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  1. And I knew him. He was the one who introduced me to RS, a really nice guy. I've been looking for this pic for YEARS, finally I find it on my very old computer at the parent's house: I'm the b2h pure on the left. Thought this was pretty unique since he made the account before it was an NPC. The pic was originally going to be used for a poster in my locker, don't ask why. :oops:
  2. That took some real skill. Gj. :roll: Nice teles btw.
  3. Well, what is your range and prayer now? Tell me that and I can probably help you.
  4. THANK YOU! You idiots want F2Pers to stop begging you for money? Take off all of your membs clothing! Seriously, it's so simple, it's like they want to be harrassed. :wall: I agree with this too. But generally pures are show offs and only care about their skills and the wild, what can ya do. :roll: And.... Preteens + huge egos =
  5. - Are you syncing the range-2h combo right? If not, practice. - Are you managing your arrows effectively? Usually you wanna pick em up when your opponent does (if you're fighting another ranger), otherwise they may steal them. Make sure not to pick them up with very low HP or when you have a chain going. - Are you safing? Don't safe at or above 1/2 hp if you want kills. You may want to watch your HP on the skills tab, then when you get in range of a KO, click invent tab and eat. Also make sure to eat-range or eat-2h (if your enemy's HP is low, eat right when you start your next attack); it can get you a lot of kills. Just a few tips....
  6. R_2_H


    Sad... :roll: Unless you're making it into a range/2her, I'd say anytime, get to whatever strength lvl you want and pk.
  7. Decided to keep it at one, at least for now. I'm gonna start training str to ko. And no, I don't pk in varrock... Thanks for help, and keep commenting if you want.
  8. Ok. I don't want to spam. But seriously, that's basically the feeling every single profitable staker in RS is having right now. WTF?
  9. I'm 80 range, 56 combat, wondering if I should get hawk/eagle eye. A ranger my level with pray can hit 14s, one higher than my max. I'm thinking I should get 82 ranged, 26 prayer, which would land me 15s at about 60 combat. If I raised range nat though, like I have so far, I wouldn't have 15s until 63cb, but would have 78 hp; 70 with pray... There's also 85range 44 pray for 16s, which would be 65 cb- easier than going for 97 ranged, cb70. What do you think? thanks
  10. No, 1 defense is fine. I'm 1 def and I eat through def rangers. Stay pure.
  11. Nm, I figured it out. Just had to subtract the ratio of 4 to 1.333 from the xp I had to go. So I multiplied 4 and 1.333 by a random number, 10,000 (10000 1s) , multiplied each by 3, and subtracted each from their respective skills. Found out they'll = each other at 14000. I must've misread something. Thanks for the help. I should now be able to calculate when I will lvl HP before ranged, thanks to the XP table, and as long as HP WILL pass ranged at some point. Lockable.
  12. I knew the 4-1.333 range/hp ratio, just no idea how to apply it to this. As for the reason, just generally interested.
  13. Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to calculate when ranged experience will catch up to (equal) hp experience. As of this writing I have 141k ranged xp left to go to the next lvl and 56k hp to go to the next lvl. When will they be the same? I know it's gonna be a low number, like 7-10k, but it's been changing every level. One time it was 12k, then next level it was 10, and just recently, 7. I'm wondering when I'll get an hp level first instead of ranged. It's like a word problem in math, crunching the numbers is the easy part but I have no idea how to get them.
  14. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=561002 Look at the stat differences between each armor type for, for example, platebody. Black has +40 and mith has only +44 (i'm observing the slash option because many pkers will have scimitars). Unless those values are incorrect, it'd be wise to save the 10 defense levels for something else, since there is such a small difference. Is the +4 worth it for 10 more defense lvls? The biggest stat differences of all the F2P metal armors are mithril to addy (+17), and addy to rune (+17). These are the same, which is why addy would be your next best option, if you don't want to go for rune. Plus, who wants to do those 13 annoying quests for rune plate? So I'd say either black or adamant, if you really want to be a defense pure. Personally though, 1 defense is my favorite.
  15. Ok. It's near impossible to ko fullruners with just ranged, and r2h is rarely accurate, right? On top of that a lot of them after 55 combat are all arounds (low level mains), so they safe at half health. So I'm thinking about 60-65 mage for an accurate f blast. You think that's a good magic lvl or should it be higher? thanks as always. :)
  16. Read jen's guide, look for a quote by voncritic in the middle of it. Just an important calculation you should make while training. And the guide overall is good. Training spots, depends. What stats do you need help with spots for?
