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  1. That's some insane achievements in such little time. How many hours/day have you been playing? Either you play alot or you're one of the most efficient players ever :thumbup:
  2. Very ambitious goal, hope you reach it ;) Just a suggestion though, and I think you know it too, the first post could be much better (it's up to you really but I'd suggest splitting it into skills or something like that). Either way, the post you've done in the meantime show alot of work dude, grats on all the drops and lvls :D One question - what is your set-up for TD's?
  3. Thanks to both of you :P And swedish, I actually enjoyed the elf series but I prefer the dwarfs' and the voids' for some reason :P Ben, going to try and do exactly that =) But only once I get to lvl 90, mature greenman's ale are too expensive. So what've I been up to you ask? Agility and Quests :P (for those who know me from a few years back, I'm sure you'll be very surprised to find I actually managed to train from lvl 63 to 69 in a row! rofl) Also did Mourning's and Within the Light: Going to try and go for 73 mining now, though I doubt I'll bother :\ Also got 87 farming and 89 herblore bank, which I'll definitively get this week :D
  4. Grats on 85 mining man!; About MTK, depends on your goals - for cash I'd definitively put 10 workers on Herb collecting and 5 on maples (it gives bird nests, good bonus money); plus if you want to train herby or farming it comes off way cheaper than buying in the GE :P
  5. Damn, did that cash pile grow since I last checked! Grats on 96 man :D
  6. Gl guys, and col thought you were taking it easy with uni - pretty gigantic goal dude XD Have fun!
  7. Thanks guys, training Agility atm, going for 69 to do Mournings II and Within the Light. After that I'll either go "power questing" and do WGS or "power mine" for lvl 73 to proceed with my Living Rock Creatures task :P
  8. Firstly, let me just say I know that there is a AoW thread about this. But it doesnt seem to include extreme pots - is this on purpose? So basically what I need to know is the best stats/inventory atm, given the "new" herby pots and all those new items etc. Thanks :D
  9. Wow man, grats on 99 smithign and 94 crafting, some impressive goals achieved ;)
  10. Really like the layout of the blog - especially those 74 hyperlinks of dungeoneering levels haha :P Grats on the latest level, gl with the smithing
  11. Damn man, last 2 days have been GREAT! I never thought I'd achieve so much of my goals this fast :P First of all finished getting my 70 smithing level, the only requirement I didn't meet for Void Stares Back Then I finished up 88 herblore, with the help of extreme attacks and Greenman ales Packed up some stews, brown spice and finished Seers Elite Diaries :D So that's one of my main goals achieved (400hp for slayer per spec attack bar is helpful =) ) And oh, this wasn't too bad either XD: thanks to the lamps from the diaries Then, this morning, I anxiously started Void Stares Back (besides the Dwarfs' quest series, my favourite quest series) - final result: So I'm a pretty happy Vold right now :P
  12. Thanks alot guys, I was already starting to get so frustrated! :P
  13. I've been in the cave, the Pest queen has been summoned but I can't find the sword anywhere. And since Korasi is dead I dunno who to talk to
  14. I tele'd out to bank right before the Pest Queen and lost the Korasi sword because i can't take it out of the cave during the quest. In the mean time, Korasi was already kidnapped by the wizard and eventually dead cause I saved Jessica. How the [bleep] am I supposed to get the sword back now?
  15. Finally had some time to update the blog: 16 Million Magic xp :D From teles on the farming rounds lool 86 herblore, working on 87/88 in a few days: And of course some quests: That's it for now, I'll post a more detailed entry soon enough. Cya guys!
  16. grats on the latest combat related lvls :D keep it up
  17. yeah, the guy kept killing my war tortoise, so I ran out of food XD... And hey jesus :D Well been a few days since the last update, I've been skilling and questing mainly, I feel they're more important atm than training slayer. So I'm training herblore and doing quests for 92 prayer (eventually the xp from while guthix sleeps will level me :P ) Here are the quests and lvl I got: Got 86 banked, thinking of doing super antifire's for lvl 87, which will mean something like 1.5k phoenix feathers - what do you guys think? And from 87 onward I'll brew for the extreme pot closest to my lvl. Any opnions/tips for me considering herby training? :P
  18. soooo many updates =o COngrats on all the lvels, especially herblore and slayer, working on herby atm too :P My lvl 84 from 2 years ago is worth nothing nowadays it seems XD
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