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  1. for the most part. missed maybe 1-2 days at times if i didn't log in
  2. Just got my 3 months of gathering from MTK, which I last gathered 03/08/09. I was kinda disappointed, since the seeds were kinda lame compared to normal (and almost all fruit when I need normal trees).
  3. 05/23/09 finally got it :D Just got 99!!!! :D :D :D Yay for level 99 economy crashing!!! [hide=99 TAKES A REALLY BIG IMAGE][/hide] [hide=99 TAKES A REALLY BIG IMAGE][/hide] *** [ TRACKER ]: [construction] exp gains for oddfaery2 in last 1day: 3,269,292 | 1wk: 7,056,264 | 1wk 1day: 9,369,528 | 4wks: 9,410,328 I'll take some pics of my modest home to put in the blogscape thread soon :D
  4. Just got 99!!!! :D :D :D Yay for level 99 economy crashing!!! [hide=99 TAKES A REALLY BIG IMAGE][/hide] [hide=99 TAKES A REALLY BIG IMAGE][/hide] I'll take some pics of my modest home to put in the blogscape thread soon :D
  5. Ok so where does odd start... I have been inactive in this blog for so dang long! I have done MTK enough to get 98.5 farming from the tree seeds I've slayed until I had charms for 80 Summoning, so now I have all skills 80+ I did Stealing Creation enough to get hammers for 99 construction I WCed/made planks enough to get planks for 99 construction Now I am in the process of getting 99 construction. :D IRL, I bought a house, I had eye surgery because I was at risk of going blind and needing a cornea transplant (not urgent risk, I just wanted to prevent it), and I'm engaged to get married :D [hide=HAMMERS FOR CONSTRUCTION][/hide] [hide=91 CONSTRUCTION][/hide] [hide=92 CONSTRUCTION][/hide] [hide=93 CONSTRUCTION][/hide] [hide=94 CONSTRUCTION][/hide] [hide=95 CONSTRUCTION][/hide]
  6. LOL true :P That money got used other places I guess :P -- btw how'd that fishing challenge go? suppose so :P Guess I'd better wait till 99 to post the rest :P
  7. 10/10 man! Definitely most time consuming skill out there
  8. [hide=93][/hide] *** [ TRACKER ]: [construction] exp gains for oddfaery2 in last 1day: 3,760,572
  9. i'm more impressed with your patience mining 3k rune ores than the construction lol Good job! :D
  10. good to know :D I've been wondering that in case I miss on one in the next batch. My building is going slower than I expected... I misclick a lot on the construction end :P Got this earlier :D [hide=91 CONSTRUCTION][/hide]
  11. It averages about 15 minutes a game, and I typically get either 23/24 points per game. It's best to play w/ a skiller group though, combat is ftl :D lol that WAS tricky, but I got rid of a lot of random things that I won't be using for a while, e.g. armour, weapons, various tools, decorative clothing, etc. nah, I just got really busy irl and was hardly on. Suppose I may as well have lol
  12. I managed to convert 120 proto-tools (have points for the other 60-70 btw) without misclicking a single one :D I'd show them all if I could.... [hide=before][/hide] [hide=after][/hide] oh yeah btw this'll get me 99 construction. :D 05/23/09 finally got it :D Just got 99!!!! :D :D :D Yay for level 99 economy crashing!!! [hide=99 TAKES A REALLY BIG IMAGE][/hide] [hide=99 TAKES A REALLY BIG IMAGE][/hide] *** [ TRACKER ]: [construction] exp gains for oddfaery2 in last 1day: 3,269,292 | 1wk: 7,056,264 | 1wk 1day: 9,369,528 | 4wks: 9,410,328 I'll take some pics of my modest home to put in the blogscape thread soon :D
  13. I remember trying for those when they first came out, and I gotta give you an easy 10/10 for your persistence. The imp scroll in 1 kill makes me sick as hell.
