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  1. QFF... quoted for failure We have a right to like or dislike what we're given. I'll wholeheartedly agree that the new chars are disgusting. Look at range gear...
  2. I beg to differ. att: 40 str: 63 range: 77 def: 1 pray: 1 there ya go. \
  3. those are very long-term goals... 99 mage is pointless in f2p... not to mention painfully expensive i hear range tanks are very powerful in bh.. go for that.
  4. I personally like the red tassle a LOT... Purple/blue wasn't as good. Shame shame. P.S.: W/b von... I never made my range/2her in time for the old wildy :thumbdown:
  5. So a diamond eh? I always hoped it could be any item in rs, like one time it might be a p-hat or something but that would be ultra ultra rare to get it. Oh well, was fun to fantasize. :x
  6. Title explains my question. Can anything come out of it? All I've ever gotten is fliers but i've heard people have gotten other things.
  7. I'd say fortress guards if you don't care about dropping. Get 100k+ bronze arrows and just range from the mountain. It's kind of a lot of clicking but it's one of the fastest methods in f2p I think. :) Being on a 1900+ world will speed up their already fast respawn rate. If you want to pick up, ankous. Although the excessive randoms are annoying.
  8. I would say 99 ranged because it receives tremendous respect for an f2p 99. But it depends on which is easier for you I guess, and which you want more. Some people say ranged is very hard to train in free worlds, I find it easy. Good luck with either.
  9. Nice dude. I'm going for 99 ranged in f2p as well. How long did it take from lvl 83 or around there and where did you train? I'll probably go for ankous if picking up and fortress guards if not.
  10. This is terrible at Flesh Crawlers. Bringing a bow and some arrows is a good idea.
  11. Don't train it past 40. From several other pker's experiences I've heard 50, 60, or 70 attack won't make much of a difference on full rune, and with 40 you should hit the other armors fine. Nice range.
  12. You haven't seen anything yet. Wait for the next "hey guys i wonder how long it will take for mods to lock this" spam topic. But otherwise, tip.it is great. A HUGE step over RV, I must say.
  13. Just something I noticed. Although once in a while rs would freeze from lag for about 5 seconds and then return.
  14. Yes. And Opera, running Runescape whether logged in or not, uses 80,000 - 140,000 K of Mem usage. My specs: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ nVidia 6150 LE graphics card 1.18 GB RAM 2.2 gHz (rated at 3.5) So clearly my specs are not a problem. What can I do about this? Swiftswitch was just as bad, and the official client was as well. Lowering the quality of the ads does little to help, or none at all. Nothing else is sapping a lot of the memory usage, except for explorer and svchost, can't terminate those. Thanks... Edit: After posting this, I checked the task manager and opera was running at 60,000 K memory usage. When I switched from the Tip.it tab to the RS tab, it jumped to 95. When I logged in, it jumped to 145, maxing at 153,000 K. So logging in DOES matter..
  15. Too bad you're goin... I would be gone too but I promised some people I'd get to 99 range... Was fun talking with you, goodluck irl. :wink: Mah contactz aim - paulaldrich msn - [email protected] yim - [email protected]
  16. I'm still kinda new to tipit, but some of the posts I've seen here are really disgusting. Take the spammer no naming names ~darkdude three posts. All the repliers did was spam random pics and insult the OP continuously. He probably deserved it because he was insulting them as well, but they were acting just as immature as he was... Censoring this part, while censored wasn't censored enough and could still easily see what you said. ~darkdude Everyone was going crazy... Reminds me of a quote bearing some good advice: "Never argue with an idiot. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience." Please, no naming names and try and not write offensive things in your post (despite you censoring it and the fact it was a "quote" it wasn't censored enough) ~darkdude
  17. Stay pure. Soo many of my old pure friends are getting 40 def and 44 pray, it's disgusting. I don't know if the 1v1 pking coming in the next few months will be worth holding out for, but don't get def or pray no matter what. With or without it you'll just get annhilated in BH without a team. And with a team, the higher str/range, the better. If you need something to do in the meantime, just skill. Or duel arena maybe. The wildy monsters only drop gold in f2p, to my knowledge.
  18. Jagex under new management? :lol: Rofl, seriously, I don't remember them ever talking like this. Do English people talk like that? It's south american slang. Anyway, the newspost. Not really happy, but I didn't expect to be. The wait period for 1v1 pking (if I read it right; "first new single-way player-vs-player combat area") is apalling. The staking limit being raised with more QP is an interesting thought but not many stakers have high QP. Just shows they're trying to keep us hanging on so they can save some of the players with these "things will be back to normal during the next half a year, so stick around" kind of posts.
  19. Regular capes are great and work for me. Yellow is my personal fav. Looks good with dhide, leather boots, and power ammy. I don't find any of the team capes too appealing atm. :? But yeah, EVERYONE is wearing a team cape.
  20. People want more XP, and faster. So they move to the next monster, which can survive their highest hit. Highest hit = max XP. People are hogs, I admit I am myself. It's to your benefit, why shouldn't you do it?
  21. When you get 70+ str shantay guards are good, they hit a bit but they have 32hp. Also there's lvl 24 zombies in Edge dungeon. Just some alternatives to try.
  22. ^^ I don't think so, but it's possible I missed it somewhere. Also, World 55 is no longer a bounty hunter world... might be 57 too... either they moved those bhs to the new worlds or they just dropped them...
  23. I don't get it, how would you get 99 ranged without spending money? You need hundreds of thousands of arrows to get it, which costs money.
  24. What is your current combat level? Me and a friend are starting a BH team if you would like to join. Just PM me in game or on the forums. Yes its a F2P team It's 58, but I'm not going to pk anymore, I'm working on my fishing and range goals atm, no drive to pk. Ty tho :wink:
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