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  1. Well done man, insane amount of Nats! Keep it up! And, if you must know, 64 is a much better and luckier number :P
  2. Finally taking a break from quests, I have never done so many quests without getting bored! So I have some time to upload all the pics and level ups from quests (except for thieving, which was through pyramid plunder). I'll also get 24mil defence xp today, so I'll upload all that stuff tonight :D
  3. thanks alot guys, this'll be very useful
  4. I miss going to the DKs :P Congrats on the trip but most importantly 70 dungeoneering - I loved it in F2P but p2p dungeons annoy me, i keep on dying :P (someday i'll bother with it)
  5. Ok so I just restarted playing (stopped for over 2 years) - so as far as you know I'm a complete noob. Soloing in that dungeon for the pickaxe, is it possible? Gear, which ones to kill and any other info would be appreciated :P
  6. Yepp more quests, only played a bit in the morning and now at night but got 3 quests done :D And these levels:
  7. Thanks guys! Finished the day with more quests (yeah I know, pretty sick - I felt like it for once) Also got a new signature (which you can obviously see below) Night!
  8. Congratulations on 99 Magic, enjoy the cape ;) (and the benefits of the actual skill xD)
  9. Thanks Psi and Michael :D Doing alot of Quests today, couldn't be bothered with my Dust Devil task so I'm just gonna do some quests until I can delay it no longer xD So far:
  10. Decent day! Got my rewards from Fremmy Diaries (49 Dungeoneering) and finished Blood Runs Deep (used it on Prayer Exp). Also did some slaying, and I'm pretty close to 24million defence exp
  11. Can't believe you're higher combat than me now :P Well done man!
  12. Congrats on "all" 80+ dude, you got a very complete blog, good to go through ;) Oh and you might wanna train your dungeoneering, can't have a noob like me have it higher than you :P
  13. Blog fully updated, got all the goals set up. I'll be doing them surely but slowly too since uni restarts next week... for now I'll be slaying and doing quests. Anyway, here is the remodelled "personall signature" of mine: Also got Whip #16 today (forgot to keep print) and 22 mil hp experience!
  14. Holy crap man!!(hey dude :D) You're 99 slayer?!?! Congrats! I've really been missing out ... :\ (oh and on topic, insane mtk :P)
  15. dudeee holy [cabbage], insane progress man o.O Good to see you're still going strong, congrats on those drops! Doesn't beat that awesome abby head on my wall though hehe XD (soon enough it will i'm sure)
  16. Hey tripsis! Remember me? :P Finally felt the need to play some more runescape! over 2 years later, haha. Great to see you're still going with those impossible skill-related levels, you construction freak ;) Good luck! (and congrats on those impressive levels last few days =o)
  17. I figured since you have the first post in my blog it's only fitting i post here first too xD How's it going man?!? I'm back XD Btw, holy [cabbage] you've got insane lvls now o.O My puny levels look pathetic hehe
  18. Hey guys! I'm back :D It's been a few erm... years (almost 2 and a half years), I'm a complete noob now, but I started playing last week and coudln't resist to come back to blogscape! So I returned, got a few goals to pursue, and alottt of blogs to revisit and visit :P For those of you who don't know me, feel free to check out my old blog, it's in the first page also ;) I'll have a few updates with all the goals etc soon! Vold
  19. you still havent killed yourself, remember when you posted about that? dude that was so funny me and kohe laughed so much it was a really good joke you know? Anyway Lots of Love (LoL) lol Vold and Kohe
  20. Hey all, needed some suggestions as to what the best program (free) for video editing, with some good tricks and all, like text boxes, backgrounds, slide transitions, all that. Thanks alot
  21. Once you start being a good dker, you will notice that there will just not be enough room to pick them up for most of your trip. I don't think he needs the extra 100k either ... That widely misses the whole point of the bones. Once you start being a "good dker", which would imply you going there often, you'd pick up the bones in order to bulk them up to train prayer, or just to sell cause you'll realise it still adds up to a bit after a while. It's not about someone needing the cash or not, it's just practical.
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