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  1. Damn good blog you got going there dude. Good luck grinding through divination, personally I cbf'd with it yet, i'll ease into it soon enough. Also been afk'ing with a shitload of shows like yourself, Californication was one of them. If you're into political/strategic shows, i recommend House of Cards!
  2. Good luck! What'll you be doing afk? I can recommend some good shows lol
  3. Wow, impressive impressive stuff! Grats on the abusive crafting and dungeoneering lvls! You've been dg'ing whilst not using any form of combat? Is that even possible? (im a complete dg noob, never really figured it out) Keep it up!
  4. After several attempts, finally recovered my three pure accounts! I was especially looking forward to recovering "F00l U Dead" (managed to remember password, somehow) and now "Agony Begins", which was thanks to a surprisingly good and effective customer servisse support :) The pic of the log in of Agony is below:
  5. I hear you mate! lol daggas were the time. I was going through my photobucket álbum from ages ago looking at the pics... such good times. Grats on the farming cape man, you know how much I love that skill alongside herby hehe, and grats on smithing too!
  6. Some random lvls From flash powder factory One more to go! And finally, 91 farming! Late addition:
  7. Hey guys, it says you can get Spirit Wolf Blood from the SoF or by killing monsters. Anyone know which monsters are dropping it? Thanks!
  8. Hey dude! grats on all the levels, you got a pretty damn good rythmn going! Keep it up, 7 weeks to max eh? (btw you also warbanding? which chat do you usually use?)
  9. Typical question, I know, but I'm looking for some inspiration to find some good items to flip. I have around 50m i can dedicate to the "cause". Thanks in advance!
  10. shit, you kidding? Ouch... I've gotten a bunch of deaths myself (usually don't even realise I'm under attack lol) but never with the wand =\
  11. Thanks dude Redid the first page a bit, just for fun, while collecting tears/runespanning In the mean time:
  12. Thanks Crusader! :D Came across these two guys at Runespan... mind blown In the meantime, missed the screens for 86 and 87 RC, be sure to get 88 lol Also got 83 smith
  13. I really like your blog's layout dude, good luck for the trim. Great suggestions in the end of the blog too, I really agree with the PoP quest especially
  14. Sucks about the banned acc, i dont think i'd be able to come back from that .. anyway gl! btw, why the 99 rc goal?
  15. Quite disappointed with the response towards the blog so far... but anyway I'm sure to keep the logs coming New lvls: (herb from a warband which didn't have smithing tent) Also took to some Astral Rune crafting for some money, but it bores the shit out of me, though it's pretty decent money
  16. WB dude, just came back recently myself! Lets see how long it lasts this time eh? ;)
  17. I think from a player's point of view, one who played in the 2004-2007s era, when the game was still in a very "pure" and even naive form (and overall more fun, in its simple way, in my opinion) it seems like the game has become an exageration of itself, overcomplicated and that much less people are playing. But from Jagex's point of view, the fact is the game has never been so successful. I found this to be very surprising but the fact is that this past year was the best year for Jagex in terms of income, of which a significant part is due to runescape. Clearly, this change in approach to the game has been able to increase profit through well thought out revenue tactics (SoF, membership content, loyalty program). Even though I enjoyed the game much more a few years back - thus having been basically retired since 2008, only to play sporadically - I'm quite pleased to see that they are treating this game as a FIRM or an actual BUSINESS, as they should! And most importantly, it is working for them and, as a bonus, they've found the time to clear the game of bot parasites to a huge extent (thus also contributing to the perception that there are less people playing)
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