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  1. unbelievable amount of goals achieved in the last 2 months. Congrats and keep it up
  2. Wow, that was some insanely fast levelling... :| Congrats man!
  3. Small update: extremely pleased with myself - finally killed that damn Nomad :D
  4. Quick update from my last few days: still no sou wars cape - so still not back to slayer! Did all tasks up to hard from the Seers diary (only need 92 herb for elite to be done too...), did the Great brain robbery and Rocking out (got me 2 random levels) and I've been doing quick farming rounds. It's all i've had time for these last few days. Gonna run out of membership next week, still not sure wether I'll stay p2p, we'll see :P For now, here are the pics:
  5. holy [cabbage] man, nice! Best I had since i restarted playing were 13, but it makes up for atleast one of the patches' herbs always dying per round -.-
  6. :thumbup: Insane achievements mate, take care
  7. Hey Col and Aneron, awesome to see you guys are still around :D And Lion, proof of the limited time is here hehe: Haven't updated this in a few days... Made a promise I won't do my Steel Dragon task before I have the curses (got them today!) and have a Soul Wars cape (only need to kill Nomad now) - so in the process of doing the quests needed, I got 65 hunter, 51 Dung (tears) and I'm pretty close to 92 prayer + 85 herblore. Besides that, just doing farming rounds and MTK, don't have time for anything else xD Oh and a small note, "only" 28 more QPs to go for while guthix sleeps XD
  8. Well dude, if the same that happened to me happens to you, I'll be seeing you in one or 2 years or so :P Until then, if that day ever comes, have fun man. Gl in college And grats on all those achievements btw! Dunno what you merched but nice :D
  9. wow dude, grats on all those levels (and dragon drops o.O) Keep it up with the slaying!
  10. Hey man! Guess who's back! :P Great to see you're still playing (even if less because of uni of course), and even better to see you already got whip drops and that bunch of 99s :P I got back 2 weeks ago, doubt I'll be able to play much with uni "heating" up with projects and exams but we'll see. Hope to see you around mate
  11. Good luck, hope to see some good progress soon - those huge goals deserve it ;)
  12. Thanks alot, the three of you! It's awesome to see people still recognise me from ages ago :P And ben, I only had 6 bows cause I did a few trips to the dark beasts (not with slayer) and got all of them there I think - except for this last one of course. Also, restarting Uni today so the updates will be less for sure, just a heads up. But in the mean time... 91 prayer and 25mil defence xp :D
  13. Congrats on all the drops, either it's all you do in the game or you're really lucky ;) Gluck with the cash goal, and 99 thieving
  14. Nice and simple blog - like it :P Good luck with your goals, they're pretty similar to mine lol
  15. Good luck both starting out the blog and your goal in RS ;) I'm currently going for 99 :P I'm probably not at 2% but pretty close too lol! Btw, just an advice, put some more pictures on your blog, instead of just text - always makes it an easier read
  16. Thanks Swedish, and hey Et!! Long time no see man :P Slayerrr all day today, got lvl 91 and Dark Bow #6 plus a very nice task of tortoises which got me 600k in drops :P
  17. Congrats on the latest dung level :P and good luck with that overload plan lol, almost free exp would be nice right? Btw, that dungeon you did before you got lvl 79, how long did it take you?
  18. As promised, here are all the latest quests and level-ups: 50 dungeoneering (short-term goal of mine): Other lvls: And finally, went back to slayer and did a few tasks - got 24 Million Def XP :D But lost the stupid pic -.-
  19. Congratulations! And amazing luck with the egg drop too, hehe. Btw, excuse my noobiness (havent played in a few years), who's bork? :o
  20. Besides those pretty difficult goals, your blog impressed me for it's excellent lay-out and organization - well done :D Keep it up and grats on 10mil mining xp
  21. holy [cabbage] dude, you're higher combat and total than me now!! You've come a loong way, I remember when you started the blog out :P Keep it up dude
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