  14. Wow that's very nice! I haven't even managed ONE fire cape lol... What kind of video card do you have anyway? I always lag on Jad's healers
  15. Sorry I really haven't been playing RS more than a few times a week maybe. Counter-Strike and real life have been my demise :P
  16. Sorry if this is spam cuz it's already been answered, but do you get all 3 pieces for dragon plate DURING the quest or have to get them as drops or what? I won't be on much till this weekend but if anybody needs a 99 smith I play with chat on
  17. Great guide! I have a few things I think I would've suggested different strategy on, so I'll post in case it's any use to you. Starting out -- I'd recommend going from bounty hunter instead of castle wars. It's just as easy to find from there and the bank is really convenient. Room 1 -- or perhaps before, I would recommend suggested quests of As a First Resort and Fairy Tale Part II. It makes it much easier to not have to worry about timing energy potions and you can recharge the run fast and get back to the ruins (glory to edge, fairy ring to jungle hunter, run to spa and get run and HP if you want, then use games necklace to get back). -- another alternative is to use spirit terrorbirds. I saw this done by somebody but I have no idea if he tries to eat it once inside the cave. Step 8: As stated above, EMPHASIZE that you want to let the cut-scene finish BEFORE you light the next pyre, or else there will be no effect and you'll have to set it up again. It is MUCH harder to light the third pyre with the beast at full steam. Step 10: The spade can be looted from the corpse or brought with originally. Unless food is really low there shouldn't be a need to bank. I'd say bank if needed instead of making it a standard. Room 2 -- The first two cores seem you suggest standing pretty much still and just dodging attacks. I would either walk or run from one spot of soft soil to the next in a circle around the room the entire time until a core is released. Same for the last spot too, they are far enough out that you can just go from one to the other and not have to stay really near the walls. That'll make digging the hole fast enough easier too. Room 3 -- The guide really lacks strategy and explains what has to be done more than HOW to do it. I'd follow the same kind of strategy as in room 2: Walk the room in circles, watch the grave rotations and attack charges, and when you're close enough to bless the right grave, do so, otherwise keep walking. This is more a test of patience than anything, and if you don't stagger you can easily complete it with eating little to no food. Just my 2ยข
  18. I no longer write quest guides, but I have some input/feedback for this one (which I think is awesome). Firstly -- I would recommend SALT SPRINGS, not to mention the healing spring that boost HP next to it. Infinite run makes this, well, infinitely easier. First Battle: I would just leave 5 empty inventory spaces instead of 15, and suggest building up one at a time and then burning. I also had to burn 4, not 3, in order to move on, but if this is abnormal, it may have been due to how quickly i burned them (I burnt 2nd and third while still in cut scene). I did similar to what somebody else already mentioned, ran a circle around the room and got a few clicks from the logs, then ran over and cut them after he fired. It was really hard getting that 4th when he was hitting full steam! Second Battle: The holes are in a circle around the room. I would recharge the infinite run at Salt Springs and simply run in circles until the core comes out, then dig in the closest hole, easy as pie and never get hit. Third Battle: Really the only important part to remember is he has to take a hit from yellow, red, and blue once, and can only be hit once from each. There is no rush, in my opinion. I recharged my infinite run and followed my circle-the-room routine from cave 2, watching the graves change best I could (peripheral vision BLOWS on low detail compared to HD). Anyway, whenever it was close enough, I blessed the grave, and if not i kept running and waited for next time. I did stand still too long at one point, but for this battle I only used three sharks, compared to some of the horrors i have heard. -- First one is the hardest IMO, due to the slow speed of the woodcutting and placing logs individually Thanks again for the guide you wrote, it really helped make this easier than i ever expected.
  19. online stalker!!! oh noes!!! Been gettin bugged all day so here goes: [hide=my pictures are hiding in here]It's a little blurry... from right after I colored my hair black This next one is from a couple years ago [hide=If you dare to see scarier picture(s) this is the path by which you can find it][hide=You can start pre-heating your oven for dinner][hide=This would be a good time for a bathroom break][hide=Got your Tums and Rolaids ready?][hide=I would give up now before you waste all your time.][hide=If youre bored and you know it click dumb links][hide=And this little piggie went weee weee weee all the way home][hide=Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar.][hide=how many clicks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?][hide=Come on already just stop now.][hide=If you do not stop now you will get a really bad Star Wars reference][hide=The Dark Side is evil young padawan ][hide=Go back before you wander too far!][hide=It is not worth it to keep doing this][hide=Do not go on... just let it be!][hide=Why are you still clicking these things?][hide=Seriously... you might want to stop this foolish game now][hide=You probably should not continue][hide=This picture is the scariest. CLICK ONLY IF YOU DARE!]It's supposed to look goofy... [/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide]
  20. Hey there, Vincent. Didn't you know you're only supposed to have one account? Making another for the sake of flaming with me is pretty dumb... Save the childish behavior for somebody who cares if you disagree? Judging from the reply I assume you know nothing about me... and I don't see how I'm the "changing face" of tipit crew considering how long I've been a crewbie... lol I don't know where you get your ideas about me... but I never recall saying that Jagex should do things my way... There are things I would do differently, and I'm sure everybody could say that who plays this game. Next time you decide to flame somebody, don't hide behind a mask to do it.
  21. I have to say that I am very disappointed with this article. There are at least three HUGE updates the article could be referring to (Duel update, and future Grand Exchange and Summoning updates), and some analysis would have been very fruitful, I think. However, instead of a thoughtful analysis, we pretty much just got to read a long article saying, "Don't complain about updates," which could've been easily written with just that, and saved the long read with no depth. Change is inevitable, yes, but that does not mean that we need to just accept and deal with all changes. RS players are paying customers who give their money for a product that Jagex gives them. Saying they should just accept any changes in the game and continue paying their money is ridiculous... If you were paying for cable, and they randomly removed channels that you love from your service, while charging you the same fee, I know for a fact that you would be making a call before paying the next bill, NOT just "accepting the inevitable change" like you suggest. Companies like Jagex survive by satisfying their customers. Suppose just 5% of member accounts were made for staking or dueling, and had their membership cancelled due to the way the Duel Arena was changed. With one million members, that would make 50,000 canceled accounts. That is $250,000 a MONTH that Jagex no longer makes. ANY corporation with that kind of loss would, I assume, be quick to resolve the situation, assuming they want to keep their profits up. I would've been much more impressed if The guest author would've been so kind as to analyze the impact this update had on the game. There is much to discuss regarding how the game has already changed in such little time, especially the economy, and how the game will continue to change, if nothing more than speculation. There was no substance to this week's article, sadly, and I do not say this only because I disagree with the message, but because I like a good read. I expected something very interesting regarding this week's update, and was let down sorely. It seems our newest Editor is afraid to write or release anything that would seem opinionated against Jagex (as an analysis of the update might), but has no qualms against speaking against our readers.
  22. very nice! I wish I'd gotten a task like that whenever I first got 75 slayer lol
  23. grats on that stuff man! When you get bored with it lemme know and I can work on slayer some more :P
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