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  1. Grats on the firemaking, and good luck with it actually lol. How are you managing all the log dumping? It should be boring as hell lol Btw, how many sets of Ports armour have you managed to make? I'm still working up to it myself but I'm wondering how long it took you to get to a full set of e.g. sea singers Cheers!
  2. Hey! Really amazing progress compared to 2 years back... that 1 99 per month for a year was sick (and you basically did it lol!). Anyway I get where you are about RS getting boring after a while, been the same for me since I first stopped playing regularly years back... hope divination gets you into it again!
  3. Going for 90 RC myself! Good luck dude, and grats on the drop! edit: just noticed you're doing exactly like I did, you got some levels at an awesome rythmn! Atm I'm still OK with runespan but i'm guessing it'll get me bored as [bleep] soon too haha. GL!
  4. Update: finished World Wakes! Got myself a shitload of levels with a combination of quest lamps, warbands and discovering that Runespan is quite fun for AFKing (hadn't trained RCing in YEARS). Speaking of skills I hadn't trained in years... finally used some of the 200k bonus Hunter exp and got some levels. Oh and shit, on top of a pretty productive day, I got a Wand of Treachery from the Warbands! andddd most but not least... 90 FARMING! Been aiming at this for sooo long, pretty proud I finally got it. So, having gotten that out of the way, basically I'll be focusing on RCing and Warbanding and Ports for the coming days, whenever I have the time. The goal is to get 90 on both skills for the Tetsu and the Sea Singer set. No pic no proof: World Wakes ([bleep]ing amazing quest, had alot of fun doing it) and ensuing levels Going crazy at Runespan (only need Wicked top now, 5k points off) went from 68 to 81 RCing so far! 67-72 hunter, who would have thought o.0 Spoils of Warbands 90 Farming! Shamely, some of the last exp I got from Warbands since I came across a camp with no Smithing exp to offer, which is ironical since I have always been the slowest [bleep]ing farmer in the world, only using the stuff from MTK... ah well, here it is! Crazy rythmn... I wasn't used to being able to get so many damn levels so quickly! Anyway it should cool down now, considering i'll definitively (and finally) be focusing on less skills and at a lower rythmn, since uni will restart soon and I want to make the best of the end of my summer vacations, so no worries about posts as big as this one lol
  5. Congrats on the 50M slayer exp, cray stuff. What're you going for atm? Btw big metal fan too lol
  6. This warband D&D is really fast xp... got 76 mining (needed a few K xp to finish the level off) and got all reqs for Ritual of the Mahj. World Wakes next! Also got 86 Summoning and 78 Agility from the quest. In other news, redid my usual personal goal "signature". It includes some random levelling up on some skills I'm hoping to get around to and, for now, it excludes my 99 slayer goal since I'm definitively focusing on Herblore, Summoning and Smithing first.
  7. How come the vine whip is so cheap nowadays then? Sorry for the old bump, but seemed relevant.
  8. Hey guys, recently just came back from hols, thus the lack of updates. Been pretty busy here and there, trying to get back to date with everything that's going on in the game (and innevitably realizing more and more how little I know of it nowadays). Anyway I completed the goal of 90 fishing and 93 cooking for the Player Owner Ports benefits, and now I'm trying to focus on the Quest Cape. All I need is 80 smithing and 76 mining, which I intend to pursue through Warbands (due to lack of funds for smith training and my hatred towards mining). I'll get there eventually I hope. In the meantime, I've just been doing random stuff here and there, actually got a bunch of hunting levels, and I'm hoping to level up some skills I've been despising since forever (crafting, agility, thieving, firemaking, runecrafting). But tbh I lack the motivation to really indulge myself in it so I suppose it'll mostly be through tasks. Currently while waiting for warbands and ports to "evolve" I've just been collecting divine tears to buy some XP lamps to boost Herblore in hopes of eventually arriving at 96 and make some overloads at long last. It seems like my skilling and activities in Runescape atm are all based on a frustrating waiting game...
