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  1. As promised, got quite a few levels today :D [hide=92 Slayer][/hide] [hide=72 Mining][/hide] [hide=67 - 70 Thieving] [/hide] Having fun slayig atm, so I'm going to keep up with that, stacking up some cash and charms to get 95 prayer and 88 summoning soon. Also need one more mining level which I'll try and battle through this week.
  2. Hey, been a few days since the last post. Apparently I'm not F2P, the membership was payed in the last day somehow :rolleyes: So I decided to go slay a bit, the idea of mining bored the hell out of me. I will try and do some mining tomorrow though :P I'm 25k off 92 slayer atm, and also got some pretty decent loot these last few days: a 2 d boots spiritual mages task (no pics), a few random TT's and finally today's spiritual mages task (yeah I did 2 clues): So I'll probably get 92 Slayer and a mining lvl or two this weekend. Also thinking about getting 70 thieving, just to lvl up some skills
  3. thumbs up for another spam blog but gl with those goals.
  4. Grats man! Great 99, I once ambitioned that... (have other priorities now :P ) Time for warped floors now?
  5. unbelievably close to your goal then! Keep it up mate and grats on the farming, insane speed of lvling up
  6. Thanks Gremmy, I'm glad I some how motivated you XD Well, it's been a few days since my last update. I've been playing very little, and I did not renew my membership. Neverthless, I have a few goals to accomplish before my p2p runs out. (I'll probably renew it in December or so, but for now Uni is too demanding): 78 Summoning and 94 Prayer!. So I wasted a [cabbage]load on bones and shards, and went and used all my charms collected from slayer - 78 summoning. Also did some very rewarding penguin hunting (100k+ exp from 2 weeks' penguins points!) which got me 93 prayer :D All did ToG and got 54 Summoning. [hide=72 - 78 Summoning] [/hide] Tomorrow I'll be using my 1k frost dragon bones and get 94 prayer, and maybe try and noob-oufit TD's! After that I'll either be mining or Dunging in F2P =)
  7. Thanks Medieval and Ben. Btw, lvl 92 is all I want for now, stew for the eventual Overloads. 96+ is the long run goal ;) So I finally got the last 30k xp seperating me from 92 herby: That's another goal complete for now :D Also did this, lol: Haven't had much time to play, thus the lack of updates. Probably gonna slay this weekend - need a break from the other stuff. Really need to find a good PC clan for those points, so if anyone knows one feel free to share!
  8. tough luck with all the bs clues, but im sure that visage more than compensates ;) grats!
  9. Grats on 20mil summon xp dude and only one thing to say about those elite clues - resilience!
  10. Keep up the good work :thumbup: Grats to Col for the bandos and to Ryy on the 30mil Hp xp
  11. Insane goals, and love your stack of items (saw your blog on rsc, those were an IMPRESSIVE amount of clues done :P ) Keep it up dude, have fun building that xp up
  12. Np mate, I'm going to be playing offline this week since I'll be logging in for only a few mins each time, but maybe on the weekend :D Anyway, been at PC/herbying - though I haven't had much time to play. Still, I managed to get this hawt looking lvl: I'll be getting 92 herb during this week I hope, then I'll be at PC trying to get my void robes ;)
  13. Congrats on all those lvls, I get what you mean by "eventfull by my standards" - I'd say that's pretty damn awesome too :D Have fun with those overloads, I'm working my way up to lvl 92 too, it's scary how fast your money vanishes once you get started on herby lvls eh? XD
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