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  1. Have fun herbying man :D I've been making a bunch of pots too (went from 84 to 90 atm, going for 92); Btw if you plan on training agility, I'd suggest making super recoveries (better herb xp, plus if you're going to get enhanced excalibur it's great to heal during the circuits) Gl!
  2. Still managed to get another Herby lvl this weekend (didn't have time to post it last night): I have enough cash for 92 now, hopefully I'll get it during the week. BEsides that, going to be at Void outpost all week I think, trying to get 800 points for the full set + another helm for TD's.
  3. Very much appreciated :) (I guess I'll have to get 600 void points :mellow: )
  4. So I've been off RS for some time. My question, regarding Pest Control, is the following: I need 600 points, and want them as fast as possible. How should I do this? Do I simply go to the must filled world or are there good PC Clans? If so, where can I find them? Cheers
  5. Kuradal's dungeon. If I were you, I'd also bother lvling Herby to get the super antifires to be able to use Zammy Spear on them. If not, a very good alternative is Rapier+DFS.
  6. Thanks guys, ended up using on prayer: why? Because I prefer to train herby than prayer, even if it costs me a bit more ty all for the advice.
  7. Thanks man, I got back to RS like 6 weeks ago, building up to the best set up to go own some TD's ;) I don't recognise some of the stuff you have in the inventory that's how nooby I am nowadays haha :oops: But thanks for the pic, it'll be a good reference for my goal ;) And btw, grats on the huge amount of drops since my last post!
  8. Hehe, have fun slaying, I also need to train my mining (need lvl 73) but I can't be bothered XD
  9. Been quite busy skilling since I did WGS, want to make sure I have all the best things once I decide to go hunt those Tormented Demons ;) So I finished my 70 agility goal, got 71 mining (2 more levels left <_< ) and have 90 herblore (almost) banked :) In the meantime, I decided to reformulate my first post, so it's more reader-friendly, and you guys don't have to go through the whole post to understand what I've been up to! Here's the main new addition: - Living Room [Current Goals/Tasks] After 6 weeks of being back... I have completed one of my main goals - While Guthix Sleeps!! So that's all 3 of the Grandmaster quests finished :D Working on getting 90 herblore now, since I got 89 herby yesterday, and just got 70 agility and 71 Mining :D Goals being pursued RIGHT NOW!: While Guthix Sleeps [X] (See picture below!) [hide=70 Agility][/hide] [hide=71 Mining][/hide] [hide=While Guthix Sleeps] [/hide] [hide=89 Herblore] [/hide]
  10. Congrats on 96 herby, I'm building up to that level too, except I'm waaay off in the cash business :P Going to go to TD's for it too... except I have no idea what to use :P (p.s- if you think you can help me out regarding the set up post it on my blog please :rolleyes: )
  11. Wow man, you've been getting really lucky! Grats on the clues especially =)
  12. Grats on the latest 99 ;) And dude, one thing I just noticed - that layout with the progress bars of HP and Attack looks awesome! great idea
  13. Dude, I read the last page and I feel like I dont even need to go to the first post to see what youve been up to, considering the ABUSIVE amount of lvls you've gotten just in this last page! Very well done man, keep it up :D And argh, I need lvl 73 mining (70 atm), and it hurts to simply think about it XD Gl
  14. Well tbh I doubt it. The thing with quests for me is that it's always a way to achieve some other goal (in this case it was TD's) so I doubt i'll go for it before I get herby, summoning and prayer as I want XD
  15. It's finally complete! Hehe, you know what i'm talking about - the final Grandmaster quest I needed done :D Now I'm off to train herblore to build it up to get the perfect gear for TD's. Speaking of which... for all you TD pros out there, what should my stats and gear be? Considering my levels now and my goals :pray:
  16. Farming rules, gl with that one! And the other lvls too - are you going to train slayer or just normal combat to lvl them up?
  17. That's a long path until your goals are complete - good luck on achieving them ;)
  18. Yeah but I don't plan to train those skills anytime soon - plus I don't really make money that quickly. My 2 options are herby or prayer - so which one will it be? :P
  19. I'm 88 Herblore and 92 Prayer. Which skill should I use the 400k exp from the quest on? I don't know how big the difference in cost to lvl each skill is, so if you guys could help me out :P I'm eventually going to train both of them - so it's only a matter of saving the most money possible
  20. Some crazy few days, been questing ALOT (again), but this time I finally got it - over 270 QPs! Also bothered to kill Bork so now I can finally say: Anyway I did a huge list of quests (6 total), won't bother to overload this page with the pics, they're all on the front page if you wanna see. ALso trained a bit of mining, got lvl 70. On another note, thanks to a few random trees and alotttt of herb seeds, I got 87 farming! This weekend I hope to do WGS and get the already banked 88 herblore... let's hope I have the time for it :P
  21. Really like the way you presented your achievement. Congrats on the lvl ;)
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