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  1. Ill come if i can, but could you post "____untill it starts" because i dont know the translation for GMT.
  2. I can now confirm that molanisks drop clue scrolls, i dont know what level they are though, im about to do it. :thumbsup: edit: i just completed it and got a black b axe and steel pic so its lvl 1... i think
  3. the molanisk also drop nature talismans
  4. Im getting that too, jagex knows about it, and they can be picked up like on a table
  5. Im fighting the new slayer things and evey time they die in that spot the drops float, i can still pick them up but its like picking up off a table, is it supposed to be that way??
  6. That hunter cape wants you, go get it! :thumbsup: Cowbells rule! :XD:
  7. I support him, everyone who has a 99 skill works hard for it and it will always take a long time and money, but are worth it, and saying come back when u have 70, y dont you just say come back when you have 98..
  8. mp are u atending in the compatition are u serching for a part time hoby as a juge? lol I don't think ill be taking part because ill be taking a break from rs in a few weeks. :|
  9. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=593642 here is the link to the hypercam guide :thumbsup:
  10. Mine is a necklace of blinding, the first thing i did when i became members was enchant it, even though ive gained more through monster drops, im sure its in the pile somwhere :-w
  11. I'll give you all of the willow logs you need, just tell me how many you want :thumbsup:
  12. I should be able to make it as long as the TET event is at the normal time :thumbsup:
  13. Here is the Quest cape emote feel free to use it :D [img=http://upload7.postimage.org/29406/questcape.gif]
  14. Hmm, midknight might be pushing it a bit for me, but ill try to make it :-k
  15. Looks like it was a good idea postponeing it ay? :P
  16. I might come, and get some experiece of it before the TET event
  17. Ive never worked on a skill for more than a few days, but now im embarking on 99 wc which is going to take over a month and it will probably be worth it if i see it through to the end.
  18. 1637/100= 16.37 yay i hit the nail on the head :thumbsup:
  19. The whole ghostly set doesnt make sence now, the robes have magic defence, so wouldn't a staff fit in better than a sword? :-k :?
  20. Its a good minigame and is very fast once you get to know the maze, and there is a choice of rewards, xp or herbs.
  21. The PS3 is getting a late launch in Europe, but that means we get a better range of games and a better version fimware than USA and Japan did.
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