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  1. Hey guys, I just got back from almost 2 years break from Runescape and I'm looking at which quests would be the most useful to do. I'm looking mainly for useful services or items (teleports, armour, etc) or good quests for lamps (need prayer exp mainly!). My request to all of you interested in sharing your knowledge is: Which new quests which came out in the last 18-24 months are the best to get busy with? (I have completed newest one!) For those of you willing to dedicate a little more time to my request, from my Adventurers log which would you say are the quests I should definitively do? Thank you very much for the help?
  2. Congrats, you forgot to mention the 78mil slayer exp lol. going for 200mil all? You'd probably have enough to turmoil 24/7 if you sold that accumulated drops ;)
  3. Good luck with the goals dude, btw a suggestion: some level up pics so we dont have to guess which lvls you trained from one stat pic to the next :P
  4. Needs to be "prettied", but regarding the contents: great stuff! Best of luck ;)
  5. wow, you got from 93 to 94 slayer incredibly fast dude o.0 how on earth?! Congrats on the insane amount of lvls :P
  6. Great range of different lvls achieved. Congrats ;)
  7. Damn, 52mil dung exp... sick stuff. Btw nice bind :P
  8. Haven't had alot of game time - been trying to finish a 246 Dark Beasts task for almost a week -.- but I have been doing Hide-n-Seek and piling up some points + effigies thanks to slayer. After quite some time since my last prayer lvl, I can finally say I can Pray all the Prayers of the game again! Also, thanks to your votings, I continued training Defence, and already got 31 Million xp. Managed to have some nice tasks here and there too, though it's just some Dragon Boots and Legs. Also, got a Dragon Dagger drop from Dark Beasts - had no idea they dropped that lol Here are the pics:
  9. Wow, Bonus XP weekend seems like it was ages ago already, but I failed to update it with the levels I got during it :P Managed to get the planned 93 herblore in the first half hour, even though I ran out of pots. Then I just slayed since I really didn't really have enough cash for more Herblore and didn't want to waste the multiplier if I went to train summoning immediately. Pretty close to 94 Slayer thanks to that now too :P Also got my first 2 Jungle Strykewirm tasks during the BXPW, got a hexcrest (symbolical pic) And another nice Iron Drags trip: Then I went and got myself 3 Summoning levels - only 7 more for unicorn! That's all folks!
  10. Congrats dude, one of the best capes in the game ;)
  11. Grats on the latest 99! You should be slaying though, tsk tsk
  12. Good luck with 99 cooking, are you going to manage to get it this weekend? Btw, why the teak/mohagony logs for MTK, I thought Maples were more profitable :o
  13. Good luck with the new account, especially if it's DIY, I can't imagine going 100% on "myself" :P
  14. Hey Hartlar! Gl for the 93 over the BXW, I'm gonna try and get that same level precisely :P Nice fishing lvl =o
  15. Dude I'm speechless towards the crazy amount of levels in so little time. Amazing stuff man, keep it up! And big grats on 96 herblore ;)
  16. Thanks swedish! I had a lot of fun during that task, love seeing those 800s and 900s XD Time for some updates! Been playing ALOT lately, mainly just slaying or just moving around and having some fun. Besides the slaying, which I have nothing to add that's worth posting (for now.. :P ) besides some effigies, I got around to some questing, and finished those really annoying elemental quest puzzles! I'm currently at 550k to 94 slayer, so I actually gained a pretty considerable amount of xp in the last few days. No loot to show besides this though: Don't even know why im posting that, it's worth like 100k total lol. But, besides that, slayer has other goodies - DEFENCE XP! And I'm about to hit a long goal of mine: 30 Million Def XP. I encourage you guys to vote in the poll btw :P In other news, regarding the Bonus XP weekend, I got 93 herblore banked, and atleast 2 or 3 summoning levels (not sure if I have enough money for the summoning levels though). OH and I have like 7 effigies waiting to be used on Prayer, so the long awaited 95 prayer shouldnt be too far away either ;) Cya soon
  17. I voted HP, good luck whichever you choose! and, of course, congrats on 90 slayer
  18. Good luck at trying not to return man, same happened with me a few years back but I ended up returning, sporadically that is ;) (play whenever uni isnt too demanding)
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