  17. [size=22]Prayer Beast[/size] [i][u]Attack:[/u][/i] Don't raise it a level higher than 40. [i][u]Strength:[/u][/i] Max out to desired combat level (use [url=http://www.westscript.com/calcs/combat.php]this calc[/url], helps get an idea of what your hp will be). Make sure it correlates with your prayer, you want to have the minimum strength level needed + ultimate strength to get the next high hit. This minimizes combat. Check out Tip.it's [url=http://tip.it/runescape/?max_hit_calc]Max Hit Calculator[/url], input your strength and prayer, and test it to see what the next high hit will be at whatever strength level you choose. This is really important for training. [i][u]Defense:[/u][/i] 1. [i][u]Range:[/u][/i] Personally, I'd say keep it at 1. Why? Sure, dhide is good protection from magic, but the hp xp really isn't worth it, even for 40 ranged. The extra hp level increases combat, and you want to keep cb as low as possible. Getting ranged on a non-hybrid is pretty much a waste of time anyway since there are no mages after 45 combat. [i][u]Mage:[/u][/i] Up to you. Either don't bother and save a little cash or, if tanks are on your nerves lately, rack it up to 59+ for f blast. Personally I wouldn't bother. [i][u]Prayer:[/u][/i] Well this is the fundamental aspect of the prayer beast! There are two options you have, 31 or 34. Some people I've talked to said the extra 3 lvls are worth the better accuracy, and it's only a one level difference. But if you're borderline on combat, you might want to keep it at 31. [i][u]HP:[/u][/i] Like I said, you may want to keep this low, it depends if you like more HP or not so you're harder to KO. This stat can be ignored until your strength training is done, from which you can or decide not to customize it with ranged and magic experience. [i][u]Stats:[/u][/i] 40 Attack MAXED Strength 1 Defense 1 or 40 Ranged 1 or 59+ Magic 31 or 34 Prayer [i][u]Equipment:[/u][/i] Iron Full Helm or Nothing - Really up to you here. I hate the look of iron helm alone, just looks weird to me. Monk Top Monk Bottom or Dragonhide Chaps - Check Ranged section above. Leather Boots Leather Gloves Rune Scimitar Ruby Amulet of Strength [i][u]Inventory:[/u][/i] R2H Strength Potion 26 Lobsters [i][u]Lastly, never:[/u][/i] -Teleport - It's shameful. No, seriously. Please do not do this. Do not tele to save 80k. You'll be a better person for doing it. -Protect Items - I wouldn't, unless your opponent does. -PJ - Speaks for itself. Hope this helps someone and happy to contribute. :)
  18. jens, your friend gotten 83 ranged yet? Edit: Any idea what lvl ranged hits good on full rune in f2p? -.- 78 is still pretty crappy.
  19. Are you talking about the basics, like strength, ranged, and magic pures, or the subclasses within them? For example, prayer beasts. There are also the common ranged/2her, ranged/mager (these succeed at lower lvls, maybe ~10-40), and less common melee/mager. I didn't go into details b/c I wasn't sure if I was thinking of the right kind of pures. I can explain a few of them if you'd like.
  20. In response to the question in the title... I'd like to hear one logical explanation why. Sorry. Feeling kind of lazy and don't want to read the pages of replies. In all seriousness, defense noob is a phrase created by pures who find it hard to pk them. IMO it's just immature terminology. I never have and never will use it.
  21. Interesting idea, but the way they described it sounds a lot bigger than a new skill. Just the vibe I got from it. It sounds more like a whole new component to RS instead of a new statistic to add to the list.
  22. He's a tanker I think. That's the only thing that makes sense to me. Anyone with ranged higher than even 63 has no reason to be afraid of lil 16s. So, TC, are you pure or 40 def? I might fight you either way.
  23. He meant get it after 80+ combat, but that's a little high, even with 99 str, 99 range [40atk] and 94-99 hp, you'll be in the 70s. Personally I'd wait till 97 ranged (16s w/o pray) and 99 str till 44 pray, but it depends on how much training you can handle. And yeah, use vambs instead of gloves... as for boots, I'd use leather, but that's me.
  24. The first one I don't agree with. Never called anyone a defense noob before, having more than 1-5 defense (speaking of f2p) isn't against my code. The second one I can understand, in certain situations. Protect items is something I don't like, but nothing I can do about it really. Protect prayers in 1v1 is just disgusting, especially when the person you're fighting is higher combat. I was fighting two lv-63s yesterday near castle and both took turns to fight. Both used protect against ranged, one ran and the other teled. I have nothing against running but TWO people proing and pjing on one person is absolutely ridiculous. Keep in mind they each had full rune and I was only 78 ranged, 54 cb. Lastly safing (the last one that pertains to f2p), is something I hate, I used to not care, but if you're eating at 40-50+% HP when my max is a 13, you don't know how to ko. Only agreeing with you on that for defense. The rest, under the given circumstances, is just pathetic.
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