  9. Hey Tripsis! Couldn't help but come and find your blog for a little nostalgia hehe! I can see you haven't been coming here often but I see a few new levels since the last time I was here (go figure... ;) ). Hope everything is well! I'm back to playing RS for a little while for now (so far as uni allows me to continue), so I hope to see you around!
  10. Holy shit, look at you nowadays!! Congrats on the Max cape dude! Incredible how you've been consistently at it since I can remember :) Good luck with dging
  11. Hey guys! Hope blogscape and everyone here is doing well! Not sure I know most/any of you anymore, but makes no matter! (if you do still know me however, be sure to say hi!) So, I guess once again since I stopped throroughly playing RS (2009 I believe it was), I'm back for a few months until real life stuff allows me... well, uni will do that to you, it has been an incredibly busy yet rewarding year! Been working and doing my Master's degree. But whatever may have happened so far, I'm on holidays and I restarted playing! I have a less exhaustive semester coming up so I guess it is worth reopening the blog since I plan on playing (even if limited time once the semester begins) for a few months. If not, sorry in advance! Anyway, check out the first post for the new, very simple layout of the blog to keep you guided with what I'm up to :) Basically i'm just doing whatever keeps me busy atm - afking fishing right now, with hopes of more adventurers in the Player Owned Ports - so bear with me and my noobiness in this "new" runescape (yes, EoC is "new" to me, as well as a shitload of other stuff in the game. Runescape 3? Damn!) Oh, in the meantime, a little update considering how I left the blog over a year ago: I got 99 Prayer!! Not sure when to be honest, it was ages ago. I think I was playing for like 2 weeks during some random holidays and got the levels necessary. Unfortunately I don't have a screeny, not sure I took one to be honest! Back to current affairs, as I said, right now I'm cavefishing until 90 fishing. Latest level: I'll check back once I have new levels/updates!
  12. Pretty cool, simple blog. Grats on 15m mining, that's absolutely sick(ening) to think about it lol Good luck with 120 dg!
  13. Pretty great goals, good luck! Suggestion: you've probably thought about this, but it'd be cool if you explained a bit more on what you're doing atm/what you achieved recently on your first post, easier for new readers to go through Besides that, found it curious you got into slayer because of the EoC update... I've been a long time slayer (stopped playing thoroughly a few years back - had a blog too, for a long time -, but still play on holidays a bit usually) and I actually stopped training slayer because of the EoC update, couldnt be assed with understanding a whole new combat system. If you're up for it, i'd be interested to see your basic slayer gear and set up, I have half a mind to return to slaying soon! Anyway good luck ;)
  14. Thanks guys! Any more tips would be welcome!
  15. Hey guys, just returned to the game during the summer holidays and just created a OSRS account. I'm wondering if you guys have any tips to start off from scratch - which quests should I do and what activities should I pursue to make the levelling up faster and more effective? Thanks alot for your help!
  16. and what would be the best spots to wc teaks, pine or adze?
  17. Thanks guys! If anyone has some more ideas feel free to say so! Unfortunately my dung is only lvl 63, will that be a problem for the C2 fishing/cooking?
  18. Hey guys, I recently just restarted playing and am having quite alot of trouble in finding the most efficient way to train each skill, considering the amount of new content + bonus stuff i don't even know about. So can you help me out? I want to train WC, fishing, smithing and mining mainly - how should i train them? Note that i don't have that much money to spend in terms of smithing ;) Levels: Woodcutting 89 --> atleast 91 Fishing 85 --> atleast 90 Smithing 76 --> 80 Mining 74 --> atleast 76 Thanks!
  19. I'm in the part where, inside the dungeon, you must pass the Villagers. Room 3. I keep getting kicked out for no good reason (I am not caught by the Villagers nor do I have any other Rubium besides the one burning in the Steam Vents), however once I light the first Steam Vent up I get thrown out! Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or is this a bug? Thanks
  20. Thank you very much to all of you! Very helpful :) if anyone wants to add anything please do so!
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