the "welfare armor for pk debating". I don't really mind conglomerating opinions and beliefs into 1 word, but there are some people out their who would go on national television and destroy any dignity you have just for making that blurred misconception. So, I don't mind, but just a forewarning : . edit: as for keeping it simple, I have a habit of rambling. I like writing a lot, and I try to keep my longer pieces as coherent as I can, but I regrettably go off on a tangent sometimes :wall: .
  25. Please see below: http://devblog.runescape.com/view_post. ... =20&page=1 I would also suggest you stop equating RS with RL, it isn't and never will be RL, it is a virtual world that is run by Jagex as a business and they play the role of 'The Almighty' here. I kept my last post very simple and to the point, yet both you and a_local_guy have failed to respond to the simple question. Please don't give me this patronising 'to help people' or: This is a game!!! As I said in my post which you have both ignored, anyone can help and I have always offered my help freely to those that asked. Why does it have to be a pmod? So therefore it is irrelevant whether you abuse the power or not, it is still about and purely for status. I'm not arrogant enough to think that people need to kiss my feet while they give a response. I'm a grammar nazi, so that might carry over into many things I do, but I'm pretty lax on specific things. As for giving guidelines, I asked for some clarification so I can respond accurately to statements that seem confusing to me. Is that wrong? Which is? I'm assuming it's the topic: "Is the pmod crown for status or not?" which we have both addressed. As for the virtual world, we are interacting with real people in real time in a virtual world. If the greater good did not matter, then all hell would break loose because the constraints on one's morals would be non-existent. This may be a game, but there are real people playing it. I have a perfect real life example on why people want to be a pmod even though you can help people as a normal player: Does a group need a leader? I would imagine so. Without some central figure that has authority, very little can get done. A day in leadership camp taught me that the hard way. Pmods are leaders. You cannot say that a person who is not a recognized leader has as much power as one who is. Jagex is an intangible being in context since they are more or less transcendent and not immanent like pmods. Therefore, Jagex is really not a personal, central figure in the gaming experience. I would love to be a pmod simply for the reason to be a leader and not have to yell out in the cwars lobby "STOP SPAMMING EXCESSIVELY!" So I can read my friend's chat right next to me with being called a wannabe mod.
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