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  1. 28 herbs from one patch?!?!?! Damn man, that's pro farming ;) Good luck with the 99!
  2. So many juicy updates since my last post :P Congrats on all the lvls (especially ranged) and WOW at that MTK ;)
  3. Finally finished my first ICE STRYKEWIRM task! And I fell in love with them =o Here's the loot:
  4. Amazing bank man, but I'm wondering why you're stacking up all those drops :P btw, grats on 89 hunter!
  5. Been playing here and there the last few days, been having some fun playing again :D Did Elemental Workshop II (cbf'ed with III for now...) and managed to get some nice combat-related stuff: 24 Mil HP exp, sweet spiritual mages task, another pretty good Living Rock Creatures task, ANOTHER sucky elite treasure trail and last but not least... 93 SLAYER! :D Also already got my first Ice Strykewirm task! Doing that atm ;)
  6. Hey, just got my first Ice Strikewyrms task, and I'm wondering what gear/spell/weapon I should take to slay them. I'm 99 in all combat+magic+range and 94 prayer. Thanks!
  7. Been busy slaying! Got some nice pics to go with it too, this time :D Also 75k away from 93 slayer
  8. God damn scammers are infesting RS again. SO ANNOYING.
  9. Did my first task of Living rock creatures since getting 73 mining, and it sure payed off!! Shame it takes quite a long time though.
  10. Congrats on 98 hp!!! :D Well done man, it'll be no time until 99hp, especially with the bonus xp weekend ;) Btw, you might want to continue training hunting until 65, it's very useful for some quests. Shame on the elite clues, the same thing happened to me in my first 2 elite clues last week :s, better luck next time!
  11. It comes a bit late but... CONGRATS on 99 runecrafting!!! About time ;) Good luck with the ranging and the dungeoneering.
  12. Thanks alot for the support guys, sorry for the (very) late reply! Well guys, in case you haven't noticed, I stopped playing for 3 or 4 months, but it's the beginning of the uni semester again and I couldn't resist but to buy one month of members! So Ive been back for a few days, I thought about not updating the blog since I'm probably only going to play this month, but I've gotten so many levels I think it's worth updating! Soo onto the updates... Ever since I got back I've mostly done 3 things: quests, random skill training and slayer. I'm almost totally broke from those last prayer levels before I left the game back in november, so I definitively need to stock up my cash pile before I continue my pursuit of 95 prayer and 88 summoning! (let alone 96 herblore...) The quests: (thinking about doing DO NO EVIL, is it any good?) And from these quests I either levelled or got within 15k (or less) experience from various levels. I didn't get the pics but I got: 72 crafting, 71 construction, 67 runecrafting, 71 smithing, 71 agility and... 73 MINING!! FOr those who remember, I've been trying to get that since erm I think october 2010 rofl. I HAD to take a picture for this one: Other than that I've been slaying, and the only events worth reporting were my first 2 FAILED elite clues, some dragon drops (including Dragon boots not pictured) and I'm now over 28 Million Defence Exp :D I'll be posting more updates soon hopefully!
  13. Hey man, amazing drops as always! How's it going? You still playing? I got back last week, atleast staying a month until 2nd semester in uni gets more serious :P
  14. Congrats on 99 herb man! And all the other recent levels too, but especially that one ;)
  15. Congrats on the attack xp and those smithing lvls. keep it up!
  16. Very impressive, congrats! I wish I could pile up on the drops, but I need the cash for 96 summoning and 99 prayer first :P Keep it up :thumbup:
  17. Grats on the whip drop and sweet cash pile ;) Btw rise against totally owns, saw them live this year :D
  18. COngratulations, 9/10 (only cause we both know you'll do better once you reach 200mil ;) )
  19. Good luck with the trio skilling - i like the concept :P
  20. well done man, gotta love random progress when you're not playing that much right? keep it up
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