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  1. I was interested in this too so ... I just tried that, keywords were "f2p rune pure", in Graveyard, 0 results.
  2. Scimmy and Skimmy, because people that type it think the C actually is supposed to sound like "kuh" instead of a silent letter. Plus it's just annoying in general to see it over and over again.
  3. It's for anyone that wants to play it. I don't think Jagex had a specific audience in mind, I'm sure they didn't have poor people as one. Maybe kids, but the game is really for all ages, they've already shown us that.
  4. What I'm wondering is why you went into wildy without food in the first place. But yeah, funny I guess.
  5. That statement really made me want to watch the Weapon of Choice video with Christopher Walken.[/random] Well, I'd go with d long, I was a member for a pretty short time but the longsword seemed like a better choice. Then again, I wasn't even thinking about pking at the time.
  6. Don't forget the seagull love! Lol. :lol: Any of those three would probably be best. But seriously, those lvl 3 seagulls have 10hp and can't hit you.
  7. Random comma anyone? :P Do you mean "1115 total lvl, 4,607,104 total XP", gimmecola? No his skill total is 4,607,104 and his total xp is 1,115. :lol: Just playin. The highest skill total I've ever had is 618 on my old main, I used to create dozens of accounts. But one that's active is 528. Not gonna bother adding up all the numbers for my total XP.
  8. I've been watching this guide for quite a while now. It's not bad. I never went through with the pure range/2her like I said before (I think it was in page 2 or 3), still a pure ranger. But I have a question. Is 77 range still 13s with rapid, or is it 78, in light of lovetofly's comments on page 6? And is 83 or 84 14s? I think if you had a guy with 90 ranged you'd know firsthand, jens. Thanks. :D
  9. Now I know... I never did the original 2005 event, they were giving the scared emote to this years halloween event. I was wonder why I had it...
  10. Na, I'm a free player. Does anyone remember if you got the scared emote before or after you catch the head?
  11. Not in bank lol. There are only 2 rows of things in there so I doubt I missed it... Any other ideas...?
  12. Diango says I already have everything... didn't you get the emote after you got the head and finished the event? If not I probably just didn't get the head. Bummer.
  13. I know but where... I've tried in random spots digging with the spade and I'm not getting one Is there any trick to it?
  14. I did the 2005 Halloween event and had the zombie head but I lost it. Where exactly in the swamp do I have to dig to get it back?
  15. Rurouni Kenshin (subtitled) One hell of a good animation, the music is amazing. Also watch the Samurai X: Betrayal four episodes.
  16. IMO, pointless unless you have 99 in at least one stat. And even then, you'd want to be number one. I did make one though. On my main I had ~85 wc, made a skill pure, and got it up to 76 wc. Now think, I could probably be at least 86 or 87 wc on my main with that 76 wc xp.
  17. For every 1 hit with ranged (aka 4 ranged xp), how much hp xp is recieved?
  18. Call of Duty. $10. Now. Still has a good mp base and is incredibly fun and addicting. Very little system reqs.
  19. How is your combat 49 with only 67 ranged and 5 prayer? Updated stays please? :)
  20. I'm not getting 99 def to pk. I just think it would be pretty cool for some of the higher monsters to almost never hit you. Would 99 attack be a better goal? 99 strength seems a little... overdone... Soo... Should I get something more like 70 70 99? 92 combat.
  21. I'm not getting prayer. Not for a while anyway. How would 50/80/99 be for f2p pking? :D 88 combat, 89(?) hp.
  22. Hey all, My first main kind of bombed out so I've decided to make a new one, his current stats are 50 63 40. When I trained from 40-50 attack, I didn't really notice that I was hitting more. My long-term goal is 99 defense before 99 combat (reaaallly long term, I know), so at first I was thinking I should get 60-70 attack and around 80 str, I'd be in the 90s. Is there much of a difference between 50 and 60 att, or even 50 and 70? I'll be using a rune scimitar and power amulet for training. If you could recommend att/str lvls for 99 defense that would be great as well. Thank you. :)
  23. - Merch Rune Sets - Kill Cows (Collect cowhides, sell 100ea) - What Master Smither said.
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