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  1. Both duels have a cap... and yes there are safespots at greaters. But you'll get killed by ghosts.
  2. Lol, true. Well, it was worth a shot..
  3. +26 Unless Jagex makes BH non multi, or returns the old wilderness as it was, or does SOMETHING where we have an actual option to fight people 1v1 without people pileing, I will never PK again. I don't feel like massing a huge team of rogues to get a kill. I'm a soloer.
  4. Leather boots + green dhide chaps = win. It just looks so awesome. Being 1 def, the +1 or +2 to defense that fighting boots gives isnt worth it. IMO the metal ones make your feet look disfigured, the rainbow ones make you look like a fruit... Leather looks good on pretty much everything actually. :\
  5. Well, I was an f2p pker which played only to PK, but came back the next day. Like I thought I would. Right now I'm going for 99 range in f2p. Just for the challenge, bragging rights, and MAYBE pking. But we'll see what December 18th says about that. A time consuming goal, I expect it to take 4-6 months as a rough estimate if I only range, bank, and go back to ranging again. But first I have to get the 2m+ for the 400k+ bronze arrows I'll need to get that. Might be more or less, not sure if I'll be be picking up arrows or not. So yeah that's the agenda for now I guess. :P
  6. He means edgeville PKing is gone... edgeville has not moved from it's place on the map. Please read the post people..
  7. A jagex mod said that there will be an update next monday about the wilderness and that they were changing some things. But who knows if that'll fix it.
  8. Hey A Man Died, It's Ranger_Owen, aka 0ll0 X 0ll0. We met at hobs ranging spot. :P This update is causing me to quit too, gl irl and on 70 ranged. :D
  9. I'm a soloer also, edge and castle were my bread and butter, all gone now. If they would at LEAST make a non-multi BH it wouldn't be as bad... But unless you have a team of 10 or more people then you're chances are nil.
  10. Well I was wondering if this setup would make a good bounty hunter: 20 Att 55 Str 40 Def 40 Rng [1 mage|1 pray] ~ 47 hits, 45 cb. Equipment: Rune large Rune pl8 Green dhide Ruby ammy Maple bow/ m2h for ko (max 13, one higher than lob heals) Worth it?
  11. Bounty hunter has nothing to do with it, as I explained it's impossible to have a fair DM in that game. Since you can't pk anywhere else, I'm wondering what purpose this forum has now.
  12. Same, estonia. I was going for your str and hp to be a kick -a## range/2her but there's no point now.
  13. Thank you Looce. Drop parties, christmas gifts, it's all gone. And if merchanting didn't completely die with GE, it's beyond dead now.
  14. Just wondering. Unless you're dming reverant ghosts. They're a challenge. In all seriousness, DMing has been completely eliminated. The second you enter bounty hunter you get KOed by 10 other players.
  15. http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/1724/modmg6.png Freedom's gone. 1v1 is dead. The only pluses I can think to this update is that you can train on greaters without worrying about pkers, but meh... npcs took care of that. And wow, TipIt is incredibly slow. RSOF isn't even accessible.
  16. Swordies heal 14, not 15, unless they recently changed it... And it really doesn't matter, I'm pretty sure all levels in f2p generally use lobs, even the higher ones like 80+ combat, it's just the most well known pking food. Doesn't make too much of a difference which you use.
  17. Personally I'd say try range/2hing around 55-60 combat with 83 ranged and 75-84 str, for 14s with ranged and 23+ with 2h, and if you find yourself dieing too much get defense... Just what seems logical. I'm not an expert or anything, but I'm making one myself.
  18. You have a few options, depends on if you want to pick up your arrows or not. If you choose not to you get faster xp, but it costs more gp. The best places in f2p to range without picking up arrows are Hobgoblins and Fortress Guards. For hobs, go to crafting guild and range them from the cow field. For fortress guards, range them from Ice Mountain. Personally I like fortress guards better, hobs are usually crowded. If you're picking up arrows, ankous is the way to go. Range them from here: (Credits to Kill Life for the pic) They become aggressive after randoms though, be careful. This is a good f2p ranged guide: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=593483 Good luck. :D
  19. How do we see what other people are buying or selling? :oops:
  20. Nothing in that news about raising the staking cap. :x But still, looking forward to checking the Grand Exchange out. =D>
  21. He's the NPC that operates the Party Room in Falador or Taverly.. forgot which... anywho most p2p players have parties there.
  22. I'm not sure. I have his AIM address and he's on all the time, but I rarely talk to him. I have a feeling he still plays, I really should ask him about it. I know as of late 2005 and maybe some of 2006 he still played. But it's been a while since then. When I talk to him I'll ask him. :wink:
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